Friday, June 13, 2014

Thoughts on marijuana rehabilitation centers

Consider this a "preemptive strike."  It's not that I feel inclined to act militant - it's just that there are those who would pathologize me and so I must do this.

Lately, my father has been knowingly trying to kill himself with a statin drug.  I call this "statin-cide."

He also recently has quit drinking.

He has ignored all of my emails (I spent about 6 hours writing them from the end of 2013 until now) regarding WAPF nutrition priciples as it pertains to alcoholism, and regarding the dangers of statin drugs, the foolish goal of lowering cholesterol, and more.

And he has said for a while that the person who got him interested in law was early 20th century trial lawyer Clarence Darrow.  Of course, Clarence Darrow worked himself to exhaustion and dropped dead at the end of his last trial in order to try to make the other attorney look bad.

Well, I expect that my father will use his present day custom of not drinking as leverage to pathologize me.  That is, I believe that my father's next order of business, as he intentionally saps his own vitality with a statin drug and tells his wife to mortgage me, is to recommend that I be sent to a marijuana rehabilitation center.  As soon as the mortgage deal is completed, I'm sure that he will try to inject my mother with the idea that I am some kind of drug-addled fiend.

I can't talk about details, but he recently dropped a family tactical nuke, revealing great dishonesty.  I believe this is a distraction from his other great dishonesties.  I believe my father is most likely possessed by a demon or demons and is a lying manipulative sociopath!  The recent family tactical nuke was a way of saying, "look, everyone!  I was so dishonest about this thing!  Pay no attention to all those other things!"

I think he may be loyal to the New World Order.

If you think these charges are strong, consider this: my grandparents agree with me that he is a liar, that he is not to be trusted, that he is not well-intentioned and that he may possibly be a sociopath.  I am not certain about the last one.

Since I've written this little article maybe it's less likely that he would try something like that.  But I just know that the way the New World Order works is to induce a track record of mental illness for all of its dissenters.  And I am one of its dissenters.  I tell you: my father is very willing to participate in creating a track record of mental illness for me, and he has called the police on me many, many times without good reason.

By the way, folks...I'm not your typical stoner.  There is no Dorito-breath on me!  (the MSG would make my headache extremely severe, anyway)

As a cannabis user I have found that there are a lot of marijuana strains that don't work for my headaches...and for this reason I think I could be "the next William Breathes" - a hired pot critic.  Yes, I think my daily migraines, marijuana use for symptomatic relief, multiple chemical sensitivity, dog-like nose and writing can all be useful to me in this case.  Maybe Denver's Westword or another paper is looking to hire another pot critic, with a focus on marijuana strains that are good for migraine headaches.

And if you feel like pathologizing John, consider this.

"The founder of modern medicine was a physician named William Osler, who was prominent around the turn of the 19th to the 20th century, wrote the first textbook of internal medicine and in that textbook he said that cannabis was the most effective medication for migraine headaches."

Also consider that my new health insurance company only pays for 6 Zomig tablets every 24 days, as opposed to the old company which was good for 9 pills, 5 times every two months.

I've tried over a dozen pharmaceutical drugs (and I regret trying most of them) but Zomig is the only prescription that works for me.  I'd rather not take it - the side effects are concerning.  I feel very much scalp tenderness when I take Zomig, and never feel it if I don't take it.  I also feel very sensitive to temperature (ex: warm running water) in my hands and feet when I take Zomig.  Also I feel tightness in my chest when I take that drug.

I hope that someday I can find some herbal remedies or other remedies that I can use to replace the Zomig.  I'd rather not be dependent on the pharmaceutical companies.  Besides, if the grid goes down, how can I fill a prescription?

Anyway, the fact that I am using so much less Zomig (zolmitriptan) for migraine relief is a great stress to me.  6 pills every 24 days is not enough if I have headaches every day, all day long and my dose is 10 mg (2 pills).

I used to take high dose aspirin (1 g, up to 2x per day) and green tea (for the caffeine) 3 times per week for pain relief.  This helped for a while.  But I realized that even using the caffeine 3 days per week is absolutely too much for me!  I was addicted at that level.

Since about January of 2013 I've been unable to use apirin and use caffeine much less frequently.  I'm looking to replace the aspirin with willow bark and have replaced the green tea with yerba mate, which I read has about 1/5th the amount of fluoride of green tea.

Anyway, since my three main treatments have been...

1. zomig
2. marijuana, vaporized and cannabuttter
3. aspirin+caffeine

and number 3 has effectively been taken off the list...

and the amount of number 1 that is available has been drastically cut...

I'd have to honestly tell you all that it's a blessing to have some marijuana to help me eat and take the pain.  And I don't know how I'd get much gardening done without it!

I'm also very grateful to have a vaporizer because I have compared it with smoking joints and I believe that most of the turpenes (which are medicinal and very important to migraine patients) are burned off when smoking cannabis.  That said, smoking a joint will address a person's nausea slightly faster than vaporizing and sometimes is a better choice.  But for my headaches, the vaporizer is the best.

The film that got Rick Simpson interested in medical marijuana was called "Reefer Madness 2" with David Suzuki.  It's really worth watching.  You can find it on YouTube.  It was made before the days of vaporizers, so it shows a lot of patients smoking joints.  Compellingly, it shows a joint being smoked to stop the tremors of multiple sclerosis.

Vaporizing, in my opinion, is an improvement on smoking a joint for many different people and different medical needs.  But raw nonpsychoactive juicing, cannabutter or cannabis-infused coconut oil, Rick Simpson oil, vaporizing and smoking are all legitimate ways to use cannabis as a medicine - not to mention that cannabis can be rubbed directly on the body for localized medication.

I know I probably don't have to convince any of you reading this that marijuana is a viable medicine...but I had to write this "preemptive strike."



An update on the author's life

My parents are trying to mortgage me!

Surely this is even more difficult than when Christopher McCandless' parents tried to buy him a new car!

In January or February of 2013 my parents and sister (nuclear family) got together and decided to schedule her for Texas BS (back surgery) and to start planning to mortgage me.  In late December of 2013 my nuclear family told me about the back surgery, one month before it was to happen.  A couple of months ago, I learned of the mortgage deal plan.

I charge that my family conspired to commit hasty and secretive BS (back surgery) without my knowledge so that I could not mount a resistance (because I am hopefully on my way to being an alternative health care practitioner).  I also charge that they made a conspiracy to mortgage their son, and in this case I jokingly use mortgage as a verb...the etymology of the word mortgage is death-pledge.  This is not a pledge I want to be involved in.

"But, John!" you might protest.  "You're sick with migraines every day!  How can you possibly build with cob fast enough to be a homesteader and get your parents off your back?!"

My answer:  I think straw light clay is a better building option in this case.  It is much faster to build, and is highly insulative.


Friday, March 7, 2014

The local newspaper works for the New World Order

"A vaccine to cure rudeness"

Well, doesn't that sound trendy and liberal?

Screenshot below (all relevant text highlighted):

Hopefully they don't get me with a swine flu shot-in-the-dark before I write that email I need to write to my dad: "Final warning to a statin-cidal [wordplay on 'statin drugs' and 'suicidal'] parent".  He's trying to kill himself like his alleged hero, Clarence Darrow, who dropped dead as a publicity stunt at the end of his last trial, making the opposing lawyer look bad.

Maybe I shouldn't criticize, as I definitely have had a messiah-complex of my own which includes martyrdom and everyone else being wrong.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A comment I left on Kimberly Hartke's website

I've gotten a lot less New-Agey lately and I think my website does not reflect this.

Yesterday, I left a comment on Kimberly Hartke's homemade pickle recipe webpage - this page:

I've pasted the comment below. 

Your comment is awaiting moderation.
I had given away my last copy of Nourishing Traditions to someone who needed it worse than I did, and so I went to Hartkeisonline this summer and followed this recipe, but my pickles tasted horrible. ha
I think it is because I did not skim the foam that rose to the top while they were fermenting. That simple act of skimming the foam makes such a big difference in the flavor of homemade stocks and soups, pickles, and more. Also, it reminds me of what Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt says about American stickframe houses (as opposed to European brick structures which can breathe) – that they are the perfect mold-growing chambers, especially in today’s electrosmog environment with cell phone towers, smart meters, wireless internet, cordless phones and cell phones everywhere.
Kosher dills are my favorite lactofermented vegetable and the mildest on my headaches – sauerkraut produces a strong histamine response and makes my daily migraines more severe (I began having them after I injured myself with the 2009 swine flu vaccine). Needless to say, I’ve been buying a lot of Bubbies pickles – enough to keep them in business – and so “what to do with all of the pickle juice” has been on my mind for a long time…
First of all, my answer may depend somewhat on the water they are pickled in!
I tend to believe that Charles Mayo was right when he said that “water hardness is the cause of much human disease” and I also think that Alexander Graham Bell’s take on distilled water is worth reading:
The reason I mention water hardness is because I think it can lead to diseases of pathological calcification of the soft tissues such as arthritis, kidney stones, coronary artery calcification and several more diseases.
So if you’re reading this and you’ve been buying Bubbies pickles like I have, I don’t recommend consuming large amounts of the juice. I’ve done it myself when I ran out of pickles, for that enzyme kick. And it is true that Sally Fallon says in Nourishing Traditions that lactofermented pickles can dissolve uric acid deposits and reverse gout! And we all know that arthritis can be cured by eating a lot of lactofermented vegetables, but if you are eating Bubbies pickles or have very hard water or an Artesian well, I would recommend consuming the pickle juice only in small amounts or in times of scarcity/if you run out of pickles.
“What else can you use it for, John?” you might ask.
Well, since I’ve been purchasing the Bubbies pickles lately, I’ve been saving the pickle juice and using it to soak lentils and reduce their antinutrient content.
Natasha Campbell-McBride, Russian neurologist and creator of the GAPS diet, says that lentils are the hardest legumes to digest. So if you have any serious bowel disorder or leaky gut, even the presoaking method I am describing may not work for you, and the GAPS diet itself might be indicated for your condition.
But I’ve been buying a superhuman amount of chicken feet from my friendly local egg ranchers, and I like to make curried lentil soup, and I really believe (no research papers to back this up) that the juice from Kosher dills makes the best lentil soaking medium. I know Sally Fallon recommends a few tablespoons of raw liquid whey or lemon juice or other enzyme-rich acidic medium in warm water to presoak foods like oatmeal, but I think lentils might do better with a little more time and a lot more acid, so I soak mine in undiluted pickle juice for days or weeks before cooking the lentils is chicken broth, blending with a hand blender, and making soups.
Speaking of hand blenders, I recommend that anyone buying a new hand blender disable the surveillance technology with a very strong (i.e. neodymium) magnet. For under one dollar, all new electric devices (rice cookers, washers/dryers, dishwashers, and yes, even Vitamix BLENDERS-NOT-JUICERS) include a microphone which has an Android operating system (like the O.S. used on some of today’s “smart”phones) and transmits wirelessly back to your smartmeter, the surveillance hub of your apartment/house. Before the sex scandal (“adults don’t care about violence when there are sex things to worry about” – South Park) former CIA head Petraeus (pronounced betray-US) bragged in Wired magazine: “We’ll spy on you through your dishwasher”.
For more information, my article “There’s an Android in your dishwasher!” is here:
However, I have to caution anyone reading this: my website doesn’t adequately represent the way that my ideas have changed in the last year. I went through a long “New-Agey” phase and now have come to feel that Christianity is probably the right way to go. “Why the big change, John?” you might ask. Well, partly because I’ve realized that the New World Order is probably Satanic, and that psychic abilities are also (just look at the fruits of anyone claiming to have an “open Third Eye”) and so I don’t want to have “an open Third Eye” myself, as I thought I used to want. Another reason is that I saw the documentary “Back to Eden” (go to for a full screen view of the film) and Paul Gautschi became my favorite Christian. His interpretation of Genesis, especially, made me realize that tilling the soil is foolish/sinful/missing the mark, and so I’ve started my own Back to Eden garden this winter!
Apologies to Kimberly for my “past and hateful transgressions” in my first podcast (MockPod with Kimberly).
When Paul Gautschi quoted from Galatians 6:7, it hit me right in the chest and I knew that even after making my MockPod, I cannot mock God, and that I have to grow my own food this year (because if I don’t sew anything, I might not reap anything):
“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”
You might be reading this, thinking that I could just go to the grocery store, but I know that it doesn’t matter how much money you have, if you’re not homesteading you might not make it. As a Beaver, I would summarize this way: I may be eating the apples of Liberty today, but if I don’t have food freedom I’m going to end up a dead duck.
I’d like to add another thought, however strange it may seem to you.
I believe that Hollywood is controlled by the Illuminati/controlled by those loyal to the New World Order, and that they anticipated my news career years in advance and have made three movies about my life. “Which ones, John?” you might ask. “The ones about Ron Burgundy,” I would answer. You might be skeptical of this, and if you are, I suggest you educate yourself by carefully reviewing Anchorman (2004), Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie (2004), and also Anchorman 2, which came out in 2013 and I have not seen yet.
You might be even more surprised at my confidence that I am the real Ron Burgundy given that I haven’t seen Anchorman 2 yet…well, to this I would reply, “Have you listened to Minstrel in the Gallery, Thick as a Brick (full album), and Baker Street Muse by Jethro Tull, and have you listened to Canary in a Coalmine by The Police and read my article Canary in a Coalmine 101? Have you even seen the film Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie (2004) or are you just like all the other ‘automatic skeptics’ I’ve encountered so far: acting out of reflex, with no specific criticism?”
I think of Minstrel in the Gallery as being about Alex Jones, today’s king of alternative media. “newspaper warriors” (lyrics from Baker Street Muse) is a reference to
I think of Canary in a Coalmine, Baker Street Muse, and Thick as a Brick as being about myself.
“So you ride yourselves over the fields/And you make all your animal deals/And your wise men don’t know how it feels/To be thick as a brick”
“And the sandcastle virtues are all swept away/The tidal destruction, the moral melee”
“The builder of the castles renews the age-old purpose and contemplates the milking girl whose offer is his need”
“Indian restaurants that curry my brain/Newspaper warriors changing the names/They advertise from the station stands/Circumcised with cold print hands”
P.S. You might also like Ianto Evans’ books!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Do you like Johnny Cash sound-alikes?  Marijuana? 

Listen here.


Marijuana, you're the Devil in disguise
You promise things no man can realize
On flights of make-believe you send the mind
You're a one-way trip to a world of another kind

Your petals may be found across our land
And I reckon you're mean enough to grow in sand
In a backyard garden or a high-rise window box
You're there in the country or among the city's blocks

Marijuana, you're the father of the lie
And sometimes I'm made to wonder why
That folks are deceived by your flowers
And held the prisoners of your mystic powers

Marijuana, your leaves could tell a tale that would chill
But you won't talk and I guess you never will
For it's silently you prey upon the youth
As they search for love, and peace and truth

Marijuana, may your name pass from the scene
And may the world forget you'd ever been
And if folks should wonder how you fell
We'll say the Devil planted you in Hell.


Ah, get with the New World Order, man!  There's no more pot on the Earth anymore.  The government destroyed it all, man, in order to protect the oil companies!

Yeah, why?

Because, marijuana seeds can be made into a fuel more efficient than gasoline!  And the government doesn't like that.  And, who controls the government?

The oil companies!

Exactly!  And who controls the oil companies?

I don't know!


If you want to watch the complete comedy sketch,


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Running equations list, Vol. III

[still running...come back later]

1.  Pasture-raised ≠ pasteurized!!!

     (many people truly are unaware of the distinction)

2.  Making raw butter in a jar > Shake Weight

3.  McAdoo    Xanadu


Sunday, July 28, 2013


[come back later]

"MayonnEgg"/Arrested Development = "MegNog"/Family Guy = ("Potato Salad" + "Chicken Lady")/The Kids in the Hall


Friday, July 5, 2013

WAPF censors The Calm Canary; MockPod with Kimberly Hartke, publicist

The reviews are in!

   "MockPod with Kimberly" is...


 "What kind of %&#$@$ podcast can't you load onto an mp3 player?!"

" impossibly long as to be unlistenable..."
- Siskel and Ebert, response extrapolated (real comments not forthcoming)

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a Beaver Dam...only a pinhole breach - a relatively minor issue for the NSA to keep this from breaking...he compressed so many months of diligent research into one large non-mp3 format podcast over 4 1/2 hours long, making it an unscalable mountain.  Asking an American to listen to this MockPod is like asking a goldfish to watch Gone with the Wind.  And as I like to say, 'algebra sounds like gibberish to a giraffe.'  There's always that internet kill switch."
 - K.G.H., response extrapolated (real comments not forthcoming)

"I have no time for Time Magazine or Rolling Stone.
I have no wish for wishing wells or wishing bones.
I have no house in the country, I have no motor car.
And if you think I'm joking, then I'm just a one-line joker in a public bar.
And it seems there's no-body left for tennis; and I'm a one-band-man.
And I want no Top Twenty funeral or a hundred grand.
There was a little boy stood on a burning log,
Rubbing his hands with glee. He said, "Oh Mother England,
Did you light my smile; or did you light this fire under me?
One day I'll be a minstrel in the gallery.
And paint you a picture of the queen.
And if sometimes I sing to a cynical degree
It's just the nonsense that it seems."

- Ian Anderson, B.S.M. ("Bull-Shit Man") (Baker Street Muse)


UPDATE 5/12/2014:

Original MockPod too rude, hard to understand.  Removed.  A second podcast or a new internet radio program may come later.


Readers and listeners,

In February of this year, Kimberly Hartke, publicist for the Weston A. Price Foundation, agreed to do a podcast with me on the subject of the distilled waters.  At that time, I predicted that she would be told to cancel by her boss.  To make a long story short, that's what eventually happened.

So I decided to do a Mock Podcast on my own, and interview myself.  If you've ever heard of a mock trial, this will be sort of like one of those.

I've been working on this for a while, but as I release it now I feel like I'm forgetting something important!

Strangely, Blogger will not play audio files, but will play video files.


"MockPod with Kimberly" (04:38:03)

This podcast is currently available both on Vimeo and as a blank video with black background embedded into this article.

The Vimeo version has slightly higher audio quality because Blogger re-processed it.

Vimeo version:  REMOVED 5/12/2014

     part 1:
     part 2:


No, no, Hingson mister, no


NOTE: this podcast includes a rough demo version of my Rock Lobster parody (without background vocals).

RockLob parody lyrics:

They were at a party
My ear lobe fell in the deep
Andrew reached in and grabbed it
He was a talk blogster!

Talk blogster

She was out of reach
Weston A. Price had active bowels
Kimberly went under a rock
So I made a mock
But it wasn't a mock
It was a mock podcast!

Mock podcast

Potion in the ocean
His oil well broke
Lots of trouble
Lots of bubble
BP was in a jam
Said the Drunken Clam! 

Barack Mobster!

Down, down

Underneath the waves
Minger-maid wavin'
Wavin' to Jimmy Moore
Ravin' e-fans
Cat fixers fixin'
Cruise ship friction
Cock blockster!

Cock blockster

Red Lobster bribin'

Warm nuts arrivin'

X-wings flexin'
Tie fighters vexin'

Barack, Barack

Barack Mobster!

Down, down!





(E.T. sounds)

Let's mock!

Boys and bikinis
Lots and lots and lots of boys
Everybody's mockin'
Everybody's rockin'

Groovin' in the Grove*
Layin' in the sun
Bakin' up babies,
Babylon buns

Put on a hose-guard
Hit on your bodyguard
Pass the grass-fed butter

Here comes a sting-Reagan
There goes a Nixon-ray
In walked a jelly-Bush
There goes a HillDawg-fish
Chased by a Bill-fish
In flew a Joe Biden
Watch out for that Queen Mother
There goes a tar-ball
Here comes a Newt Gingrich!

Moloch Mobsters
Moloch Mobsters
Moloch Mobsters
Moloch Mobsters

*for more information about Bohemian Grove, see post "Weaving spiders come not here!"



In the first edition of this MockPod, it is very difficult to hear the following passage:

0:26:25  "Of course, we happy Weston Price fans all know that such foods as pasture-raised egg yolks and raw dairy if you like it, raw oysters and other bivalves, organ meats, fish, raw fermented fish liver oils, fish eggs, brains, insects, etc. are fertility foods and may be eating in abundance, particularly at certain times of life such as conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding..."


There's a fine line between...


Monday, May 27, 2013

Kombucha is an F-bomb!

A fluoride bomb, that is.

Adding tea to your routine (or keeping it in your routine if it's already a part of your routine...) may be contributing to YOUR fluoride load!

Q:  Even my fluoride load?

A:  Yes, that includes you.

In an earlier article, I warned you all not to add lemon to your tea because it binds the aluminum in tea and makes it more absorbable.

Now, let's talk about fluoride.

Fluoride is a cumulative toxin - it builds up over time.  And fluoride is particularly attracted to the pineal gland, where it forms brain sand - corpora arenacea.  Some poor souls have been exposed to a lot of fluoride, over a period of many years.  And certain individuals are more sensitive to the effects of fluoride exposure than others.

And it seems to me that certain individuals interested in decalcifying their pineal gland, becoming Enlightened, or seeking Truth, for example, might want to minimize their fluoride exposure, and, dare I say, even seek out methods of removing what fluoride has accumulated in their bodies.

Kombucha is the most popular "health" drink in town.  You can probably find a special refrigerated shelf dedicated to kombucha at your local health foods store - at mine there is sometimes even a lady handing out free samples of the stuff. 

Kombucha, especially that which is bottled by GT, has many celebrity endorsements:

"Turbocharge your metabolism with kombucha."

- Dr. Oz

"It[GT's "Gingerade" kombucha]'s zingy and gives me a boost.  Who knows what it does, but I like it.  Just call me 'Zen' Roker."

- Al Roker of the Today Show

"Here are a few snacks to tide you over until dinner...A GT's Raw Organic Kombucha."

- Gwyneth Paltrow

Kombucha has been associated with Enlightenment, and with Zen (especially because of that "'Zen' Roker" quote).  But as I see it, nothing could be further from the truth.  Kombucha could be a real hindrance for those who are seeking Enlightenment. 

On this bottle of GT's Passionberry Bliss kombucha one sees a beautiful flower and the words:


You might think, from looking at the bottle, that drinking its contents would elevate you to heights of transcendent bliss, but I can assure you that is not the case.  Remember, we live in "opposite land" (quoting Andrew Norton Webber).  When the bottle says "Enlightened," it might be doublespeak.

On the reverse side of the bottle, "Words of Enlightenment" appear.  (It's different for each bottle)

Words of Enlightenment:

"As long as you act with a peaceful mind and intention then happiness shall follow you like a never-departing shadow."


Translation:  "As long as you drink this stuff all day long and practice 'being nice' you will remain Third-Eye blind and your pineal gland will remain dark - its thick fluoroapatite shell will keep it sealed and in never-departing shadow."

And as for the SYNERGY we see in big, capital letters at the top of the label - that is significant, too.

In my opinion, the fluoride in kombucha can synergize with other toxins that are likely already present in your body.  Mercury is the biggest culprit, but there's more than enough lead and aluminum to go around, as well.


           Hg                                                 +                                                F


[see post "SynerTox"]

At the end of the ingredients list on every bottle of GT's SYNERGY kombucha, it says, "...and 100% pure love."

How cute is that?


This article is not an anti-kombucha rag-fest.  I don't think kombucha is evil!

I have become a firm believer in lactofermented foods such as sauerkraut and raw liquid whey.   I'm open to the idea that tea is made less harmful through fermentation, as are many foods.  And I am very much open to the idea that some humans can tolerate a certain amount of fluoride - just as they can tolerate a certain amount of any toxin.  But to say that all kombucha is safe for all people in all situations is reckless and irresponsible.

Sally Fallon has published an article on the subject to alleviate any concerns that Weston A. Price Foundation fans might have about the fluoride in kombucha.  It didn't make me feel any better.

Her tests show the level of fluoride in the fluoridated tap water BEFORE it is filtered, after it is filtered, after the tea is steeped in that filtered water, and after the kombucha is made.  In the end, it turns out that Sally's cup of tea or kombucha made with filtered tap water has approximately the same amount of fluoride as the tap water before it was filtered.  Also, notice that the filtered water has a fluoride content only slightly less than the unfiltered tap water - 0.62 ppm instead of 0.86 ppm.  This is damning.  THE FILTER IS NOT REMOVING THE FLUORIDESally Fallon does not make note of this in her article.  On a good day, a high-end home reverse osmosis system will remove 85% of the fluoride, and even that is not "good enough."  This data demonstrates either that an inferior filter was used or that it was not "a good day" for that filter.

Fluoride in Tea and Kombucha

Tap water 0.86 ppm
Filtered water 0.62 ppm
Organic Black Tea 0.94 ppm
Kombucha 0.90 ppm
Testing by Soil Control Lab,
Watsonville, CA (831) 724-5422


Furthermore, Fallon's data is geared to give the very MOST CONSERVATIVE VALUE POSSIBLE for the organic black tea and kombucha fluoride levels.

She used organic black tea with the lowest fluoride content she could find.  Fallon is replicating a near-ideal situation.  She used safe tea in her experiment.

Fallon's kombucha article and her attempt at placating concerned readers has not proven that kombucha is safe - not by a long shot.  It has only proven that it is possible to make some not-THAT-toxic kombucha out of organic black tea.

The average level of water fluoridation in this country is 1.0 ppm.  So, perhaps the average WAPF reader reading Fallon's kombucha article might glance over it briefly, and think, "Oh, that's nice, kombucha has less fluoride than the average glass of tap water."

But a more critical reading of her article shows that she used tea with a very low fluoride content - what I would call an unusually low fluoride content.  Most tea has quite a lot more fluoride!

I like this graphic.  It clearly illustrates my point:

see also:

"Tea Intake Is A Risk Factor For Skeletal Fluorosis" - Michael Connett, Fluoride Action Network

A more critical reading of Fallon's article also shows that the filtered tap water has a fluoride level (0.62 ppm) almost equivalent to the intended fluoridation level (!) in some communities.  For example, the water supply in Corvallis, OR is currently being poisoned with fluoride at a level of 0.7 ppm. 

Chances are, (~70%) if you are in the United States, your tap water is fluoridated.  Filters don't remove it, and most tea is very high in fluoride.  Even organic tea still has significant (though much lower) fluoride accumulation in the leaves, and I think this may be a problem for certain individuals who are particularly sensitive to this toxin or have been chronically poisoned by fluoride.

Furthermore, organic certification is next to meaningless to a super-hardcore conspiracy theorist like me.

If Sally had selected another type of tea, it would probably have been grown intentionally with fluoridated water, which concentrates in the tea leaves more than in any other plant (!)

Most tea is not safe to drink. 

Kombucha should not be taken as a high-fluoride replacement for using fermented foods regularly in your diet!

Unfortunately, that is the way it is being used in this country.  The Standard American Diet contains ZERO raw, lactofermented foods.  People who have never had fermented foods before will take to them like a duck to water.  If the only fermented food they know is kombucha, and they sip it all day, they are in F- trouble.

So while I don't object to kombucha on principle, I object to the kombucha fad, and I object to full-grown men turning themselves into apathetic jellyfish by guzzling seven cups of the stuff every day.

Again, let me repeat: most tea is not safe to drink.  In my opinion, kombucha is a significant danger.

Some of you may object.  I have foreseen that.

I don't have a stack of research papers to refer to, but I do have two case studies:

There are individuals who have symptoms from ingesting fluoride.

1)  In the article "Q & A on Tea and Fluoride," Aliss Terpstra (one such individual) says,

"Hypersensitive and poisoned people cannot usually tolerate any beverage with more fluoride than 0.2 mg/L."

source: "Q & A on Tea and Fluoride" - Hartke is Online

(be sure to read commenter Ryan's remarks about his experience with red wine, fluoride pesticide and resultant hypothyroidism)

"In the United States, many vineyards use a fluoride pesticide called cryolite. As a result, the levels of fluoride in U.S. grape juice and wine (particularly white grape juice and white wine) are consistently elevated. Indeed, in 2005, the USDA reported that the average level of fluoride exceeded 2 ppm for both white wine and white grape. The levels of fluoride in red wine are also elevated (1 ppm), and so are raisins (2.3 ppm). If you buy grape juice and wine, or if you are a heavy consumer of raisins, buy organic."

(from Fluoride Action Network -

(also, the comments on "Q & A on Tea and Fluoride" by Sylvia Onusic, PhD were valuable):

Q:  Sylvia, what are the symptoms you are referring to from drinking tea?

A:  Fluoride ingestion [a.k.a. "DRINKING TEA"] has been related to fatigue, gastro esphogeal reflux, other digestive upsets, nausea, loss of appetite, headache, skin problems, depression, hypoactivity in adults (hyperactivity in children) and other issues. Some people experiences allergic-like symptoms, while for others, accumulation over years contributes to the development of skeletal fluorosis, hip fracture, gastritis, hypothyroidism or other conditions. Fluoride affects persons of all ages, including infants and children. 

Avoidance of fluoride is a good policy for improving health but involves educating oneself about sources of fluoride besides the obvious ones. I was surprised to hear that fluoride is the substance used in the air fresheners we so commonly place around the house.


We would do well to pay attention to fluoride-sensitive individuals.  They are our fluoride canaries.  If Aliss Terpstra says that she can tolerate certain types of tea while other types cause symptoms, then it stands to reason that certain other individuals might well be able to reasonably regard some teas as "unsafe."

Fluoride can also be a problem in other beverages.  Bones from feedlot animals often have accumulated large amounts of fluoride over the lifespan of the animal, and this leaches into the broth during cooking.  

Drinking copious amounts of bone broth (distinctly different from meat broth) is a good way to recover from arthritis, fluoride poisoning and many other health issues, but you have to be careful about where the bones come from - you have to buy pasture-raised animal products.

2) Another fluoride-sensitive individual, the author of The Cellulite Investigation, has demonstrated that she has symptoms (fluoroderma flares) when she drinks bone broth made from animals that were given fluoridated water, but not when she drinks bone broth made from pasture-raised animals.  

Read more here:

"A Bone Broth Breakthrough: Fluoride-Free, Finally!" - The Cellulite Investigation

Please recognize, folks, that your loving government (love-gov) treats you like a feedlot animal.  And the fluoride accumulates in human bone just as easily as it accumulates in animal bone. 

Fluoride: "a highly toxic bone poison that should be avoided at all costs."


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Never put salt in your Third Eye

Never put salt in your Third Eye.  (Never put fluoride in your mouth.)

"Halo-gens" are "salt-makers".

Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland; this is the main purpose of water fluoridation.

For those of you out there who "disagree" (not because of genuine opinion but because of programming and unconscious reflex) - you're "fucking morons*."

The Kids in the Hall has become one of my favorite comedy groups - they've even been called "the Canadian Monty Python" - but in the last few months I have come to realize (sadly) that they are probably Satanists.

A few of their sketches have overt references to Satanism, while very many others have hidden meanings and more subtle references to Satanism and/or "the occult," as it is called.

I plan to expand on this idea in future articles.

Not every KITH sketch has a hidden meaning, but chances are, if you feel like you "just don't get it," you don't.

For now, it will suffice to explain just one of their sketches.  I'm spoon-feeding you, people.

CTRL+click to watch in a new tab:
"Never Put Salt In Your Eyes" - The Kids in the Hall

Scott Thompson: "There is a school of thought that fluoridation causes mental retardation..."

None of you deniers out there can deny that Scott really did say this line in the sketch "Never Put Salt In Your Eyes".  Maybe some of you will claim that his line is "not related" to Kevin repeatedly sprinkling salt in his eyes.  But you're making yourselves look like fools.  

This Kids in the Hall sketch could easily be called "the Dr. Strangelove sketch."

You see, skepticism is only healthy to a point.  I recently realized that there are probably millions of people around the country who talk with their psychotherapists (psycho-the-rapists) about conspiracy theories (more so this year than even last year) and many of these "the-rapists" are holding their patients back with their unhealthy skepticism.  Many "health care practitioners" are doing the same thing.

 "I'm no conspiracy theorist..."

[see his article "Are GMOs safe?" for the full version of Chris Kresser's cowardly conspiracy theory cop-out and my lengthy (and unanswered) response in the comments section]

Skepticism can be a good tool, but if it goes too far it can become unhealthy.  Unhealthy skepticism is doubting that you are under attack when there are arrows sticking out of your chest.


Many other articles on this site have already addressed the fluoride issue.  I know you did not read them.

Here are two of those articles:

"Developmental Fluoride Neurotoxicity: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis"

"Fluoride Deposition in the Aged Human Pineal Gland"


*the expression "fucking morons" comes from this KITH sketch:

"God" - The Kids in the Hall


Monday, May 13, 2013

"Cure Tooth Decay" with Ramiel Nagel and Sally Fallon

This is an excellent video.  It's long, but worth it.

Watch here.


- In an earlier post, I ragged on John Harvey Kellogg for his stance on circumcision/MGM.  I thought I might have to come back and write an entire article about how he also promoted whole grain cereals to suppress sex drive in the masses.  But it turns out that Sally Fallon has already beaten me to it and explained it all very neatly in one slide:

- Edward Mellanby regarded grain germ as being "baneful" for dental health!!!

- In an earlier post, I ragged on Dr. Mercola for his stance on cod liver oil, an excellent source of vitamins A, D and K2.

If lately you've married an ailing young wife, maybe you need some fermented cod liver oil.

"We have had dramatic cures of people who have hormonal problems, very long and debilitating menstrual periods, endometriosis, and fibroid tumors by getting them on very high doses of cod liver oil."

- Sally Fallon

CTRL+click below to listen in a new tab!
"Cod Liver Oil" - The Dubliners


I’m a young married man and I’m tired of me life
For lately I married an ailing young wife,
She does nothin' all day - only sits down and sigh
Sayin' "I wish to the Lord that I only could die."
Oh doctor, dear doctor, oh doctor De Jongh
Your cod liver oil is so pure and so strong
I’m afraid of my life, I’ll go down in the soil
If me wife don’t stop drinking your cod liver oil.

'Til a friend of me own came to see me one day
He told me my wife she was just pining away
But he afterwards told me that she would get strong
If I'd buy her a bottle from doctor De Jongh.

Oh doctor, dear doctor, oh doctor De Jongh
Your cod liver oil is so pure and so strong
I’m afraid of my life, I’ll go down in the soil
If me wife don’t stop drinking your cod liver oil.

I bought her a bottle, well just for to try
And the way that she drank it you'd swear she was dry
I bought her another, it went the same
And then she got cod liver oil on the brain.

Oh doctor, dear doctor, oh doctor De Jongh
Your cod liver oil is so pure and so strong
I’m afraid of my life, I’ll go down in the soil
If me wife don’t stop drinking your cod liver oil.

Me house it resembles a great doctor’s shop
Its covered in bottles from bottom to top
Well early the morning the kettle does boil
You would swear it was singing of cod liver oil.

Oh doctor, dear doctor, oh doctor De Jongh
Your cod liver oil is so pure and so strong
I’m afraid of my life, I’ll go down in the soil
If me wife don’t stop drinking your cod liver oil.

Do YOU have cod liver oil on the brain?

Dr. De Jongh says:  "Brown is best!"

Raw, fermented cod liver oil is the sauerkraut of the sea!

For a faster recovery, combine with fermented skate liver oil and a diet high in grass-fed butter (or consider trying this butter oil supplement if you don't like butter).

- This slide from Sally Fallon's presentation is key:

"Vitamin A stores are rapidly depleted by stress."

"The quickest way to deplete your body of vitamin A is to eat a high-protein, low fat diet."

"The darling of the modern dietician is the skinless chicken breast."

"Dr. Price brought people back from the brink of death by alternating drops of high-vitamin cod liver oil and high-vitamin butter oil under the tongue." 

"THE reason pesticides are toxic is because they interfere with vitamin A pathways."

"You can eat liver once a month and get the same amount of B6 and B12 as you can from eating red meat every meal."

- Sally Fallon

Do you suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?  "Shell-shock" from severe PMS (a.k.a. PMSTSD)?  

Maybe YOU need some raw oysters, salmon sashimi or ceviche, raw milk, raw liquid whey or kefir, raw liver or raw egg yolks! 

"One of the key conditions associated with B6 deficiency is alcoholism.  If this is a problem in your family, you want to make sure you're getting lots of raw animal foods."

- Sally Fallon

Vitamin B6 is also important for having vivid dreams.  This is one reason I suspect that raw animal foods are essential for nourishing the human pineal gland.

Remember, the walrus has one of the largest pineal glands in nature.  The walrus spends most of his time eating raw clams and inflicting no pain in the process, since clams lack a central nervous system.

The Teeth Tell the Tale!

- This slide is critical:

If you walk into the average doctor's office today and receive results from a blood test showing that you have low vitamin D levels (which is now widely recognized as a risk factor for many diseases), it is likely that you will be given 50,000 IU of vitamin D2, or ergocalciferol.

Ergocalciferol, synthetic vitamin D2, is a compound that is made by irradiating fungus.  Cholecalciferol, (vitamin D3) whether you buy it, eat it or make it on your skin, is made by irradiating cholesterol, the mother of all hormones (and a micronutrient which I recommend you include in your diet).  Vitamin D3 itself is a hormone.  Vitamin D2 is the wrong hormone, because it causes




It is most likely that your individual doctor does not want your hard tissues to be soft and your soft tissues hard!  That is, your doctor probably doesn't want to hurt or kill you.  But I believe that your doctor is only a brick in the pyramid, and does not know how his role fits into the whole.


No, your doctor may not want your hard tissues soft and soft tissues hard, but I believe that the architects of the policy that is passed down to him have exactly this in mind.

In any case, there can be no doubt that is the effect of this policy, even if you don't believe that there is such a thing as malicious intent.

Pop quiz:  Does vitamin D2 contribute to pineal gland calcification (corpora arenacea - "brain sand")?


Also, please check out these articles, which Sally mentioned in her presentation:

Gout - Weston A. Price Foundation

The Invisible Toothbrush (vitamin C article) -  Weston A. Price Foundation


Thursday, May 9, 2013

"What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain" with Russell Blaylock, M.D.

Watch here.