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Gandhi was Pro 2nd Amendment

Welcome to The Calm Canary Blog!  It's time to talk about gun control!

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"Canary in a Coalmine" - The Police

For an in-depth analysis of this song, [see post ""Canary in a Coalmine"101"].

"The guns going is the canary in the coalmine."

- Alex Jones


(typo: it should read: "...the Act of depriving a whole nation of arms...")

Is it possible to be anti-gun, yet very *well-armed 


And contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be pro-violence to be pro-gun.  Gandhi was pro-gun.  Peace-loving people (like Gandhi, like myself) who are at least vaguely acquainted with "history as we know it" tend to support the 2nd Amendment - not because it has anything to do with hunting, but because an armed citizenry is the best defense against a rogue, totalitarian government (which is precisely what we are facing).

If you think it would be better to let a rogue government take over entirely than to suffer the casualties that might happen as a result of raising a defense against it or overthrowing it, then you might support gun control.

But if you think that way, then I think you've been exposed to so much fluoride, mercury, and aluminum that you are unable to recognize tyranny when it is staring you in the face.  [see post "SynerTox," see post "The Tao of Eeyore (Ore-Eye)"]  If you think it would be better to sacrifice the last remaining vestiges of the Constitution for whatever number of human lives might be saved momentarily by confiscating guns, then I think you are like an abused child that can not even admit to itself that it is abused - and indeed that is how I would characterize the relationship between the people of the Earth and the shadow government that is consummating the New World Order.  The abused children of the Earth must wake up and realize that they are slaves now so that they can be freed immediately!

In my minds eye I see the children cowering in a corner, holding their knees to their chests, muttering,

"Is it okay for me to protect myself?  What will everyone think?  Is it okay to own a gun?  Is it okay to learn primitive skills/wilderness survival/tracking/nature observation?  Is that politically incorrect?"

Maybe you've forgotten how to get angry as a physiological reaction to tyranny.  Remember your original nature!  What is it?  (I'll give you a hint: the answer doesn't include hatefulness, fear, powerlessness, or unconsciousness...)

There are numerous philosophical arguments against gun ownership- "Live by the sword, ..." and so on.  Some might say it is a fearful practice to own a gun, or that it might invite trouble into your life by giving you bad karma or something like that.  But "Like attracts like," is one of my favorite quotes (Richard Bach) for this occasion.  Anti-gun folks might think that it is the perfect quote for their case - that guns will attract more guns - but this is a fallacy.  Blaming guns for violence is like blaming spoons for fat people.  And so I will take the Richard Bach quote, in this instance, to mean that like people will attract each other, and that the sort of people that arm themselves to the hilt with information and arm themselves a little bit with weapons as a reasonable, practical preventative measure will tend to attract like-minded and like-hearted people into their lives.  It was not until I realized that it actually is a rogue government we are facing that I became a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.  So I hereby (sarcastically) "thank" the evil New World Order for presenting the vile external threat that was necessary for me to wake up to, learn about, and eventually come to resist, in order to shape up my way of thinking about gun control.  If our dark side is manifesting itself so plainly in other people - and if 'the cockroaches' think it is acceptable now to parade around in broad daylight - then we aren't embracing it fully. 

Back to the topic.  Again, the 2nd Amendment is not about hunting - it is about protecting a population from a rogue government - and so it does not make sense to restrict certain types of firearms with the stated goal of reducing violence.  I emphatically say "stated goal" because it seems more often the rule than the exception today that policies have actual goals that are quite different from the goals that are stated.  If we freeze the weapons technology of our militia at 1934 levels while the rogue government that they are resisting has nuclear weapons, Star Wars technology, the scourge that is the surveillance state, control of the water supply and what is added to it (!), control of the electrical grid, control of the weather, seed banks and underground bunkers, mind control technology and much more (your imagination is the only limit) at their disposal, then we are asking for history to repeat itself.  The people that are in power had no scruples about orchestrating 9/11, ..., ..., and I don't think they would have scruples about rounding us up, putting us in camps, and killing 80, 90, or even more than 99% of us and force-vaccinating the rest in order to create a new society that is to their liking.

For information about FEMA camps, please [see post ""The children are probably very happy""].

For information about compulsory vaccination, the anti-vaccine surveillance and alert system, behavior-modifying live virus vaccines and GMO banana vaccines, [see post ""Eat the banana or we have to put you down!""].

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"Gandhi was Pro 2nd Amendment" - David Knight of InfoWars

"Facebook Banning Gun Owners En Masse" - Alex Jones of InfoWars

"Well, you know, I've thought about it, and not one single one of these mass shootings has ever occurred where guns are allowed."

 - Suzanna Hupp, mass shooting survivor

(watch her interview with Alex Jones right here)


*Dianne Feinstein is a perfect example of this strange hybrid personality type (she's a well-armed gun grabber).  There must be a lot of conscious conflict in that head of hers.  It must be confusing to be a well-armed gun grabber.  I know I'm scratching my head - it's tingling like crazy!  If you think that it makes sense for the elites to be able to own guns while the rest of us lose our 2nd Amendment rights, I think you must be as fragmented as Dianne and just not realize it.  Criminals always have guns 
For more information about gun control, and for some great videos from Alex Jones, [see post "Alex Jones IS Admiral Ackbar"].

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Nation of Change?


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Michio Kaku video compilation

The following videos (most of which can be found scattered around this blog) demonstrate the fact that Michio Kaku is no longer the independent physicist he once was, and has become what even the gentlest soul would call a "whore to the mainstream media".  I wanted to bring them together in one place because it occurred to me that there are still plenty of informed people that don't know Michio Kaku is not in his integrity. 

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Every four-year-old child knows in their gut that the American people did not get the truth about the terrorist attacks of 9/11, but most people have been adrift in the sea of misinformation and disinformation that surrounds the subject and unable to prove it both to themselves and to others with logical, left-brained, linear approaches. 

If you aren't sure that the official story of 9/11 was a lie, drift no more: the documentary that I recommend to everyone is "Blueprint for Truth" by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

watch here:

Since his area of research and interest is in the actual event and the physical evidence created by that event (and also in order to keep from narrowing his audience), Richard Gage of AE911Truth does not necessarily contend that the attacks were an "inside job."  I do.  As Jesse Ventura says, "EVERY war starts with a false flag operation."  The Gulf of Tonkin was a lie. 

9/11 was a sort of re-run of Hitler burning down the Reichstag. 


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Linus Pauling practiced urine therapy!

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Linus Pauling, who coined the term "orthomolecular medicine," was criticized by some for promoting vitamin C supplementation.  In my book, of course, this is inane - one might as well attack a doctor for giving their patients vitamin B12 shots (it would make as much sense).  

While the idea of drinking urine is unappealing to me, I recently learned that Linus Pauling used urine therapy to try to stop his cancer.  The guy who interprets my dreams has told me repeatedly that I am a lot like Linus Pauling, so learning this turned out to be a fascinating synchronicity.  Some people say that if Pauling had started UT earlier he could have cured himself.  Perhaps so.  

There is an inappropriate joke yet to be made here about his name being Linus...


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"Urine Therapy (You're in good health)"

"Linus Pauling used urine therapy..."

     (this video contains very little discussion on Linus Pauling's use of urine therapy, but is very interesting for other reasons)
"Friend of Linus Pauling" 


For more information about urine therapy, distilled liquids and Alchemy, see post ["Water Of Love"].


A fascinating video of Linus Pauling talking about vitamin C, collagen, heart disease and more may be found here:  

Unfortunately the video cuts out after some time and the audio is all that remains.  And even that is a small segment of the original clip, available on Veoh with the installed web player. 

I will try to find a source for the original full-length video that does not require installing a player.

Vitamin C may turn out to be especially critical for my own individual health because I have problems with my connective tissue - hypermobile joints - and problems with my blood vessels - daily migraines and some circulation problems (cold hands and feet).  Perhaps both are related to a collagen problem, and perhaps this can be improved by boosting my vit. C intake.


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DK Ultra

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Oncogenes are genes known to "cause" cancer.  Oncomemes are ideas, thoughts, feelings, videos, music, writing, or other malignant vehicles that lead to degradation of human psyche, relationships or culture.

Many of you may be familiar with "Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye.  I contend that this song and music video contains oncomemes designed to degrade human relationships!  If you aren't familiar, you can watch the video here:

(be sure to have your innate B.S. Detector booted up before you watch this; it requires discernment)

Bill Lamb of gave the song the perfect rating of five stars, stating,  

"Pop perfection does not come along often, but Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used to Know' is flawless".

Talking about the overwhelming reception and the amount of coverage received, Gotye commented that,  

"I don't really feel like it [the song] belongs to me anymore."

While I agree that it is very catchy - even "pop perfection" - I don't necessarily think that is a good thing.  It is also now one of the most popular songs ever, but I don't think that's a good thing, either.  I think the song contains "oncomemes" designed and inserted to degrade human relationships in those that listen unconsciously and do not recognize this treachery.  I think that Gotye and Kimbra act like egotistical narcissists in the song, singing things like, "you didn't have to cut me off" "you didn't have to stoop so low" "you screwed me over".  Boo-hoo!  Come on people, use your inner BS detectors, listen to your guts and be discerning!  The level of evolution of the inner marriage and the level of evolution of a romantic relationship go hand in hand, and this song is designed to spread like a virus and prevent the evolution of consciousness and relationships beyond petty egoic narcissism.  I'm surprised the video didn't have any lyrics about "how you hurt my pride" or some other nonsense.

Three people in my "soul group" - the ones that feel weirdest about talking to me/seem to be most afraid of speaking with me directly and some of the most spiritually inclined people in my circle of friends - recommended the song within a span of two weeks.  Kenan sent an email to me back then saying that the music video reminded him of me, and at the same time that he sent the email, he sent me a text message saying, "Hey, I sent you an email with a music video.  You may wish to shout the chorus someday."  (this is paraphrased, not exact...Kenan, if you remember the exact wording feel free to correct me in a comment below)  I thought this was peculiar.  But I later decided that Kenan was planting something malicious when he sent that video - it was almost like he was trying to speak spells over me.

After all, he is the only guy I know who says he doesn't take song recommendations from anyone, ever.

Fortunately, I was sensitive enough to notice the deceptive nature of the song relatively quickly, so I think within a few days I texted Kenan back: "Rupert Murdoch was probably busy drinking babies' blood in the Outback when he stumbled upon Gotye and decided to make a new star."  You don't have to take that literally, but you could.

Update 3/31/2013:  At the time that I sent that message, I didn't realize that Murdoch actually lives in Australia, and possibly was drinking babies' blood, since this is apparently a common practice amongst the elite.  Why would I make the sweeping allegation that many elites drink blood?  Because distilled waters are the secret of Alchemy, and blood is one of the distilled waters.  This explains such stories as vampire legends.  But blood is not only drunk by people in this secret society, no.  You thought they took it far enough by drinking blood but they've already taken it to the next level - blood baths.  Gross.  See Alchemy: The Medieval Alchemists and their Royal Art by Johannes Fabricius for old illustrations of children being killed and their blood being drained into buckets so that 'Sol' and 'Luna' - a man and woman with a sun and a moon for their heads, respectively - can bathe in a well full of this blood.  I suppose the blood of children is cleaner than that of adults, having not built up a lot of toxicity.  But there is also an energetic reason for using the blood of children - the same reason why children are used for Satanic ritual abuse through anal rape: the age is important.  David Icke has already talked about this at great length.  In their own way, Matt Stone and Trey Parker have explained it in South Park S10E01: "The Return of Chef," in which Chef has become one of the brainwashed child abusers who are members of the Super Adventure Club, which travels the world seeking exotic places to rape children.  The age is important (children vs. adult victims) because these "entities"* or perhaps the abusers themselves feed on the energy of children and think it will make them immortal, or some variation on that concept.

*(David Icke claims entities attached to the abuser feed on the energy of children)

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"Drink your mineral water/take your damn shots!"

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The pineal gland - "the pivotal mover of MS"

Watch here:

"Heatlh Consequences of Pineal Gland Calcification" - David Wilcock

NOTE: Unfortunately, the audio and video are out of sync in this clip.  This clip is from a larger video.  If it gets your attention, you may want to watch the full version here:

"The Source Field Investigations" - David Wilcock


Monday, November 26, 2012


A Calm Canary perspective on synergistic toxicity, particularly of mercury, aluminum, fluoride, and lead.

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Phyllis Mullenix fluoride presentation - IAOMT 2009

Dr. Phyllis Mullenix presents on the history of water fluoridation, her personal connection with Harold Hodge (yes, THE Harold Hodge...), and chronic fluoride poisoning.

watch here:

Much of her presentation has to do with fluoride's effect on G protein coupled receptors.

Dr. Mullenix's take on metals enhancing the effects of fluoride and Harold Hodge's foreknowledge of this effect were extremely interesting.  I was stunned when I learned that tetrahedral AlF4−   
can mimic a phosphate and lead to the formation of GDP*AlF4 complex instead of GTP.

Dr. Mullenix mentioned seeing men in their early twenties with very high total cholesterol due to chronic fluoride poisoning.  I wonder if I may be one of them - mine's around 333.  

[see Chris Kresser's video, "I Have High Cholesterol, and I Don't Care"

part 1:
part 2:]  

And, since I don't mean to give the impression that Chris Kresser is in any way flippant about cholesterol, or to suggest that he would recommend inaction to someone with very high total cholesterol, I'd like to include this:

Dr. Mullenix's discussion of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis dysregulation, or HPAD was fascinating.  Though I was aware of fluoride-induced thyroid problems, this is new information to me.  I'm certain that most people are unaware of the fluoride connection to HPAD.  Tell your friends!

The effects of fluoride, soy, and low-dose radiation (infertility, cognitive impairment, thyroid issues, HPAD(?)) are remarkably similar


[for more information about HPAD, listen to these podcasts by Chris Kresser:

from 10/31/2012:
from 11/14/2012:]  
I was blown away when I learned that solid sodium fluoride (a less common water fluoridation agent than silicofluorides like HFSA) is contaminated with aluminum, and that the HFSA imported from Mexico has so much arsenic in it!

Dr. Mullenix also makes the connection here between very low level fluoride exposure and migraines.  Hmm...(scratching head)...that sounds important. 

UPDATE 2/8/2013:

My TC is down to 260, what I consider to be a health level.  I wonder if it has something to do with drinking distilled water since 11/24/2012 and practicing urine therapy since 1/9/2013.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

David Kennedy on water fluoridation and lead

In this video, David Kennedy talks about the patent on hydrofluosilicic acid for extracting lead from brass, and how this relates to a doubling of lead levels in children growing up in communities fluoridated with this byproduct from the phosphate fertilizer industry.  If you drop a brass cannon in a vat of hydrofluosilicic acid, it extracts the lead and you can get the copper back.

I also found it very interesting to learn that cereal, crackers, and beer contain so much fluoride.

Watch here:

part 1:
part 2:

For more detail, and for specific information about how osteosarcoma risk in males is increased in fluoridated communites by 5.46 times - about 500% - by age 20, see this video of David Kennedy at the IAOMT!

In communities fluoridated with silicofluorides like hydrofluosilicic acid and sodium silicofluoride, lead levels are doubled.  However, certain races have been found to be more profoundly affected.  Lead levels are about 4 times higher in latinos and 7 times higher in blacks!!!

NOTE:  At the time that I added this video on 11/26/2012, it had 84 views!  This is pathetic, folks!  Share it with your friends!


"Poisoned Horses" - a chronic fluoride poisoning documentary

watch here:

After watching this video, I decided to start drinking only distilled water immediately (on 11/24/2012).  A friend is helping me make a homemade still, but even though it isn't finished I decided that I love myself enough to buy bottled distilled water in the meantime.

After watching this video, I also wondered whether or not horses and other pets might be more sensitive to fluoride than humans.  They could be our "canaries in the coalmine," so to speak.

[see post "KEEP CALM and CARRY ON"]

Interspecies differences in sensitivity to poisons are found elsewhere in nature.  Trees, which breathe much larger volumes of air than humans, seem to be much more sensitive to low-dose radiation (LDR).

[see post "The Fuku-fuck: From the Petkau Effect to Children Of Men"]

I find it extremely fascinating that water fluoridation, low-dose radiation, and the ingestion of soy products all cause so many of the same problems in the human organism: lowered IQ, impaired fertility, and impaired thyroid function.  The brain, thyroid, and reproductive system seem to be targets.

[see post "The soy conspiracy"]

Given that these three assaults (fluoride, LDR, soy) cause impairment of cognition, thyroid function, and fertility, I would hypothesize that all three also cause HPA axis dysregulation (HPAD).  It is known that fluoride causes HPAD.

[see post "Phyllis Mullenix fluoride presentation - IAOMT 2009"]


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Water Of Love

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Water Of Love

An alternative view on the benefits and risks of drinking distilled water (and something else which might surprise you)

Let's start with some music.  CTRL+click to listen in a new tab:

"Water Of Love" - Dire Straits


High and dry in the long hot day
Lost and lonely in every way
Got the flats all around me sky up above
I need a little water of love

I've been too long lonely and my heart feels pain

Crying out for some soothing rain
I believe I have taken enough
I need a little water of love

Water of love deep in the ground

No water here to be found
Some day baby when the river runs free
It'll carry that water of love to me

There's a bird up in a tree sitting up high

Waiting for me to die
If I don't get some water soon
I'll be dead and gone in the afternoon

Once I had a woman I could call my own

Once I had a woman now my woman is gone
Once there was a river now there's a stone
You know it's evil when you're living alone

"My view is that this gland is the principal seat of the soul, and the place in which all our thoughts are formed. The reason I believe this is that I cannot find any part of the brain, except this, which is not double. Since we see only one thing with two eyes, and hear only one voice with two ears, and in short have never more than one thought at a time, it must necessarily be the case that the impressions which enter by the two eyes or by the two ears, and so on, unite with each other in some part of the body before being considered by the soul. Now it is impossible to find any such place in the whole head except this gland; moreover it is situated in the most suitable possible place for this purpose, in the middle of all the concavities; and it is supported and surrounded by the little branches of the carotid arteries which bring the spirits into the brain."

- RenĂ© Decartes

For more information about corpora arenacea - "brain sand" or calcification of the pineal gland, 


The pro-distilled water crowd: 

1.  Alexander Graham Bell's take on distilled water:

2.  Water - The Shocking Truth That Can Save Your Life - Paul and Patricia Bragg (both N.D., Ph.D.)

free online book:

3.   The Choice Is Clear - Dr. Allen E. Banik

free online book:

4.  Popular mainstream M.D - N.D. hybrid doctor Andrew Weil, who has been featured before on this website, [see post "MariNoia, Vol. III: "Phoenix Tears""] drinks only distilled water, and has for years with no ill effects.

"While it's true that distillation removes minerals as it eliminates various other contaminants from water, I don't feel this is a problem. We get our minerals from food, not water." 

 - Andrew Weil

"Your question as to whether distilled water leaches minerals out of the body reflects another persistent myth. While pure water helps to remove minerals from the body that cells have eliminated or not used, it does not "leach" out minerals that have become part of your body's cell structure. Neither does distilled water cause your teeth to deteriorate, a false claim made by a filter manufacturer looking to boost sales. As far as acidity goes, distilled water is close to a neutral pH and has no effect on the body’s acid/base balance."
- Andrew Weil

I also like this quote, which captures much of the truth about distilled water:

"The minerals which the human body needs that are in the water are insignificant to those in food…and anyone simply eating a varied diet, not even a balanced diet, could hardly suffer a mineral deficiency." 

- Dr. Henry A. Schroeder, Dartmouth Medical School

Read Dr. Weil's opinion of distilled water here:

NOTE:  I don't trust Dr. Weil at all, but I include his quote on distilled water here because it is correct.  I don't trust him because of his published positions on vaccinations generally, on the HPV shot specifically, and on aluminum adjuvants:

"Are Childhood Vaccines Dangerous?"

"Aluminum: A Vaccine Danger?"

"HPV for Pre-Teens?"

HPV for pre-teens?  Hell, yeah!   Dr. Weil just CAN'T WAIT to skewer your daughter's supple pre-teen arm with a Gardasil shot!

He's pushy with those shots - a lot like Bill Gates...

Weil's "loyal hound" pose...

"Poseidon" pose...

Dr. Weil also takes a moronic stance on fluoride, recommending that parents give their children fluoridated water or prescription fluoride supplements.  While Dr. Weil recommends distillation as a means of water purification (the only method that removes 100% of fluoride), he is at the same time an agent of the UN/NWO/WHO because he must mix this advice with prescription fluoride pills (to calcify your baby's pineal gland).  He also says that the fluoride in green tea isn't harmful, which is simply false.  The fluoride and aluminum in green tea are both harmful.  Don't add lemon to your tea!!!

"Fluoride, Fluorine, Minerals, Supplements"

     (Updated by: Andrew Weil, M.D., and Brian Becker, M.D., on January 10, 2013)

"Is Fluoride Safe For Kids?"

"Is the Fluoride in Green Tea Harmful?"

I also don't trust Dr. Weil because of his need to insist that the discovery of the antitumor properties of herbal cannabis is a novel, recent discovery when there is plenty of evidence that this knowledge has been suppressed for years by the US government, Canadian government, and very likely others as well. I am also distrustful of Dr. Weil's need to push people into buying Sativex at their pharmacies and padding the pockets of GW Pharmaceuticals instead of growing cannabis in their own backyard.  I would even go so far as to speculate that Weil may be a shareholder in GW.

5.  The Alchemists?


6.  More of the Alchemists:

SLOW DOWN AND READ THE NEXT SENTENCE CAREFULLY, PLEASE:  Do not mistake Aquarius the Water Bearer (Andrew Norton Webber, the "good guy," for The Book of Aquarius (a disinformation text with excellent alchemical quotes) by Anonymous.  

(I've already had questions from readers who have contacted me privately and are confused on this point.)

The Book of Aquarius, published by 'Anonymous,' which Andrew Norton Webber says is a disinfo text, has numerous quotes from alchemical texts which are relevant to distilled liquids and also to urine therapy.  A.N.W. says it is best to distrust what the author has actually written in the text and to simply pay attention to the alchemical quotes, which make up the majority of the text.  I tend to think this is good advice, having read The Book of Aquarius by Anonymous.  I think that it is a distraction from what Andrew Norton Webber is trying to show us at
and a distraction from what he is trying to show us with his talks, which are included later in this article.  Andrew Norton Webber says that urine therapy and distilled liquids are the true secret of Alchemy - the secret of how to obtain the Philosopher's Stone and "turn lead into gold," which is really an analog for spiritual awakening and the decalcification of the pineal gland. 
But "Anonymous," the author of The Book of Aquarius, would have us believe that we should boil down our pee in an evaporating dish, stink up our homes and make fools of ourselves to obtain a powder that goes through various processes to make a stone we can hold in our hand and do magic with?  Sorry, Charlie.  Document 5 ALONE gives us enough hints to start thinking that might not be what the Alchemists were really writing about and painting about and making woodcuts about.  Andrew Norton Webber recommends this book, which I have read, and also can recommend:

Read Shivambu Gita here.

NOTE:  Many more books about distilled water and urine therapy which come recommended by Andrew Norton Webber are available to read for free at

He also recommends this book by John Armstrong - The Water of Life:

Read The Water of Life here.

Read Your Own Perfect Medicine here.

A PDF of The Book of Aquarius by Anonymous (a disinfo text) may be accessed here.

To be clear:  I disagree with the author - Anonymous - I think that the alchemical quotes in this book actually point to urine therapy and distilled liquids.


7.  More of the Alchemists: The Sixth Key of Basil Valentine:


In the foreground on the left we have a fire and pot of boiling water, with steam coming out of the top.  In the background, the sun evaporates water from the Earth and it forms clouds, which cool and condense to form rain, which is mirrored by the pot of condensing water in the foreground.  The bishop is conducting a wedding ceremony.  Let's think of this as the inner marriage - a spiritual transformation that happens within a person due to the union of opposites and the awakening of life-force energy.  Personally, I think I will avoid the whole bishop part in my inner marriage.  But the distilled water connection (and its mimicry of a natural process) is made unavoidably clear in this example of alchemical artwork.  I'm not certain as to why the pot and condenser of the distillation apparatus are not joined.  But the hands of the king and queen are joined, which brings it all together.

NOTE:  Unfortunately, our atmosphere has been adulterated due to chemtrails and other forms of pollution, so I would not recommend collecting rainwater for drinking purposes this year (2012).


The anti-distilled water crowd:

Strangely, some people think that drinking only pure rainwater is very bad for you.

Here are a two examples:

1.  WHO I wouldn't trust with a glass of water

Apparently, the World Health Organization, WHO I wouldn't trust with a glass of water, is not a fan of distilled water.  Of course, they recommend water fluoridation in the same breath as they recommend not drinking 'demineralised' water.  I think this document is part of the disinformation campaign against distilled water.  Remember, the WHO is a globalist NWO organization, like the UN, like Agenda 21, like Codex Alimentarius.  As Andrew Norton Webber says,

"If you want to participate in the World Health Organization's depopulation program, don't drink distilled water!"

Here is a PDF of the WHO document:

[NOTE: I will add more later about the details of why document 4 from The WHO is hogwash.]  

Here is Andrew Norton Webber's best interview yet (with recommendations for what types and brands of water distillers to purchase):

"Taking The Piss" - Andrew Norton Webber on Allegedly Dave, 10-18-2012


2This article by Mercola is the second link on the first page that comes up when you do a google search for "distilled water": 

I suspect it of being a disinformation article.  

Dr. Mercola is quite famous on the Internet and within the natural/alternative medical community.  He has written a number of articles about the dangers of vaccination and water fluoridation.

Andrew Norton Webber (Aquarius the Water Bearer - says in this interview [listen here:] that alchemy equals urine therapy, that urine is the secret ingredient you need to "turn lead into gold," and that the distilled water aspect of urine therapy is what helps to decalcify the pineal gland and facilitate spiritual awakening. 

I also recommend you listen to this interview with Andrew Norton Webber, which relates to alchemy:  

I am going to start drinking only distilled water very soon, and I will document my progress!

According to Andrew Norton Webber, Dr. Mercola exists to do distilled water disinfo.  He claims that Mercola is an 80/20 agent.  He compared Mercola to Henry Kissinger.  Ouch.

     [for more on Kissinger, see post ""Weaving spiders come not here!""]

What makes an 80/20 disinfo agent?

80% good info (anti-water fluoridation info, anti-vaccine info)

20% disinformation (anti-distilled water article: "Distilled Water Leads To Early Death")

Is this plausible?  Well, would it be worth it for a man's "purpose" to be the #2 spot on a google search for "distilled water"?  Yes, certainly, in the eyes of the New World Order.


Very popular YouTube video:  

"Dr. Mercola Discusses Reverse Osmosis and Distilled Water"

part 1:
part 2:

There are other reasons to suspect Dr. Mercola of working for the UN/NWO/WHO - he writes disinformation against cod liver oil!


Concerned about distilled water leaching away your precious minerals and ruining your bones and teeth?  Feel the need to drink minerals in your water?  Well, with the exception of silicon in the form of bioavailable oligomeric silicic acid, [see post "Aluminum detox"] minerals in your water may be doing more harm than good.  I'm skeptical of the idea that we need any minerals in our water apart from silicon.  I'd like to find a silicic acid product that could be added to distilled water (or taken as a supplement with food).  I don't recommend that anyone buy any of the mineral waters that Dr. Christopher Exley is promoting, since they contain harmful inorganic minerals.

Metals like iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc are not bioavailable in their inorganic forms, but become bioavailable when they are bound to organic molecules, like glycine.  (I find it very therapeutic to take 600-800 mg of magnesium glycinate each evening.  Many other people also find that this is helpful.  This may be due partly to rampant low-level aluminum toxicity and boron deficiency in the general population.  For more information about the aluminum-magnesium connection, see post "Aluminum: A Neurotoxic Product of Acid Rain [and chemtrails]")
And it is possible that inorganic calcium, in particular, may be problematic to the human organism.  

Check out this video presentation about inorganic and organic nutritional minerals from Albion University: