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Chemtrails: A multifaceted tyrannical frog-boiling agenda

"To acknowledge it runs the risk that it'll stop."

- I.I. 

Let us begin again, my fellows, with Michio Kaku.  He's so funny/cute!

To explain this missile launch, he blames jet contrails:

Michio, dear, blaming jet contrails for a missile launch is just like blaming jet contrails for jet chemtrails!  Naughty, naughty!  

Did you notice how he pronounced the word, 'contrails' to sound like, 'comtrails,' TWICE in the video?  I rather doubt this is the result of a speech impediment.  I think he is trying to muddy the waters by merging the words, 'contrails' and 'chemtrails' together and further confusing the matter.  Michio Kaku is not a moron - he's a front man.  He hardly seems to be able to recite his own explanation without laughing!

To explain mass wildlife deaths, he says that the creatures are committing mass suicide: (his talk of lemmings seems highly ironic!)

I would like to propose an alternative hypothesis:

Perhaps chemtrails are killing the poor beasties.

Don't know about chemtrails?  Still a chemtrail skeptic?  Here are a few videos to get you started.  Educate yourself! 

"Chemtrail/contrail side by side comparison"

     This is one of my favorites.  Do you think the difference between the two jet trails is due to different atmospheric conditions?!

Great video - "CHEMTRAIL ON/OFF"

"Don't believe in chemtrails?"

"Chemtrails to depopulate"

"What In The World Are They Spraying?" (full documentary) 

     I found this documentary unscientific and thus unappealing in its presentation.  However, the moment where the filmmakers confront members of Congress is highly concerning, as are all video clips of David Keith.

"Why In The World Are They Spraying?"  (full documentary HD)

"From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life:  The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology"  (full documentary)


Why the chemtrails?  This is a question I've been scratching my head over for a long time.  Not being on the inside, we investigators are left to guesswork to discover the intentions of the people who govern us.  Technology is kept secret, dissension is stifled.  Intelligence and physical health are also stifled.  We presently live in George Orwell's 1984.  It's not in the near future - it's already here.  What seems to be in the works is a "sealing of the deal," so to speak.  Ex:  all of our electronic devices track us today => microchip implants planned for tomorrow

In short, the people who govern us have done so in secret for thousands of years, keeping us in the dark and under control. 

But as for chemtrails specifically, here's what I think is in the works:

The chemtrails, composed primarily of aluminum oxide, barium and strontium, are being used to salt the Earth and bring Monsanto's agenda to monopolize the world food market into being, perhaps.  Not only do they have GM Roundup-ready seeds; they have GM Aluminum-ready seeds.  When other plants are unable to grow because of the aluminum, Monsanto can ride in on their high, apolcalyptic horse and save the world with the miracle cure for the problem they have engineered.  Salt of the Earth, aren't they?

It's called "Problem-Reaction-Solution" - and it works like this:

Alex Jones on chemtrails:

The government is so different on the inside than on the outside that it would be like meeting aliens to meet the people who really run the world.
It became apparent to me a long time ago that technologies are introduced, as are ideas, by "front-men".  That new iPhone ad isn't so different from Michio Kaku getting us used to the idea of regular, massive dieoffs - it's grooming either way.

But Michio isn't just here to get us used to mass dieoffs in animals, no.  He's here to warn us of the coming apocalypse - mass dieoffs of people - and to tell us it is okay and to be expected:

But back to the aliens.  We know so little about the people who actually run the world that if they aren't aliens living in underground bases, then we might as well pretend they are because it's a good metaphor.

But here is where I have the difficult task of practicing what I preach: loving the greys.  This documentary helped me to understand how it is possible for such madness to happen.

Corporate psychopaths - I call them 'GMO people' - they are modified/selected intentionally to have low empathy.  TSA workers are selected similarly - by personality testing - such that they like to 'get off' on invading people's personal space.  Some people like to touch children.  Some people like to read emails.  It's a pyramid scheme, but Total Information Awareness, TIA, is the end result.

(see "Are you AOL or AWOL?")

Colonoscopies serve a similar purpose.  The same frog-boiling fear-mongerers that want to check inside your ass for the cancer they grew want to check inside your ass for the terrorists they trained.  But, Doc, I heard they already got Bin you really have to go back in the cave? 

Bullying, war and rape aren't different - it's all about taking what's not yours to fill a hole in your heart.

Aliens actually are ass-freaks, apparently.

And they even have a plan to implant you with an RFID chip that will contain all of your medical records and will be easily hackable.  Thanks, Mythbusters!

Watch here:

Your colonoscopy vid just made Facebook!  Smile!  You're on candid camera!

(or alternatively...)

Better still...

 "You let one ant stand up to us then they all might stand up."

"Hopper Explains The World" - (A Bug's Life)

The same folks that spray nano-sized aluminum into our air, fluoridate our water and Murdoch (v.) the shit out of our media are also Satanists - literally.

(see "Weaving spiders come not here!" and "Are you spiritually retarded?")

The same people that run the Vatican from the inside also operate the sprayers on the planes by satellite link and tell the pop stars what to sing to the spellbound masses.  They aren't evil - not exactly.  They're imbalanced, highly-controlled control freaks who've forgotten their essential nature: love and consciousness.  And again, the agenda is to keep us in the dark and unaware of the spiritual realities.

Sting (maybe an Illuminist...who knows?) gave us a hint a long time ago when he said, "We are spirits in the material world."  We are spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around, and it is this truth that has been suppressed more ruthlessly than any other. 

"But, Calm Canary!" you grumble.  "How could anyone be that evil?"  Well, I don't know about evil, but spiritually retarded*, perhaps.  

Don't forget the wisdom of the pyramid, either!

Those at the top are not only wealthier...they are actually more fearful, more disconnected from the Earth, and more in illusion.  The master manipulators are also those who are manipulated the most by their own demons!

So to me, "crazy" guys like David Icke don't sound so crazy after all.

But the most important part of this post, folks, is to warn you of the frog-boiling agenda.  Whoever is responsible for chemtrails has created a very confusing problem - and that's where the danger lies.  We can be boiled if we stay stuck in confusion for too long.  Discovering the motive behind chemtrails may be very important, but stopping them is the only thing that really matters.  Congress doesn't seem willing to help, as evidence in "What In The World Are They Spraying?"  I think the only way we can stop chemtrails is by educating the population!

So what is this frog-boiling agenda?  I suspect mass murder is in the works.  Seven billion - the Illuminists don't see it as a population so much as a temperature - a temperature they have engineered so that they can reduce it in a Satanic blood sacrifice ritual to Georgia guidestones levels.  

[see post "The children are probably very happy"]

I don't know precisely what role chemtrails play in this plan, but I do know they are real and they are bad for us all.

500 million microchipped (tagged) sheepeople (cattle) is far more desirable to the master manipulators. 

I suspect Wizard of Oz-style mayhem is being planned. 

     (HAARP/chemtrails) ≈ (smoke/mirrors)  maybe

But the remember the lesson of the man behind the curtain...

A combination of HAARP technology (see "HAARP, Mind Effects, and ESP") and chemtrails might well produce quite a show.  But he's just like YOU!  Poor little guy!  He just wants a hug. 

 * symptoms of spiritual retardation include: corporate psychopathy, forgetfulness of one's true nature, greed, and a desire to cluster bomb the neighborhood with one form of "pyramid scheme" or other (see "Are you spiritually retarded?")

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