Saturday, April 14, 2012

MariNoia, Vol. V: "Gateway drug"

"The war on drugs: What a joke!"


"Apririn is perfectly legal but if you take thirteen of them motherfuckers it'll be your last headache!" 

- Katt Williams

"Mandatory Marijuana" - Bill Hicks

"We meant those other drugs - those untaxed drugs - those are the ones that are bad for you."

Bill on 2001, pot, and psilocybe mushrooms:

Kids In The Hall - "Looking For Pot"

This sketch from KITH is way ahead of its time - it explains one reason why cannabis is illegal.

SATAN:  "Get with the New World Order, man!  There's no more pot on the Earth anymore.  The government destroyed it all, man, in order to protect the oil companies!"

BAUER:  "Yeah, why?"

SATAN:  "Because marijuana seeds can be made into a fuel more efficient than gasoline.  And the government doesn't like that.  And who controls the government?" 

BAUER:  "The oil companies." 

SATAN:  "Exactly.  And who controls the oil companies?  Satan."


UPDATE 1/24/2013:

This link is broken.  What a surprise...NOT!  Here is a mirror:


We've all heard that marijuana can be a "gateway drug."  I tend to agree, though not in the traditional sense - in the sense that it leads to addiction or to addiction to other, more harmful substances.

Why, then, is marijuana really a "gateway drug"?

1.  It is the most useful drug to treat addiction.  Ganja can get you OFF of crack, cigs, or booze, if you so desire, and you can grow it in your backyard!  Reverse gateway drug, folks.

2.  It starts one on a path of questioning, simply by virtue of its complete safety and superimposed super-federal illegality.  Most people who do not use marijuana are not marijuana researchers, and thus are not conspiracy theorists...

3.  It starts one on a path of questioning, by virtue of its chemistry.  Marijuana actually can get you thinking, as some say - if you want it to.  Here's what I've noticed about my thoughts on pot:

- short-term memories are more difficult to access, but distant memories are easier to access - I have actually remembered some of my repressed early childhood memories and long-forgotten dreams while using marijuana
- it is easier to make broad connections in a high total cannabinoid state (TCS), between ideas that seem unconnected, where TCS = (endocannabinoids + supplemental phytocannabinoids)  Haha

4.  Marijuana, an entheogen, could help to open "the doors of perception," and facilitate spiritual awakening.

I'll tell you one thing:  To "the controllers," marijuana + mindfulness is a very dangerous combination! 


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