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Why in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length Documentary HD)

If you've not seen its prequel - "What in the World Are They Spraying?" - you've been living under a rock.  It may be viewed here:


Can you taste the salty ham of truth?

My fellows, there is nothing 'juvenile' about being an adolescent.

"When an individual's child (parent-related) ego disintegrates, the newly emerging adolescent (adult-related) ego can make powerful contacts with the Self.  It can also see the shadow - the dark side of the psyche - better than older individuals with adult ego defenses can.  Native American tribes used to turn to adolescents for insights into the future, precisely because adolescents possess this double-edged visionary capacity.  Perhaps we should listen more carefully to what our suicidal [and egocidal] adolescents are telling us."

- David H. Rosen, M.D., Transforming Depression, pg. 24

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"Salty Ham" - Kids In The Hall (high-resolution on Hulu)
"Ham of Truth" - Kids In The Hall


Fuck 'everything in moderation'!

Note the strategic location of the quotation marks - if there were no quote marks the title would simply represent the worldview of the majority of my peers.

The 'everything in moderation' model is dead.  No, I'm not Nietzsche, pronouncing the death of God, nor even Jim Marion, pronouncing the Death of the Mythic God with his toe firmly planted in the water, blatantly disregarding all spiritual conspiracies:

Jim Marion says that everything is all about spiral dynamics (a la Ken Wilber) and we're all just evolving spiritually and integrating everything.  Everything is getting better all the time.  Spiral up, spiral up!  He appears to forget that certain people have long endeavored to prevent spiritual evolution and to salt the slugs at the lower rungs of the ladder.

Oprah says everything is okay.  Christianity wasn't a myth designed to keep you from realizing your divine nature - we can embrace everything now and be super pluralistic and "kewl" (E. Cartman, 2011).  It's all good, man!

"That's like saying, 'Will putting a spoonful of honey in my tea wreck the tea?'  It's really a sweetener!" 

Oh, I get it!  Meditation's a sweetener.  Everything's okay now!   

"That's just gonna make it even better!"

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Thanks, Op!  Your 'vag' isn't hostile at all!  And it's all about the Christ Consciousness!
     (sarcastic, in case you didn't notice)

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"Oprah's Minge Has a Gun" - South Park

The 'middle path' is done for.  Even Hegel's dialectic may be on its last legs...

Hegel's dialectic - constant?

In "What In The World Are They Spraying?" filmmaker Michael Murphy made a fascinating (awesome) comparison between the Hegelian dialectic - (thesis-antithesis-synthesis) - and Problem-Reaction-Solution.

Thanks, Michael.  Your work really is good.
     (not sarcastic)

[see post "The P-R-S Song: a groovy antidote to conspiracy theory stress"]

Michael Murphy is not the only one to compare the Hegelian dialectic with some sort of manufactured crisis scenario.  Alex Jones has compared the Hegelian dialectic with "Ordo Ab Chao," the motto of the 33rd degree Freemasons - "Order out of Chaos."

[for more about "Ordo Ab Chao," see post "Are you spiritually retarded?"]

And indeed it is true: many scenarios that appear to be governed by Hegel's dialectic are actually examples of P-R-S or Order out of Chaos.  (e.g. DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans)  That is to say that the problem, the public reaction, and the solution are all engineered, owned and controlled by the same people.

Unfortunately, most people do not recognize when P-R-S or "Ordo Ab Chao" masquerade as the Hegelian dialectic - but it happens all the time.

Let's take water fluoridation, for example.  Water fluoridation is not good in moderation, and I don't need to have a synthesis with someone else's ideas and make compromises to my original notion (water fluoridation is not good in moderation) in order to be following the treasured 'middle path' and following the laws of evolution, which some people think must follow the Hegelian dialectic.  No, I'm actually 100% correct when I say that water fluoridation is bad, and there is no middle ground. 

Eating temperate vegetable oils (soy, corn, canola, cottonseed, flax, hempseed, etc.) is not good for you.  Eatng healthy traditional fats (pasture-raised butter, tallow, ghee, lard, duckfat, organic coconut oil, etc.) is good for you if well-tolerated, and I don't recommend that you moderate your consumption of pasture-raised butter and egg yolks.  There is no middle ground.

Here at The Calm Canary Blog, we encourage free radicals - not in a biological sense, but in an intellectual one.  Fuck 'everything in moderation'!

Thank you, my fellows.


Michael Murphy explains the chemtrail-induced U.S. 'drought' on Coast to Coast with George Noory

"This is without question an engineered drought."  

"The human spirit is incredibly powerful, and anybody that says we're powerless against this and we can't do anything - that's a lie from the Pit of Hell, and that's what the establishment wants us to think."

- Michael Murphy

Chemtrails & Weather

Date: 08-21-12
Host: George Noory
Guests:   Michael Murphy, William R. Forstchen

"Appearing during the middle two hours, journalist, filmmaker and political activist Michael Murphy discussed how chemtrails are allowing corporations to manipulate natural systems including weather and soil, for their own gain. Chemtrails are chemicals that are sprayed out of airplanes for the goal of "geo-engineering" the planet. Specifically, aluminum and other chemical particulates are used to block the sun, create artificial clouds, and generally cause a cooling effect, he continued. But these chemicals have been found to be toxic to human health, and the ecology, and are associated with respiratory problems and other medical issues, he noted.

"Geo-engineers are very open that their programs will disrupt weather patterns," he said, pinning the recent drought over parts of the US on their actions. Particulates introduced into the sky act as "cloud condensation nuclei," causing rain to drift away from areas it normally would go, he explained. Such "corporatized" weather control in which new environmental circumstances are created, allows goods and services to be specifically tailored, such as Monsanto's "abiotic seeds," which are said to grow in drought conditions, Murphy revealed.

Further, he cited commodities trading done by "disaster capitalists," as well as in the derivatives market, in which they use inside knowledge of weather manipulation and control in order to make money, sometimes by betting that certain crops will fail. For more, check out Murphy's new documentary, "Why in the World Are They Spraying?""

Michael Murphy's segment begins at (39:10)...

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The Fuku-fuck: From the Petkau Effect to Children Of Men

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"Ruby Tuesday" - Franco Battiato

LDR is not LDN

Here at The Calm Canary Blog we don't encourage pharmaceutical peddling willy-nilly.  In fact, we [royal] agree most wholeheartedly with the Chris Kresser assessment - that they (pharmaceuticals) are not 'the way to go' about 98% of the time.  However, The Calm Canary is not irrational, and not closed-minded.  Low-dose naltrexone (LDN) seems to be a rather beneficial and helpful agent for humans.  Low-dose radiation (LDR), on the other hand, is highly deleterious.

It appears that our military is protecting its own kind in the wake of the Fukushima disaster.

Question:  what happens when only elites and troops protect and retain their genetic integrity and fertility?

Answer:  Children of Men (2006)

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"Army stockpiles anti-radiation pills to protect against Fukushima fallout" - Alex Jones

"The Army Is Stocking Up On A Ton Of Anti-Radiation Pills To Protect Troops" - Business Insider

Catch your genes before they slip away!

WARNING:  this volume is out of print and contraband in U.S.A.  Exercise caution.

New copies on Amazon range from $300.00 to $10,000.00 US.


Greetings, readers!  This post will consist mostly of KEY QUOTES taken from The Petkau Effect, by Ralph Graeub.  All quotes are from Graeub unless otherwise indicated.

The Petkau Effect makes a convincing case for the high danger of low-level radiation.  It reveals a previously unknown (and publicly unknown) mechanism that makes low-level radiation hundreds or thousands of times more dangerous than radiation officials previously expected due to extrapolated Hiroshima risk calculations, and a nonlinear (supralinear) dose-effect curve at very low levels.  This mechanism is known as the Petkau Effect.  The volume contends that even in normal operation - disasters like Three Mile Island (TMI), Chernobyl, Savannah River Plant (SRP) and Fukushima excluded - nuclear power plants are unsafe, and that radiation protection standards should be set at zero emissions, or 'background level'. 

It exposes some of the corruption in the nuclear power industry - "spawned by the nuclear arms race" - which for decades has covered up accidents and set radiation protection standards based on faulty science, standards which do not protect humans or the ecosystems upon which we depend.

It makes an especially convincing case for tree decline being accelerated by the action of radiation and synergy with the classical pollutants - SO2, NOX’s and hydrocarbons.

General Perspectives

" is not necessary to have a thorough understanding of a subject in order to be able to form one's own judgment - although the exact opposite is always being claimed."

"Most scientists are trained to become willing partners of business and the technocracy.  They think far too little about whether their work upholds responsibility toward biological life and toward the future...These scientists mistake their frog-in-the-well outlook for a valid worldview.  Specialists are needed whose vision is not narrowed by specialized knowledge and dependency relations, and who are capable of providing the basis of expertise for interdisciplinary thinking within the framework of ecological consciousness." 

[see post "Expertophilia"]

"A living organism requires no ionizing radiation to maintain life."

"Nuclear power plants are not radiation-tight."

"...a low number of curies does not necessarily mean a low level of hazard."

"...every new technology should now be tested for its possible extensive and long-term effects, no matter how economically valuable it may appear."

"In a future society, nuclear power would, of course, not be tolerated."

"Until recently, those who have been responsible for radiation-protection of workers and the public have set and maintained high maximum permissible levels.  What these officials refuse to admit, is that in order to fully protect both human and animal life, maximum permissible values must be set at zero.  The production and discharge of artificial radioactivity should only be used on an individual basis, and radiation exposure accepted only voluntarily, and when it is ethically justifiable as, for example, in medicine and in special areas of industry and research."

"Professor John Gofman, who had taken part in the development of the A-bomb and was the first director of the Department of Biomedicine at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, had already sharply challenged his scientific colleagues as early as 1978, with the following statement:"

"There is no way I can justify my failure to help sound an alarm over these activities many years sooner than I did.  I feel that at least several scientists trained in the biomedical aspects of atomic energy - myself definitely included - are candidates for a Nuremburg-like trial for crimes against humanity through our gross negligence and irresponsibility.  Now that we know the hazard of low-level radiation, the crime is not experimentation - it's murder."

 - John Gofman

" the case of radiation-protection in every country...when criticism arises, the most vocal protestors - who are exercising their legal and democratic rights - are kept under police surveillance as 'Enemies of the State.'"

"Petkau was the first researcher to characterize the lipid bilayer structure of cell membranes as a permeability barrier as far back as 1967."

"Unfortunately, this industry, spawned by the nuclear arms race, still appears to be determining the priorities for the direction of research, particularly in the area of radiation biology."

" is the radioactive contamination of the diet and drinking water that is the principal new environmental factor involved in cancer."

" Rachel Carson already pointed out thirty years ago in Silent Spring, it is the synergistic action of radioactive and chemical pollution that represents the greatest threat to all forms of life on our planet."

Radioactive Rain and Relevance to Fukushima disaster

"It is shown that for a given amount released by nuclear reactors, areas of high rainfall that experienced the highest bomb fallout when these individuals were born show a greater recent mortality rise than the lower rainfall regions."

Children of Men

"Recessive mutations occurring today will be affecting future generations centuries to millennia from now."

" [low-level radiation] fosters a large number of ordinary diseases, which will appear to be statistically increasing."

"Calculations are particularly insidious when the inexorable occurrence of genetic damage is considered.  In this case, the beneficiaries and the cost-carriers are not even identical, for the latter are the future generations.  The most blood-thirsty tyrants in history lacked this infamous opportunity - they could torture and murder "only" their contemporaries, but were unable to purposely saddle future generations with cripples, diseases and degeneration - to say nothing of the possible destruction of the ecology."

"There are intermediate stages between the recessive and dominant mutations, but all mutations are as a rule harmful, and cause a reduction in vitality and fertility."

"In the future, when a critical distribution level with a possible high combination of damaged partners is achieved, the harm inflicted on the population will appear as a genetic catastrophe."

"Natural radioactivity does not lead to the same selective concentration in critical organs..."

To be clear, folks: I don't personally think LDR will be the sole cause of a "Children of Men" scenario or global fertility crisis, but LDR in combination with soy especially that found in infant formulas and the diets of prisoners (see post "The soy conspiracy"), and also that which is promoted as a health-food or "alternative" to meat or other animal products (tofurkey, soy-cheese, tofu, soy milk, etc.), in combination with fluoride exposure in water, dental treatments, toothpaste, mouthwash, tablets given to infants, tea, and more, combined with mercury from vaccines and dental amalgams, combined with exposure to BPA from a multitude of sources, and a few other nasty chemicals, will produce a fertility crisis! 

Nuclear Fallout, Low Birthweight, and Immune Deficiency

"...a very strong effect of radiation on the immune systems of children."

"...the most immediate and significant effect of low doses could be effects on the immune system."

" surrounding the marrow, where the cells of the immune system originate, with dense bone, nature has provided a protection against alpha particles, which fails in the case of radioactive strontium."

"The bone-seeking fission products such as strontium 90 are much more damaging to the immune system than radium and radon, which constitute part of the natural background radiation."

"Another biological mechanism involves radioactive iodine concentrating in the fetal thyroid, leading to reduced thyroid hormone production.  This results in growth retardation and underweight births known to be associated with impaired immunity."

The explosion of the hydrogen bomb "Bravo" in the Marshall Islands caused fallout to reach Rongelap Island, 152 miles away.

CTRL+click here to watch video of "Bravo"

"Over the following 15 years, all the island children developed thyroid diseases, and showed retardation in both their physical and mental development."

131I, Thyroid Damage, and Cognitive Impairment

131I ↑   →   thyroid function↓   →   mental development↓

(this flowchart outlines the logic used in The Petkau Effect pertaining to iodine 131 contamination)

"Comparing SAT tests by state during the years 1974 and 1976, Utah, the state closest to the Nevada test site, had the highest drop - 26 points - as opposed to only two points for distant Ohio.  The decline applies to the age cohorts born in 1956 through 1958; at the time, Utah had the highest iodine content in its milk, while Ohio was located south of the path taken by the fallout clouds.

Utah, with its Mormon population, normally reported very high SAT test results, in spite of its serious air pollution problems attributed to copper smelters and coal-fired power plants.  Of course, the people of Utha have just as many cars as anyone else in the U.S.A. - but all these polluters produce no strontium 90 or iodine 131.  Therefore, the factors causing traditional air pollution are not the cause of the sharp drop in comparison with Ohio.  Nor was there any difference in teacher quality, TV use, or general socioeconomic factors.  Mormons don't smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs.  Nonetheless, the sharpest decline in test scores was noted in Utah."

"And that's how the Book of Mormon was written - dum, dum, dum, dum, dum"

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"Joseph Smith, Part 3" - South Park

"The ominous effect of radioactive iodine 131 on the thyroid's function, and hence on the mental development of unborn children, must constitute among the most devastating results of exposure to nuclear fission fallout.  The mere possibility that fallout from a few small nuclear weapons in Nevada may have resulted in a whole generation of mentally-impaired young people should be cause for alarm."

"The loss of even one human life, or the malformation of even one baby - who may be born after we are gone - should be of concern to us all."
          - JFK, speech to nation on 1963 Atmospheric Test Ban Treaty

"Nuclear power plants, too produce large amounts of iodine 131.  Therefore, we must ask ourselves whether they, too - in normal operation or in the case of accidents, like Three Mile Island and Chernobyl [ and Fukushima] - can affect the ability of children to learn.  Remember, iodine 131 is one of the normal emissions of nuclear power plants."

The Petkau Effect

Definition:  "the efficiency of peroxidation of membrane phospholipids increases as the dose rate is reduced."

"It has long been known that in the cell nucleus, the DNA molecule which carries the genetic information is directly damaged by the impacting rays.  As Petkau discovered, a very different, indirect damage-producing mechanism operates in the case of the cell membranes."

"I believe that membrane pathology is critical in carcinogenesis."
- Dr. Abram Petkau, 1980
("...and this is now widely accepted." - Ralph Graeub)

"Petkau's discovery deserves nothing short of the Nobel prize."

"In the cell fluid, which contains dissolved oxygen, the radiation can cause the formation of a highly toxic, unstable form of oxygen.  These so-called "free radicals" of O2−  are attracted by the cell membrane where they set off a chain reaction that successively oxidizes the molecules of the cell membrane; this weakens or even destroys the membrane."

"A single free radical can destroy a cell." 

Professor K.H. Cheeseman of Burnel University, Oxbridge, U.K. wrote:

"...lipid peroxidation remains an auto-catalytic chain reaction, apparently unsuited to a role as a physicological mediator and only involved as a pathological process."

"The fewer "free radicals" present in the cell plasma, the greater their efficiency in producing damage.  This is because the "free radicals" can deactivate each other to form ordinary oxygen molecules.  This, the fewer "free radicals" created by the radiation in a given volume - and smaller doses create fewer of them - the greater their chances of reaching their goal, the cell wall, without first being subjected to a recombination."

"...there is a further effect.  Cell membranes generate an electrical field in the cell plasma which attracts negatively-charged molecules such as the highly toxic "free radical."  Computer calculations have shown that the greater the concentration of "free radicals," the weaker the attraction by the electric field.  Thus, if the concentration of radicals is high, the "free radicals" are even less capable of reaching the cell wall than if the immediate concentration of radicals is very low."

"It should also be remembered that natural radiation is based on alpha-emission, and is in terms of the Petkau Effect, less important than artificial beta-emitters such as tritium.  The concentrated ionization effect of an alpha beam on the cell plasma will enable many more of the dangerous oxygen radicals that are generated to recombine and thus, become ineffective.  This is contrast to the case of a low-energy beta beam, which permits more radicals to avoid recombination and this have a greater chance of reaching cell membrane and of damaging it."

"...inflammatory mediators such as arachidonic acid are also produced through the oxidation of cell membranes."

Tritium danger

"BEIR III (1980) notes a very inportant observation by Petkau.  By contrast to the protective effect of enzymes found if the irradiation of an artificial cell membrane occurred externally by means of gamma radiation, no protective effect could be observed in the case of internal irradiation by means of tritium.  The BEIR subcommittee considered it an urgent matter to ascertain whether this reaction might also be observed in living systems."

"Tritium can accumulate, due both to its long storage time in ecological systems, and due to its so-called isotopic effect in organic materical, for instance the food chain."

"Seelig has pointed out that tritium may be incorporated into organic material more easily, and in greater quantities (by a factor of 10 to 100), when in the presence of iodine, certain heavy metals, microwaves, or 'silent discharge.'"

"In 1984, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists published a 'tritium warning.'"

"In 1981, the IAEA stated that tritium in the environment could be cause for major worry by the end of the century."

A study in Radiation Research, funded by U.S. Department of Energy, carried out by the Ecological Sciences Department of Batelle Northwest Laboratory at Hanford, WA, found "permanent suppression of immune system function in rainbow trout exposed to extremely low concentrations of tritium, during the first twenty days of embryonic development at doses as low as 40 millirads," and that "the decline in immune system function was related logarithmically and not linearly to the dose."

Defense Mechanisms in Living Systems

*enzymes:  superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase, catalase
*vitamins and micronutrients:  vits. A, E, C, and selenium, zinc, copper, and manganese to ensure enzyme activity

" can consider [a] stockade wall...made from matchsticks.  If lightning strikes - i.e. an oxygen free radical impinges on the membrane - the whole wall will collapse, the interior is then unprotected and the cell dies.  However, if for every 700 matchsticks or phospholipid molecules there exists one vitamin E molecule, the 'fire' will be halted and extinguished...rapid regeneration of vitamin E must occur and this is accomplished via a cascade mechanism involving vitamin C and glutathione peroxidase which has a selenium atom at its center.  Therefore vitamin C and selenium are also very important for the [radiation] protection of the membrane."


"...there are certain substances which may also inhibit the repair capacity [in response to genetic damage] (e.g. caffeine)."

"...the marked differences in radiation-sensitivity in the population, may be linked to differences in the degree to which radiation damage can be repaired."

"...the human body has a pronounced resonance point for the frequency of 17 MHz of a ham radio band."

"The 900 MHz band, authorized in Switzerland [and the USA] for cordless telephones, operates at a wavelength for which the body has a particularly high absorption rate, and for which there is resonance in the head."

 Hey!  That's not what my inventions are for!

MAD SCIENTIST/synthetic food advocate:

"The only animals whose disappearance might threaten the viability of humans on Earth are the bacteria which normally inhabit our bodies.  As for the others, no convincing evidence exists that humans could not survive as the only animal species on Earth.  If economic procedures could be developed for the synthesis of food from inorganic materials - and this will be possible sooner or later - humans may even become independent of the plants on which they are currently dependent for food."

- Eugene Rabinowitch, former editor-in-chief of The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, 1972

What about genetically modified gut flora, Eugene?
     [see post "The soy conspiracy"]

Inverse dose rate effect for genetic defects, not just membrane damage

"Recently, by using mutations induced in mammalian cells in the laboratory, it was demonstrated that an inverse dose effect appeared even in the cell nucleus as long as the dosage or dose rate was set low enough (Compton, 1985; Kiefer, 1986)...This result argues in favor of a much higher risk - not only for membrane damage, but also for genetic defects - than would be expected on the basis of a linear extrapolation from high doses given at high dose rates...The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences [do you like the PNAS? comment below] also support these findings.  A 1986 paper published by the Academy indicated that the human mutation rate at small doses, is some 200 times greater than one would have expected, based on the experience with higher doses."

"According to the BEIR V report, two thirds of all biological damage at low dose rates in the cell nucleus results from the effects of free radicals when weakly ionizing radiation such as X-rays, gamma rays and beta rays, are involved."

Using tritiated water, Petkau found that "the dose rate relationship could be extended down to background levels" and noted "a fundamental difference in response of the membrane to external and internal irradiations."

Reichelt and Tree Decline in the Northern Hemisphere

" is no longer possible to blame only the classic pollutants - SO2, NOX’s and hydrocarbons.  We must also consider the truly global polluter, artificial radioactivity, whatever its operative mechanisms may be."

(pollutant radio-activation)

"...Reichelt found spots of damage near nuclear power plants in France and Germany."

"Reichelt made similar observations in mines containing uranium, both in France and in northeastern Bavaria."

"In some cases, forest-decline observations actually constituted successful detective work, since unexpectedly high forest damage led to the discovery of mines not marked on the maps."

- G√ľnther Reichelt

"Reichelt believes that the effect discovered in 1975 by Vohra, Director of the Indian Nuclear Center in Bombay, is operative here.  Namely radon causes a rapid transformation of sulphur dioxide into sulphur trioxide - hence, into sulphuric acid.  Even a low radon content of 50 picocuries per cubic meter of air is enough to trigger a chemical reaction."

Gofman, Tamplin and Graeub

1969-1970:  "the first independent risk calculations"

Gofman and Tamplin performed a study, under the contract of and with the support of the Atomic Energy Commission, and estimated 16,000 to 30,000 additional deaths/year due to leukemia and cancer over the course of 30 years in the USA alone due to the AEC's  permission of an additional 170 mrem.year (1.7 mSv) for peaceful utilization of atomic energy.

"The pro-nuclear AEC then showed its true face, and proceeded according to its usual method of dealing with scientists, experts, Nobel-prize winners and any other outsiders who opposed nuclear power: Gofman and Tamplin were slandered and ridiculed.  They were threatened with dismissal, their material was censored and modified.  Their staffs were reduced, their salaries were cut, and they were refused raises."

The physicist H. Brunner, secretary of the Swiss Professional Association for Radiation Protection slandered their study, calling it "milk-maid's arithmetic" - a milkSMEAR campaign to be sure.

Then in 1972, out came BEIR I,

"...basically confirming Gofman and Tamplin's study."

"Thus, the two scientists were rehabilitated, and their critics embarrassed."

Related Volumes

Jay M. Gould - statistician and advisor to the Environmental Protection Agency during the Carter administration

"Gould and Goldman documented in Deadly Deceit that the original monthly data on infant deaths in the U.S. Monthly Vital Statistics were altered in order to remove embarrassing peak values not only after the TMI accident, but also in other earlier accidents.  Similarly, the two melt-downs of fuel rods in 1970 and the accompanying emissions at the Savannah River Plant (SRP), a nuclear weapons production facility in South Carolina, were covered up at the highest government levels.  These accidents were admitted to have taken place by the government for the first time in 1988, in the course of Congressional hearings."
The Dance with the Devil - Schwab

"Without the Club of Rome's computer, this great thinker had already discovered the threat to the environment and had analyzed and confirmed it.  The special interest groups fell upon him and tried to force this "troublemaker" to withdraw his book."     - Ralph Graeub

The Gentle Killers: Nuclear Power Stations Unmaksed - Ralph Graeub