Friday, August 10, 2012

Alex Jones IS Admiral Ackbar

They do have similar voices...

A psychic once told me I would own a gun shop in the future.  Pretty close - I'm arming people with information.  But Alex Jones has a freaking arsenal.  Let the InfoWars begin!  The Rebel Alliance may yet stand a chance!

You may like to watch this video of Alex Jones.  My favorite part is when he plays with a Star Wars podracer pilot figurine that he says looks like Dianne Feintein:

"Obama Supports Feinstein's Roll Back of The 2nd Amendment" - Alex Jones

"Dianne Feinstein's Hypocrisy on Gun Control" - Alex Jones

It is also funny when Alex compares Feinstein with Emperor Palpatine (who has been featured elsewhere on this blog [see post "KGH, my evil twin"]).


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