Friday, August 24, 2012

Fuck 'everything in moderation'!

Note the strategic location of the quotation marks - if there were no quote marks the title would simply represent the worldview of the majority of my peers.

The 'everything in moderation' model is dead.  No, I'm not Nietzsche, pronouncing the death of God, nor even Jim Marion, pronouncing the Death of the Mythic God with his toe firmly planted in the water, blatantly disregarding all spiritual conspiracies:

Jim Marion says that everything is all about spiral dynamics (a la Ken Wilber) and we're all just evolving spiritually and integrating everything.  Everything is getting better all the time.  Spiral up, spiral up!  He appears to forget that certain people have long endeavored to prevent spiritual evolution and to salt the slugs at the lower rungs of the ladder.

Oprah says everything is okay.  Christianity wasn't a myth designed to keep you from realizing your divine nature - we can embrace everything now and be super pluralistic and "kewl" (E. Cartman, 2011).  It's all good, man!

"That's like saying, 'Will putting a spoonful of honey in my tea wreck the tea?'  It's really a sweetener!" 

Oh, I get it!  Meditation's a sweetener.  Everything's okay now!   

"That's just gonna make it even better!"

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Thanks, Op!  Your 'vag' isn't hostile at all!  And it's all about the Christ Consciousness!
     (sarcastic, in case you didn't notice)

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"Oprah's Minge Has a Gun" - South Park

The 'middle path' is done for.  Even Hegel's dialectic may be on its last legs...

Hegel's dialectic - constant?

In "What In The World Are They Spraying?" filmmaker Michael Murphy made a fascinating (awesome) comparison between the Hegelian dialectic - (thesis-antithesis-synthesis) - and Problem-Reaction-Solution.

Thanks, Michael.  Your work really is good.
     (not sarcastic)

[see post "The P-R-S Song: a groovy antidote to conspiracy theory stress"]

Michael Murphy is not the only one to compare the Hegelian dialectic with some sort of manufactured crisis scenario.  Alex Jones has compared the Hegelian dialectic with "Ordo Ab Chao," the motto of the 33rd degree Freemasons - "Order out of Chaos."

[for more about "Ordo Ab Chao," see post "Are you spiritually retarded?"]

And indeed it is true: many scenarios that appear to be governed by Hegel's dialectic are actually examples of P-R-S or Order out of Chaos.  (e.g. DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans)  That is to say that the problem, the public reaction, and the solution are all engineered, owned and controlled by the same people.

Unfortunately, most people do not recognize when P-R-S or "Ordo Ab Chao" masquerade as the Hegelian dialectic - but it happens all the time.

Let's take water fluoridation, for example.  Water fluoridation is not good in moderation, and I don't need to have a synthesis with someone else's ideas and make compromises to my original notion (water fluoridation is not good in moderation) in order to be following the treasured 'middle path' and following the laws of evolution, which some people think must follow the Hegelian dialectic.  No, I'm actually 100% correct when I say that water fluoridation is bad, and there is no middle ground. 

Eating temperate vegetable oils (soy, corn, canola, cottonseed, flax, hempseed, etc.) is not good for you.  Eatng healthy traditional fats (pasture-raised butter, tallow, ghee, lard, duckfat, organic coconut oil, etc.) is good for you if well-tolerated, and I don't recommend that you moderate your consumption of pasture-raised butter and egg yolks.  There is no middle ground.

Here at The Calm Canary Blog, we encourage free radicals - not in a biological sense, but in an intellectual one.  Fuck 'everything in moderation'!

Thank you, my fellows.


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