Friday, August 24, 2012

Michael Murphy explains the chemtrail-induced U.S. 'drought' on Coast to Coast with George Noory

"This is without question an engineered drought."  

"The human spirit is incredibly powerful, and anybody that says we're powerless against this and we can't do anything - that's a lie from the Pit of Hell, and that's what the establishment wants us to think."

- Michael Murphy

Chemtrails & Weather

Date: 08-21-12
Host: George Noory
Guests:   Michael Murphy, William R. Forstchen

"Appearing during the middle two hours, journalist, filmmaker and political activist Michael Murphy discussed how chemtrails are allowing corporations to manipulate natural systems including weather and soil, for their own gain. Chemtrails are chemicals that are sprayed out of airplanes for the goal of "geo-engineering" the planet. Specifically, aluminum and other chemical particulates are used to block the sun, create artificial clouds, and generally cause a cooling effect, he continued. But these chemicals have been found to be toxic to human health, and the ecology, and are associated with respiratory problems and other medical issues, he noted.

"Geo-engineers are very open that their programs will disrupt weather patterns," he said, pinning the recent drought over parts of the US on their actions. Particulates introduced into the sky act as "cloud condensation nuclei," causing rain to drift away from areas it normally would go, he explained. Such "corporatized" weather control in which new environmental circumstances are created, allows goods and services to be specifically tailored, such as Monsanto's "abiotic seeds," which are said to grow in drought conditions, Murphy revealed.

Further, he cited commodities trading done by "disaster capitalists," as well as in the derivatives market, in which they use inside knowledge of weather manipulation and control in order to make money, sometimes by betting that certain crops will fail. For more, check out Murphy's new documentary, "Why in the World Are They Spraying?""

Michael Murphy's segment begins at (39:10)...

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