Friday, August 24, 2012

(non)Local Hero, Vol. III

10.  Uncut

"One of the leading circumcision advocates of the 19th Century, John Harvey Kellogg - yes, the guy who created Kellogg's cereals - believed that young boys should suffer circumcision sans anesthetic so they would associate pain with touching their penises and thus not masturbate.  Think about that the next time you eat your Frosted Flakes."

- Sarah Paeth, On the Bright Side, OSU Daily Barometer

Thanks, Sarah!  You are a (non)Local Hero.

Let us not forget that cereal is dogfood for people and suppresses sex drive in an of itself!

John Harvey Kellogg was also a eugenicist.

"In 1906, together with Irving Fisher and Charles Davenport, Kellogg founded the Race Betterment Foundation, which became a major center of the new eugenics movement in America. Kellogg was in favor of racial segregation and believed that immigrants and non-whites would damage the gene pool."

Thanks, wikipedia!  You make it so easy.

Full article - CTRL+click to open in a new window and zoom in!

Should we hold a suance?  "By the power of Christ, we sue you!"


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