Saturday, November 3, 2012

Aluminum detox

This excellent video by Dr. Christopher Exley from a vaccine safety conference explains how the silicic acid found in silicon-rich mineral water can act as a ligand to remove aluminum from the body.  This has been shown to help Alzheimer's patients significantly.

Significant sources of aluminum include vaccines, infant soy formula [see post "The soy conspiracy"], drinking water, and more.

I emailed Dr. Exley to ask him some specific questions about Al detox.

I asked him whether an herb called horsetail might be used to make a silicic acid-rich tea for removing bodily Al stores.

He replied,
"Unfortunately horsetail silica is extremely inert and so will not dissolve to give you the silicic acid required to help with the  removal of Al from the body!"

I also asked whether there are any products that can be added to pure, distilled water to raise silicic acid content, since I like to do things myself and would like to combine the benefits of mineral-free distilled water with the benefits of silicon-rich mineral water.  [see post "WHO I wouldn't trust with a glass of water"]  That is, I want to avoid certain minerals (like calcium) and intentionally ingest others, like silicon. 

He told me,

"Thanks for your interest John. I am afraid that we have not come  across another alternative to natural mineral waters for delivering  high concentrations of biologically available silicic acid, and we  have spent 20 years looking!"

Readers:  I will keep you updated.  If I find an alternative to buying bottled mineral water for Al detox, I will be the first to let you know.


Dr. Exley makes the fascinating point in his video that smoking tobacco and marijuana bring aluminum into the body.  I would point out that smoking tea and many other types of plant material would have a similar effect.  (but smoking tea isn't a great idea, anyway...)

I would also point out that, while it is true that smoking marijuana will increase the aluminum load of your body, eating whole herbal cannabis (I recommend making your own cannabutter) is a great way to help prevent Alzheimer's disease.  Why?  I do not know if this has something to do with removing aluminum from the brain, or if there is some other plaque-busting mechanism at work.

Skeptical?  Maybe CNN will open your mind...

(inclusion of this clip is not to endorse CNN or imply that CNN is a good source, nor to neglect the propaganda embedded in this video clip, but to acknowledge that some people only find mainstream media to be credible)

While this clip demonstrates mainstream coverage of the cannabis/Alzheimer's prevention connection, its script is unfortunately written very much in favor of pharmaceutical drugs and very much against herbal medicine - a lot like the federal government. 

Virtually all patients who try taking prescription Marinol (synthetic THC) find that it has unpleasant side effects and is not as medicinal (for any condition) as herbal cannabis, whether ingested, inhaled, or applied topically.  This should not keep scientists from studying active components in a laboratory setting, but it should tell us something about the nature of herbal medicine in general, and of medical marijuana in particular.  Let us consider two important cannabinoids for an example - THC and CBD.  CBD synergizes with THC to block pain (and shrink tumors), and also makes you sleepy.  But CBD is also a potent anti'psychotic,' balancing the effects of the THC.

I have a strong gut feeling that taking synthetic THC (Marinol - legal because it doesn't work) would be much likelier to induce 'psychosis' than herbal cannabis.   And yes, Dr. Deans, sort of like T. Colin Campbell feeding his rats isolated carcinogenic aflatoxin and casein without the whey:

What is the line between psychosis and entheogenic experience?  Mystical experience?  Perhaps a topic for another post.

Key propaganda line from CNN video:

"...from cannabis, a plant known to be damaging to the mind, might yet come a medicine that will protect nerve cells in the brain."
Why is this propaganda?  Because it first implies consensus amongst scientists about the 'damaging' effects of cannabis on the mind, and then declares, as if it is self-evident, that neuroprotective cannabinoid drugs are the wave of the future, implying that herbal cannabis is neurodestructive.

The truth is that herbal cannabis is neuroprotective.  

Is it a good idea to study individual cannabinoids and determine which are best for Alzheimer's and which are best for brain cancer and which for migraines?  Yes!  Is it a good idea to grow strains of cannabis that have high levels of CBD, for example (a particularly neuroprotective cannabinoid)?   Yes!  (but it is better to use high-CBD strains in the evening)  Is it a good idea to synthesize cannabinoid drugs and test their effects on disease?  Maybe, but I wouldn't bet on it being the medicine of choice for an entire population.  I wouldn't count on any one isolated compound to produce the medicinal benefits of the whole herb.   

Whole herbal products have few side effects and in some cases are more effective than their pharmaceutical counterparts.  This is certainly the case with cannabis.

Is it a good idea to slander herbal medicine, to strike down all who suggest alternatives to a pharmaceutical soup?  I don't think so.  

On a similar vein, is it a good idea to support big pharmaceutical giants like GW by buying Sativex, a megacorp herbal cannabis tincture?  Probably not.  But Andrew Weil, a popular mainstream M.D. - N.D. hybrid doctor, endorses Sativex and also acknowledges that cannabis is neuroprotective and can prevent dementia and memory loss, and can treat and prevent cancer.  If you missed that video, 

     [see post "MariNoia, Vol. III: "Phoenix Tears""]

Finally, don't add lemon to your tea!  The citrate in the lemon complexes the aluminum naturally present in the tea, allowing it to pass the intestinal barrier and incorporate itself into tissues.

For more information on aluminum, aluminum sources, and the aluminum-lemon-tea connection,

     [see post "Aluminum: A Neurotoxic Product of Acid Rain [and chemtrails]"]


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