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"Eat the banana or we have to put you down!"

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This is perhaps the most important (and possibly prophetic) South Park clip ever - ever.  If you watch nothing else, watch this:

"EAT THE BANANA!!" from South Park S13E14:  Pee
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Hopefully the clip will have grabbed your attention, and you will want to watch the full episode right here.

... my waterpark...

"It does not take a majority to prevail...but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

"The government's got a vaccine for that - to cut out those brushfires of liberty."

"Good ol' Sam Adams.  He'd be a 'terrorist' today.  He'd need a vaccine to make him submit to government - make him not feel anxious anymore..."

- Alex Jones my waterpark... 

Tyranny gets a face-lift...  "You're old, you're white, you're history!"



This South Park episode (hope you enjoyed it!) chronicles government experiments (perhaps a parody on real, modern-day vaccine trials?) with monkeys.  Until recently, I did not have a clue what the episode was really about, and found it to be a little cryptic.  But over time, the meaning became clear to me and I feel that it is the only South Park episode that I have come to understand almost completely over time.  To someone who is already informed about such issues as: compulsory vaccination, GMO banana vaccines, urine therapy, and the glaringly obvious fact that we live in a fascist state and are almost beyond the point where we can reverse it, the message should be so obvious and plain as day as to be if you don't understand the episode right off the bat (I didn't), I hope to make it laughably clear to you with this article.

In South Park S13E14, the otherwise normal, healthy monkeys are tied up and have their faces peed on.   The monkeys become agitated.  The experimenters seek an antidote for the agitation induced by this act, assuming that the urine itself, rather than the domineering delivery method, is what caused the agitation.  Injections don't seem to work well as such an antidote, and so the experimenters decide it would be better to give the monkeys the antidote in banana form. 

The banana distracts the monkey from the fact that its face is being peed on, and the scientists decide to report that the banana works as an antidote to pee.

This moves up to a human study with Randy Marsh.

By the end of the show, after a massive 'pee breach,' the military swoops down and saves the day by forcing everyone to eat bananas.

One soldier tells Kyle,  

"Eat the banana or we have to put you down!"

This line ends the episode (and season) on a key point.

Might this South Park episode be a clever (or much less likely, accidental) allusion to compulsory vaccination in banana form?  Yes, I think so.

I'm not blowing smoke.  Gates Foundation is funding edible genetically modified banana vaccines.  I'm seriously, guys.

"Watch Out for Flying Syringes, GMO Food Vaccines, and Forced Vaccinations" -

"Banana Vaccines: A Conversation with Dr. Charles Arntzen" - Journal of Young Investigators

"When Dr. Charles Arntzen of Arizona State University visited Thailand in 1992, he was not expecting a moment of scientific 'eureka' that would redirect his career. However, after observing a young Thai mother soothing her fussy infant with bits of banana, this plant molecular biologist was struck with an idea that is both startling and ingenious. What if, in addition to quieting her child, the mother could also administer a life-saving vaccine – in the banana?"

- Redig Mandy, JYI 


"But, Calm Canary!" you might whine, and plead.  "What could be wrong with a banana vaccine?  It doesn't have mercury, aluminum, MSG, Tween 80, Triton X-100, or any of the other little-known nasties that are found in injectable vaccines!  How could it be harmful?  Why would you refuse it?  Why would you rather bite the bullet than bite the banana?"

This banana vaccine idea is concerning for people like The Calm Canary, since it is no longer necessary to deliver injectable neurotoxic (and I would suggest, psychotropic) metals like mercury and aluminum - or even fluoridate the water - to modify behavior and induce apathy in the population*.  At present, technology is advanced enough that it is conceivable that apathy might be induced by introducing a psychotropic virus in a vaccine.  Apparently 'stress' is already a target in some vaccine experiments:

*(by the way, Hg, Al, Pb and F have synergistic toxic effects and are among the most important chemical means of turning off multidimensional perception/spiritual awakening; [see post "SynerTox"])

Perhaps angry outbursts, extreme political views or even mystical consciousness will be new targets for future behavior-modifying jabs. 

Could something like this be done with a banana?  I don't see why not.  And if they can design a live virus to permanently alter a person's brain to stop stress, no doubt there are secret projects involving other forms of behavior modification. 

"What?!" you might object, outraged.  "A vaccine against mystical consciousness?  Impossible!  That's the most ridiculous, unscientific thing I've ever heard!"

Well, what about a vaccine against religious fundamentalism?  Does that sound ridiculous?

This video implies that Noam Chomsky is a FunVax believer (as opposed to a FunVax skeptic):

In this video, Alex Jones talks about behavior modification through vaccination:

"Invasion of The Body Snatchers: Pentagon to Lobotomize 'Terrorists' Using Virus" - Alex Jones

Alex Jones takes the position that the FunVax "Leaked Pentagon" video is a legitimate video.  I don't know whether it is legitimate or not.  I have my doubts.  But surprisingly, it is almost irrelevant whether or not the video is legitimate, because the fact of the matter is that there are vaccines being developed to modify human behavior, and if the vaccine mentioned in the Daily Mail article "Jab that could put a stop to stress without slowing us down" is real, then a vaccine against religious fundamentalism, is certainly not inconceivable, even if the so-called leaked video is fictitious or disinformationSo, in this light, I think Alex Jones is being reasonable when he uses the term "chemical lobotomy" to describe the probable intended effects of behavior modifying vaccines.  In fact, some people may criticize him for getting very upset about such things (tyranny, NWO, etc.) on his broadcasts, but this is partly because he avoids apathy-inducing fluoride and vaccines, and partly because he cares!  Alex Jones may get upset, but he has every reason to be upset, and he is a "badass" for crashing Bohemian Grove and taping the Cremation of Care ceremony [see post ""Weaving spiders come not here!""].  Anger is not evil, folks.  

"Anger is a propulsion system to make you stand up for your species!"  

"We're meant to get upset at a biological level and say no to this tyranny!"  

"This [behavior-modifying vaccination agenda] is a hack against the human mind, a hack against the human soul, and we must stand up and resist it!"  

- Alex Jones 


South Park S13E14 seems to imply that the goal of the experimenters is to make their subjects docile, servile, timid, unable to fight back against domination and tyranny - unable to become angry when their faces are being pissed on.  This interpretation is inescapable.

But there is another critical element to this critical South Park episode that must not be overlooked: urine therapy.  The government experiments with monkeys are intended to find an antidote to the "enraging effects of urine," which turns all who are exposed to it into raging, hate-filled mutants.  Why would the government be so concerned about the enraging effects of urine?  Well, as I see it, it is a very similar situation to what we see happening with marijuana.  Marijuana does change people - in many cases it changes them in such a way that they become resistant to fascism - and this is one of the reasons why the government does not want the public to have it.  In a similar sense, urine therapy is something which allegedly increases the conductivity of the human organism to Cosmic light, so to speak, increases overall health, and would be likely to make a person resistant to domination and control, and in touch with their inner energy field and spirit rather than disconnected from it.   Cartman's epic song about minorities in his waterpark , and the talk of the climbing "pee content" amongst the scientists (culminating in a pee breach) really points to the sort of "minorities" that are spoken of by Samuel Adams in the quote at the top of this article - the sort of "minorities" that are one or many of the following: conspiracy theorists, those that fit Michio Kaku's definition of "terrorists" (those that do not support the New World Order, i.e. The Calm Canary [see post "Futurism"]), 9/11 Truthers, global warming skeptics [see post "Kill the skeptics!"], practitioners of urine therapy such as Morarji Desai or urine therapy and orthomolecular medicine like Linus Pauling [see post "Linus Pauling practiced urine therapy!"], those that do not take vaccinations (people who may be under the watch of the Gates Foundation-funded "Anti-Vaccine Surveillance and Alert System" [see post "Vaccine drones - thanks, Bill Gates!"], those that drink distilled water and/or make an effort to inform others about the dangers of fluoride, people who understand that the Dark Knight massacre was carried out by an MK Ultra-style sleeper assassin Manchurian candidate victim who would not even remember the attack since it was carried out by another personality under the direction of a handler [see post "DK Ultra"], people who support civil liberties and the 2nd Amendment - these are the sort of people that the government is most concerned about, since they are waking up themselves and those around them.  These are the "minorities" that Cartman is concerned about, and they are also the "rising pee levels" and "pee breach" the government is concerned about.  It is a pee breach in the sense that it is a urine therapy information breach - they don't want this secret getting out.

For key information about urine therapy, the health benefits of distilled water, the secret of Alchemy (drinking distilled water and urine) and the effort to suppress this knowledge,

[see post "Water Of Love"]

Fascinatingly, auto-urine therapy is a great means of self-vaccination.  I would sooner drink my own piss than take a shot, and would expect better results. Tell your friends.

Personally, I won't take a vaccine or eat the banana, even if someone points a gun at me.  I'm not much of a fan of compulsory vaccination.  And I've had enough migraines to lose some of my fear of death.  I would rather die with a chest full of lead than live with a head full of mercury and aluminum.  And I would rather die angry about the status quo than live a life of medically-induced apathy and chronic brain inflammation. 

I'm also not such a fan of GMOs - another reason to avoid the banana.  So far, this blog has only scratched the skin of the surface film of the GMO subject, but fertility problems and tumors are some of the most common complications associated with GMOs as we know them today:
     [see post "Russia bans Monsanto GMO corn over cancer fears"]

     [see post "The soy conspiracy"]

But even if you don't receive vaccines via injection, and even if don't eat the banana, are you safe from Bill Gates' long, needley arm?

Maybe not.  Gates Foundation is also funding development of GM mosquito vaccines.  CNN video:

But don't worry.  The GM mosquitoes are 'terminator' mosquitoes.  Nothing to be concerned about.  (sarcastic)


This episode also touches on "putting white people in camps."  For those that think this is an impossibility, I advise reviewing history: our government and other governments have long histories of putting people in camps.

I also encourage people to check out Jesse Ventura's FEMA Camps episode from his show Conspiracy Theory, which was censored by the government after airing one time, and remotely removed from DVR units, but is fortunately available online.  For more information about FEMA Camps, and to view this program, [see post ""The children are probably very happy""].


This Huffington Post article observes that vaccine opt-outs are increasing in private schools:


     "In private school, these are people who have money, who are upper middle-class, and they are going on the Internet and seeing information and misinformation,

- Richard Pan, D-Sacramento

Yes, Richard, there is a veritable labyrinth of good and bad information to sort through...

"The AP analysis found 20 of the 25 California private schools with the highest opt-out rates are "Waldorf schools," a loose association of institutions founded on the teachings of 19th-century philosopher Rudolf Steiner. He favored a holistic approach to education and medicine and thought childhood illnesses could be beneficial."

Goddamn upper middle-class Web users, trampling our herd immunity.   Those Waldorf schools and their pesky holistic approach.  (sarcastic)

Much more to come on vaccines. 

And now for some comic "relief":

"Do you have any money?  Can I piss on you?" - Ed Asner on FOX News.

What is the moral of this story?  (South Park S13E14: "Pee")

It is better to be pissed off than pissed on.

If you liked S13E14: "Pee,"

[see post "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow"]

UPDATE 3/5/2014:  Cartman's "Minorities" song is also significant because it may be a reference to lead toxicity in minorities and increased toxicity of hydrofluorosilicic acid in minorities.  Except for the B.S. comment about pasteurization of milk being safer/a benefit to human health (it isn't - just watch "Raw Milk Safety" with Sally Fallon on YouTube - part 1 is here:, Dr. David Kennedy's documentary FLUORIDEGATE is excellent, and addresses the issue of minorities in our water supply/waterpark very well.  Click the link below to watch it:


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