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KGH, my evil twin

[This article is under construction.  Check back later for updates.]

This article is about a real individual whom I I like to refer to as my evil twin.  Since I do not have his explicit permission to publish his name, he shall remain anonymous for this article and will be referred to only as 'K****' or 'KGH' - his real initials.  Though I can't use his real name, KGH's story is highly relevant to the subject of this blog, so I will relate what I know as best I can. 

No, I'm not talking about Kurt G. Harris of Archevore Blog...

Let's start with a little music.  Most people are familiar with "Stuck In The Middle With You" by Stealers Wheel.  This song may safely be referred to as a 'one-hit wonder'.  It was further popularized by the film Reservoir Dogs.  However, most people don't know any of Stealers Wheel's other songs.  Here are two that I think go together like salt and pepper - I can't listen to one without listening to the other.  They are polar opposites of each other.  One describes me, the other describes my evil twin, KGH.  Listen while you read!

(CTRL+click song titles to open in a new tab, then click 'Play Song')

"Johnny's Song" - Stealers Wheel  

(The Calm Canary's theme song)

Lyrics here:

Looking for something, looking for one thing,
Trying to find anything that makes you feel.
Gotta keep goin', don't let it get you down,
Now you've got nothing to lose.

You've been taking it so hard, taking it on the head,

Don't you know livin's good as bein' dead?
Gotta keep movin', don't let it get you down,
Now you've got nothing to lose.

When everyone around you tells you you're doin' fine,

They're gonna drive you crazy.
So don't close your eyes and swallow all those lies,
Don't believe what you've been told,
'Cause you'll wake up one day knowing nothing they say
Can satisfy your soul.

Gotta keep movin', don't let it get you down,

Now you've got nothing to lose.

When everyone around you tells you you're doin' fine,

They're gonna drive you crazy.
So don't close your eyes and swallow all those lies,
Don't believe what you've been told,
'Cause you'll wake up one day knowing nothing they say
Can satisfy your soul.

Looking for something, looking for one thing,

Trying to find anything that makes you feel.
Gotta keep goin', don't let it get you down,
Now you've got nothing to lose. 

"Star" - Stealers Wheel  

(KGH's theme song)

Lyrics here:

So they made you a star, now your head's in a cloud,
Now you're walking down the street with your feet off the ground
They read in the press all about your success,
They believe every word they've been told.
After all you've been through tell me what will you do,
When you find yourself out in the cold?

When you appear on the stage there's a standing ovation,

You really live out your performance, you're the biggest sensation.
You breeze through the door and when you take the floor
You expect to have it all to yourself.
After all you've been through tell me what will you do
When you find yourself back on the shelf?

You breeze through the door and when you take the floor

You expect to have it all to yourself.
After all you've been through tell me what will you do
When you find yourself back on the shelf? 

KGH is the son of a Hood River, OR defense contractor, and with the finances provided by his father, KGH opted to go to Oregon State University and get a chemistry degree before traveling to Hollywood to pursue a professional acting career, with the intention of later becoming President of the United States.   KGH told me that he decided to go this cheaper route instead of going to Princeton (where his father went) or to another Ivy League school.  KGH also told me that his parents were highly educated and that he had an inferiority complex, and that was the reason why he wanted a chemistry degree.

I told K**** that, while I hated the idea of being President, if he really did run for President I would have to run against him, because he's my evil twin.

While this scenario may sound farfetched, KGH would easily be capable of attaining the presidency.  He's a genius - one of the most intelligent people I've ever met.  And he got a 4.0 here at OSU all four years, during the first two of which he was very often bedridden in a hospital receiving IV treatments for Lyme disease.  OSU President Ed Ray spent time speaking highly of KGH at the commencement ceremony when he graduated two years ago.  KGH has presidential features, with a slightly shorter than average frame and a head that is perhaps more Nixon-like than Reagan-like.  It would not be a surprise to see KGH sitting at Owl's Nest Camp with a big grin on his face as two of our presidents are pictured here (summer 1967):

[for more information about Bohemian Grove, see post ""Weaving spiders come not here!""]

Reagan was just a small-time movie actor when this photo was shot.  But these Grovers knew in 1967 that he would go on to be President.

And, K****, if you're reading this, I would very much like a transcript of your Lakeside Chat in the event that you do make such a speech at Bohemian Grove someday.  :) 

K****, a Jew, proudly contends that Jews value education more than Mexicans, much to the dismay of some of his peers, especially one mutual friend, KEI.

K**** told me that he was an extraterrestrial - from the Vega system.  He said that if the name of his home planet could be pronounced in English, 'Tizketz' would be a good approximation.  He has held fast to this story for the entire time that I have known him.  It makes me feel a little bit like Jodie Foster in Contact, the movie adaptation of Carl Sagan's book.  She plays Ellie Arroway, who contacts aliens from the Vega system using the Arecibo Receiver in Puerto Rico:

Once, while at a friend's house with K****, I stubbed my toe on one of those springy door jams.  It didn't hurt my toe, but it did make a funny sproingg noise.  Without an instant's hesitation, K**** said,

"That sounded like a vod-fart."

When we questioned him about what he was saying, he said,

"A vod is a creature from my home planet - like a beaver, but several times larger and much more of a pest."

If K**** and I ever engage in a presidential debate and the subject of the 9/11 attacks arises, I vow to spend time explaining K****'s bizarre ET story to the public and to make the joke that all three WTC towers (1, 2 and 7) collapsed so fast that if you dropped a vod off the top of the twin towers, it might not make it to the ground before the towers did!  Now that's a big beaver!

But in truth I believe that the mass awakening that is happening will not allow for K****'s future election.  Only a sleeping population would choose him as their leader.

[see post "VENTURA 2016!"]

K**** told me that his true form is really an ornate reptile being, but he takes on a human form because reptile sex on his home planet is really boring, and he likes human girls.  He told me that he can shapeshift back and forth between reptile and human form.  K****'s story reminds me very much of the lonely, mythical Occidental conception of the dragon which hoards virgins and gold in its lair but cannot make use of either.  (different from Oriental dragons)

K**** told me that he was Enlightened from birth.  I asked him if that was 'Enlightentitlement'.

K**** told me that about a decade ago, he realized the direction the Earth was headed, and he then began to store energy in his belly - I would guess in the solar plexus/power chakra.  He told me that he started with trees and such, then moved on to humans.  He told me that he broke records in track and other athletic activities as a schoolchild by stealing energy from his classmates.  But he told me that this energy didn't get him very far, so he gave up on using humans and started to use the moon, and the sun, then other planets, and finally stars and other, more distant celestial bodies as a source of energy.  He claims he has been storing this energy on a compounding, continuous basis since then - saving it for a special occasion in his belly.  He said that his powers would be activated in 2012 and he would save the world.  When I asked him what he was going to save the world from, he told me that it wasn't a certain thing, but there might be an alien attack, and that protecting humans was his MO.

What sort of 'powers' might KGH have been talking about?  Well, I can't be sure, but K**** once showed me a video that might have something to do with these 'powers':

About his continuous energy storage, K**** said, "You know how they say that when you take energy you're supposed to give it back?  I just haven't been giving it back for ten years.  You have to take the energy and make it your own to be used at a later date."  When I told him that I thought that storing energy like that could be problematic, might build up pressure, and that it was sort of like Cosmic Piracy or Cosmic Hoarding, he said, "Yes, and algebra sounds like gibberish to a giraffe."

I distinctly recall one time when K**** looked into my eyes aggressively and shook his eyes back and forth.  I haven't seen anyone's eyes vibrate quite like that before.  It seemed like he was trying to hypnotize or frighten me in some way.  I just looked right back and was not afraid and stood my ground.  The memory reminds me somewhat of David Icke's story of meeting Ted Heath.

Watch here:

I've also seen K**** make very rapid tongue movements, imitating a reptile.  He told me that he flew to the East Coast for three days of intelligence-type testing, and said that he scored 1/1,000,000 for button repeat speed (how many times you can press a button on a table in a given time interval).  That I can believe.  Perhaps that is why he is such a good self-taught pianist - good nerves.  He and I did a recital at OSU in a group called the Self-Taught Piano Guild right before he graduated.  He played Chopin's "Fantasie Impromptu" and "Ballade in G minor" and did an amazing job.

Here are some of my favorite recordings of those Chopin pieces:

"Ballade in G minor" - performed by Tzvi Erez

"Fantasie Impromptu" - performed by Tzvi Erez

Those are the only songs he knows - he doesn't know any easy songs and calls himself a 'shock pianist'.  He did not reveal what IQ score they gave him after all that testing, but I would guess it's higher than 140.  He is very pale, avoids the sun studiously, and can often be found driving around in his Mustang in his natural habitat (LA) wearing a thick coat of titanium dioxide, throwing his business card like a ninja star into hotties' open car windows.

On a side note, I am not a fan of sunscreen in principle.  I tend to err on the side of evolutionary consistency, and generally agree with Chris Kresser's perspective:

[see Chris Kresser's article "Throw away the sunscreen!"]

However, given the level of ozone depletion on this planet today - which may be caused or exacerbated by reactive surfaces from chemtrail aerosol spraying [see post "Why in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length Documentary HD)"] - I wonder whether our natural defenses against UV may not be enough in this altered environment.

The Lipan Apache and spiritual master Stalking Wolf, whom Tom Brown, Jr. called "Grandfather," received a confusing but unmistakable prophecy about 'holes in the sky' around a century* ago, which I believe may refer to the ozone depletion issue.

On the subject of chemtrails, I once accused K**** of being a chemtrail denier.  In response, K**** told me,

"I never denied 'chemtrails'.  I denied the intent.  The government may place 'harmful' substances high in the atmosphere, but most likely it has been shown that if they ever made it back down they would be freaking so dilute that no one would notice."

This reminds me very much of Barry Rabe's thoughts on stratospheric aerosol geoengineering and public opinion polls:

"Some people might not notice. Others might not care. But even folks who can't tell a picture-postcard blue sky from its milky, geoengineered cousin might be able to detect other side effects of using sulfate to cool the planet."

[see post "Scientific American says, "Geoengineering Could Turn Skies White""]

K**** also heats his living space to an uncomfortably high temperature.  Cold-blooded?  Obviously, K**** is a very 'reptilian' person.  The only things he talks about are sex and power.

David Icke often uses this illustration to explain interdimensional reptilian beings, which allegedly attach to two of the lower chakras - the sex chakra and power chakra:

Having a friend who claimed to be a reptile from another planet and had a defense contractor for a father made me more inclined to listen to David Icke's crazy ideas.  Icke himself said that it was the sheer number of people reporting witnessing reptilian shapeshifting that made him consider it seriously and eventually come out with it publicly. 

When I asked K**** his opinion of David Icke, he seemed peeved and told me that he thought David Icke was psychotic.  Apparently the point of contention was the interdimensional aspect of the reptiles.  K**** says that they aren't interdimensional beings but real, physical ones.  Psychotic, indeed.

I asked K**** if he was planning to marry a woman from a particular bloodline family, and he said yes.  He also claimed to have special triple helix DNA, and that he would take me to another planet someday.  K**** also said that the Bible was an account of man's encounters with extraterrestrials. 

Since I don't have permission to use his real name, I cannot include a picture of K****.  Let it suffice to say that he looks a lot like this guy from Twilight:

"When you can live forever, what do you live for?"

A different movie called The Man from Earth delves into this question.  I recommend that you watch it.  The same rules apply in The Man from Earth as in the case of K****'s wild story.  In The Man from Earth, Professor John Oldman claims to be a 14,000-year-old caveman that never aged like an ordinary human.  He even gives an alternative interpretation of the Bible.  There is really no way to prove his story one way or the other, as with KGH's story.  I suppose I really can't prove that K**** isn't from another planet.

IMDB info:

Stream here:

It's too bad that K**** did not play in the Twilight movies.  He looks an awful lot like a vampire or werewolf.

K**** also looks somewhat like this guy from an article by The Atlantic called "Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?":

K****'s Dream:

K**** only ever told me one of his (sleeping) dreams - it was set in an arcade.  

K**** explained that in his dream, there was a mile-long dock with an arcade at the far end, extending out from a mountainous area into a sea.  He went into the arcade and saw a lot of game machines and just one man standing at one of the machines.  K**** told me that to begin to play was to start a human life.  K**** asked the man what he was doing.  The man explained that he was waiting - for his family.  He was watching over them living their lives in the arcade game.  K**** asked him how long he had been waiting, and he said, 

"A billion years."
K****'s music recommendations:

KGH once showed a music video to me and to a mutual friend, KEI.  KGH was a very peculiar fellow in that he said he never accepted music recommendations from anyone.  I had at one time recommended "Johnny's Song" and "Star" by Stealers Wheel to KGH, and later asked him if he liked them, when I learned of this strange policy.  The music video that KGH showed to me and to KEI is this one:

(NOTE:  I know that the quality is not very good on this video, but this live performance happens to be the best performance and I know of no other video of it)

(CTRL+click to open video in a new tab)

"Wake Up" - Arcade Fire

Lyrics here:

Somethin' filled up
my heart with nothin',
someone told me not to cry.

But now that I'm older,

my heart's colder,
and I can see that it's a lie.

Children wake up,

hold your mistake up,
before they turn the summer into dust.

If the children don't grow up,

our bodies get bigger but our hearts get torn up.
We're just a million little gods causin' rain storms turnin' every good thing to

I guess we'll just have to adjust.

With my lighnin' bolts a glowin'

I can see where I am goin' to be
when the reaper he reaches and touches my hand.

With my lighnin' bolts a glowin'

I can see where I am goin’
With my lighnin' bolts a glowin'
I can see where I am go-goin’

You'd better look out below.

Tentatively, I would say K**** has good taste in music.

It was quite a long time after I first saw this music video that I made the connection between the video and K****'s story about his dream of the arcade.  But the message seems to be the same: 

"We're just a million little gods causin' rain storms turnin' every good thing to rust." 

And this line, of course, reminds me of a famous Pink Floyd moment:

"We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,/Running over the same old ground. /What have you found? The same old fears./Wish you were here."

And it wasn't until today (updating on 11/21/2012) that I realized the lyrics to "Wake Up" are so relevant - intentionally or not - to the phenomenon of chemtrails.  In addition to the quote above, which inspires images of man playing God and manipulating the weather, we also have,  

"Children wake up,/hold your mistake up,/before they turn the summer into dust."


"You'd better look out below." 
In any case, this music video is definitely going into my chemtrail documentary (chemdoc), and I will add it to my list of chemtrail-relevant music.

[see post "Chemtrail music!"]

Of course, the lyrics to "Wake Up" also bring to mind other images and ideas...

"With my lighnin' bolts a glowin'/I can see where I am goin' to be/when the reaper he reaches and touches my hand."  

This makes me think of the notion of having advanced knowledge of the place and time of one's own death - a topic which has already been covered in the comments section of the post about the neurotoxicity of aluminum.

[see the comments section of this post: "Aluminum: A Neurotoxic Product of Acid Rain [and chemtrails]"]

It also reminds me a bit of this guy:


The reason why I tell the story of KGH is because the reptilian story is an extremely common one, and because the 'reptilian shapeshifter conspiracy theory' (the idea that world leaders and people in positions of power are actually reptilian shapeshifter beings) is the tenth most popular conspiracy theory in the US (!), according to Time magazine.  [see article here:,28804,1860871_1860876_1861029,00.html]

I was disappointed with Ventura's first episode of the third season of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura on reptilian shapeshifters because he and David Icke did not enter into a dialogue with each other.  Unfortunately, both men had very good reasons to be upset before the interview even started, and it did not go well.

Watch the reptilian episode here:

There needs to be a synthesis between David Icke and Jesse Ventura, and between their viewers/fans/supporters.  David Icke covers the spiritual aspects behind the conspiracy, which are very real even if Icke is wrong about some of it - Jesse is presently much more concerned with the world of physical matter and what he can prove.   

When David Icke prophesied that 2012 was not necessarily the year of the shift - that 2016 would be the year when things really changed [watch here: "David Icke ~ 2016 Is The Year Of Change Not 2012"] - he may well have been talking about none other than Jesse Ventura.  Ventura is the chosen one, as far as I'm concerned.  He is poised to be elected President of the United States in 2016.  If the possible future is like a hand, Jesse Ventura may be the dominant finger.  [see post "VENTURA 2016!"]  Perhaps David Icke knows this on an intuitive level and it makes him antsy, as we saw in the reptilian episode. 

I don't know if the story of the reptilian elite is just something that certain people use as a device to deceive people (perhaps to make people feel helpless), or if it is something that is used to produce a sense of separation and 'us and them,' (i.e. the elite think they are a different species) but there is no question that it is an extremely popular myth and has its roots in the story of the Garden of Eden and the talking serpent, and there is no doubt that is a subject that deserves coverage. 

* The Quest.  Tom Brown, Jr.


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