Wednesday, November 21, 2012

There's an Android in your dishwasher!

The REAL Petraeus scandal

HINT: the real scandal has nothing to do with extramarital affairs. 

1.  Kucinich's take (don't miss the video):

"Say hello to Big Brother!"

"Want to know what a national security state looks like?  Take a look.  Wake up, America."

"The Real Scandal Surrounding the Petraeus Resignation" - Dennis Kucinich, Huffington Post


2.  FOX News clip on domestic CIA spying with household items:

"CIA to Spy on Americans Using Household Items" - Shepard Smith and Judge Napolitano on FOX News 'Studio B,' March 19, 2012

Napolitano:  "Petraeus: a man of great repute, honor, and integrity."
In this light, the title of his book seems appropriate:


3.  "CIA Chief: We’ll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher" - Wired Magazine's "Danger Room"


4.  "Why Are Rice Cookers And Fridges Fitted With Internet Connections And Android OS?" - InfoWars


5.  Creepy, transhumanistic Kurzwell-esque  "Droid DNA" commercial - Verizon Wireless

"It's not an upgrade to your phone.  It's an upgrade to yourself."


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