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Jesse, your disapproval rating is absolutely not 60%!  You're the man!

Public support for Jesse Ventura is exploding, even as an unfortunate smear campaign tries to shift awareness away from the real and important issues that he is addressing with his TV show.  I think he is a very serious candidate for the 2016 election.  It's time for the human race to shrug off its masters.

bumper sticker idea:

Vote Jesse Ventura 2016!

Because we can't afford to elect some Captain Hindsight in 2020.
We ain't got time to bleed.

[if you aren't familiar with the hero Captain Hindsight, see South Park S14E11: "Coon 2: Hindsight"]

The most recent and perhaps most important episode of Jesse Ventura's TV show Conspiracy Theory may be streamed here:

"Death Ray" - Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

At the time that I added this link on 15 Nov 2012, there were 14 views.  Hopefully there will be many, many more! 

UPDATE 11/25/2012: The original link is broken.  Here is another one that should remain stable:

"Death Ray" - Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

This episode appears to be one of the very most important episodes of the show, considering the demise of the death ray technology contact Dr. Fred Bell two days after his chilling interview with Jesse.  He knew he was putting himself at some risk of being killed for being a whistleblower, and it is obvious that he said what he wanted to in that interview with Jesse in case something happened to him.  RIP Dr. Bell.  You may have been killed for bringing us this information (it appears so) - and you will not be forgotten.

Though I have long been a supporter of some variety of the controlled demolition hypothesis, and especially of Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and Steven Jones as well, after watching Ventura's "Death Ray" episode I must say that I think Dr. Judy Woods' directed energy weapon hypothesis for 9/11 is very much worth considering. 

Check out this interview between Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones about the Death Ray show:

Also see this interview between Tyrel Ventura and Alex Jones about the death of Dr. Fred Bell, the whistleblower:


Another critical episode - the FEMA camps episode, which was censored from TV after airing once but is available online - may be viewed here:

[see post ""The children are probably very happy""]


One of Ventura's episodes of Conspiracy Theory was prevented from airing at all - the episode about the TSA and their electroshock wristbands.

Watch his interview with RT about the censorship of the episode here:


Also check out this video:

"TSA To Use Electrical Shock Bracelets for Passengers?" - InfoWars

and this article:

"Poll: 35% Of Americans Would Wear “Electric Shock Bracelet” in Order to Fly" - InfoWars

also see this article:

"Poll: Nearly One Third Of Americans Would Accept ‘TSA Body Cavity Search’ in Order to Fly" - InfoWars


If you need some comic relief after all this TSA talk, I highly recommend these three South Park episodes that are extremely relevant:

"The Entity" - South Park S05E11: Mr. Garrison invents a new mode of transportation to compete with the airlines!

"Reverse Cowgirl" - South Park S16E01: "Alright, sir, I just needs to check inside yer asshole.  Asshole clear!"

"Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics" - South Park S03E15: Cartman wears a shock collar!

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