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MariNoia, Vol. VIII: "Comfortable High"

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In my next article in the MariNoia series, I'll go into more detail about accumulation of toxins such as fluoride and aluminum in herbs such as tea and marijuana, and about what to do to reduce one's exposure to these toxins (i.e. medical marijuana harm-reduction pyramid).

For now it will suffice to discuss the effect of fluoride in tea on the human pineal gland.

Andrew Norton Webber ( says that a cup of green tea may have as much fluoride as 8-14 liters of fluoridated city tap water.  I try to test every claim he makes.  So far, so good.

(Andrew Norton Webber claim #1: The distilled waters are the Secret of Alchemy.


Andrew Norton Webber claim #2: Dr. Mercola is an 80/20 bait-and-switch disinfo agent

     Also true!)

The amount of fluoride in tea (green, white, black) is highly variable, and since I haven't seen a ton of studies on the fluoride content of tea, I don't know if Andrew's statement is an exaggeration or if it is reasonable.  I will get back to you on that later.  I've heard much lower estimates before.

As I've already discussed on this blog, [see post "Fluoride Deposition in the Aged Human Pineal Gland"] fluoride is uniquely attracted to and harmful to the human pineal gland.

The mechanism by which fluoride is supposed to help our teeth is mineralization - formation of apatites in the tooth enamel.  However, I contend that fluoridation of water, fluoride dental treatments, and fluoridated toothpaste do a better job of calcifying the pineal gland (the Seat of the Soul) and poisoning the bones than hardening the teeth.

Fluoride: "a highly toxic bone poison that should be avoided at all costs"

- Chris Kresser, the Health Detective

Indeed, after the research I've done in the last couple of years regarding such topics, I can only conclude that the main purpose of water fluoridation is to calcify the pineal gland.

Fluoride also lowers IQ [see post "Developmental Fluoride Neurotoxicity: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis"], and has behavioral effects - creating a docile, apathetic human creature.

"Alex Jones makes Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh sound like tea-sipping NPR hosts on Zoloft." 

- Rolling Stone

It would have been even more appropriate if Rolling Stone had used Prozac (a widely-prescribed fluoridated pharmaceutical, pineal-calcifier and Great Lakes fish-killer extraordinaire) in this quote in place of Zoloft.

But the author of this Rolling Stone quote really seems to have a particularly excellent handle on what it is that is chemically responsible for apathy...hmm...

Speaking of tea-sipping, the Aggies of Texas A&M refer to the UT Longhorns disparagingly as "tea-sippers".  I contend that, at the top of the administration, those "in the know" are actually pee-sippers (and also that they worship Satan).

[see post "U.T."]


If the fluoride content in green tea is what Andrew Norton Webber says it is, then a cup of green tea may well be a fluoride bomb!

And even if the fluoride content is much less than that, drinking tea may still have an overall pineal-calcifying effect, and may be toxic to sensitive (or sensitized) individuals.

If there is anything that we can be sure of, it is that the fluoride content of a cup of tea is substantially higher than the fluoride content of the water it was made from.


In my own experience, tea is a drug.  I mean, it contains at least two substances that I think we should refer to as drugs: caffeine and fluoride.  In my opinion, fluoride, as it is found in tea, is just as significant a psychotropic drug as is the caffeine.  My sense is that when one drinks tea, there is a short-term stimulant effect because of the caffeine but in the long run an overall sedative (and in my opinion, pineal-calcifying) effect.

Recently I've encountered a lot of people in my path who have seemed (al)chemically knowledgable and have tried desperately to get tea into my body.  I'll share two short stories:

A few months ago, one man almost begged me to let him make me a cup of green tea, late in the evening. 

"John!  Would you like a cup of green tea now?  I'll make it for you myself!  Come on!  Would you like a cup of tea?  I'll make it for you right now!"  

This was during a heated debate about conspiracy theories which took place in front of two other people - my former chemistry teacher and his wife.  Maybe he wanted to make me a little more docile.  I did not drink the green tea.  He also remarked in that long conversation that he had acid-like trips (in that he saw visions) whenever he used edible marijuana (i.e. cannabutter or brownies).  (When I have access to edible medicine, my dose is massive: the cannabutter equivalent of six very strong brownies per day, yet I have never seen any visions while on pot). He also went on and on about how he doesn't need any sort of medication because he naturally has plenty of serotonin.  He also tried to steer me away from distilled water, yet paradoxically he remarked that he once drank rainwater for about a year* when he lived in India.  For these reasons, and also because he stayed with my chem teacher and his wife for forty days (an Alchemist's month), I suspect he has an open Third Eye/decalcified pineal gland.  (The human pineal gland is a center of production of serotonin, melatonin, and DMT.)

*A year seems long enough to complete the Great Work of Alchemy:

"If seven maids with seven mops
Swept it for half a year.
Do you suppose," the Walrus said,
"That they could get it clear?"
"I doubt it," said the Carpenter,
And shed a bitter tear.

     - Lewis Carroll

About two months ago, another man (my former Jungian analyst, who shall remain anonymous) lied to my face and told me that kombucha did not contain tea in order to get the fluoride into my body and slow my progress in the Great Work of Alchemy (decalcification of the pineal gland and subsequent Enlightenment).  He insisted that I drink one bottle while I was in his presence and take another one home so I could drink it later.  This, of course happened after I had said very clearly, to his face, "You know [as I've been telling you for the last several weeks] that I've been drinking distilled water and practicing urine therapy and avoiding all tea and all sources of fluoride that I can because I want to decalcify my pineal gland.  Does this kombucha stuff have tea in it?"  And he lied to my face and told me that it did not.  He even said it was his favorite drink.  I don't know how someone that intelligent could drink kombucha all day, call it their favorite drink and be honest-to-goodness oblivious to the fact that it contains tea.  I don't know how someone who uses nonfluoridated toothpaste could appear to be so "in the dark" when it comes to kombucha.  I drank the kombucha, which, for the record, does have tea in it.  I was fooled.  But not for long.

[see post "Kombucha is an F-bomb!"]

...back to the subject of this article.

Drinking some tea can make the "high" from smoking marijuana less intense (i.e. "Comfortable High"), because of the fluoride.  I contend that the 'Old' Alchemists (the ones that flash the Sign of the Horns and hoard their golden secret), Freemasons, Satanists or whatever you want to call them, have knowledge of the fluoride content in tea and its effects on the human pineal gland and on behavior, and that they use this knowledge to medicate the "vulgar herd". 

Watch this Kids in the Hall sketch carefully:

"Comfortable High" - Kids in the Hall

The Calm Canary translation:

The host and hostess (in my opinion) both have opened Third Eye chakras.  They are both high as kites, and the hostess (played by Kevin McDonald) offers poor Nina (played by Mark McKinney) some tea after she takes a toke because she can tell by watching Nina's auric field/chakra system that the high is too intense.  Sure enough, Nina picks up on the fact that something strange is going on (they've already had tons of coffee - why would she want tea?).  But coffee doesn't have fluoride, and fluoride is precisely what the hostess wanted to medicate Nina with, in order to make the high more comfortable (hence the title: "Comfortable High").  I did not understand the title of the sketch until I realized that the fluoride in tea has the effect of shutting down the pineal gland. 

Some of you may object, "Oh, no, John, Nina was obviously just marinoid and the hostess, also stoned, clearly 'tripped' and forgot yet again that she'd already poured lots of coffee.  The fact that the hostess offered her some tea is insignificant."  But if you think that way, you obviously weren't smoking any pot while you were watching the video.  If you are straight, or if you never have used marijuana, you're more likely to think nothing in the world could possibly be significant or connected to anything else.  If you're stoned, you're more likely to see that everything is connected. 

I've got the advantage of having watched the sketch both ways.  And I've also tried drinking tea while smoking pot, and have found that (as long as you don't overdose on caffeine) the fluoride in tea will make the high less intense. 

(On a side note, since I've started practicing urine therapy, I've found that I literally can't use caffeinated beverages anymore (I used to drink green tea, then switched to yerba mate for a while which has about 1/5 the amount of fluoride in green tea).  Anyway, I used aspirin and a warm, green, caffeinated beverage together to reduce my migraine pain about three times per week, for about three years.  Once I started practicing urine therapy, I had a few days of relative relief but at the same time this palliative treatment (aspirin + caffeine) started to fail entirely.  Medical marijuana still helps, and I take a triptan about three days per week.  So I've traded one tool for another.)

If you still don't agree with my interpretation of this Kids in the Hall sketch (which is possible, but dumb), I dare you to explain the title "Comfortable High" any other way.  Leave a comment below.

This theme of taking tokes and literally seeing something happen in the chakra system is found elsewhere in the KITH repertoire.

"He's Hip, He's Cool, He's 45: Hiring 2" - Kids in the Hall

This sketch brings a whole new meaning to the term "INTER-VIEW".  I contend that Hip, Cool, 45 Guy turned down the applicant because he looked at his chakra system when he took a toke - not because he slobbered on his joint.

Do you think it is going too far for me to claim that the guy being interviewed was turned down because his auric field was visible to the interviewer when they took a few quick tokes?  Leave a comment below.

Others have made similar claims before.  Fast forward to 9:23 in [this video] for a testimonial from one of the RawBrahs, who claims to be able to see spirits in people's eyes when he smokes marijuana.  He says that sometimes they're evil, sometimes they're pure and light.

I tend to believe him.

I may be Third-Eye blind, but I won't be for long!

- The Calm Canary


Osho practiced urine therapy

Osho: "Instead of alcohol, start drinking the Water of Life!"

And if he were alive today, I think Osho might add,

I'm not shitting in your tuba!

Question - "Beloved Master, I would like to try experimenting with alcohol a la Gurdjieff, except I am broke. Can I have an alcohol allowance?"

Osho - "Deva Shraddan, George Gurdjieff would not have given you that experiment. That was given only to people who are against alcohol! For example, if Morarji Desai had gone to George Gurdjieff, then he would have forced him to drink alcohol -- instead of his own urine!

A photograph of Morarji Desai, former prime minister of India, who also practiced urine therapy

But not for you. So it is very difficult for me to allow you an alcohol allowance -- that would be against the spirit of George Gurdjieff. He would never forgive me!

The essential core of the experiment is to disturb you, to shatter you, to shatter your patterns, fixed patterns. If you are desiring alcohol, then that is the LAST thing that is going to shatter you. It will be fulfilling, it will not be shattering. Instead of alcohol, start drinking the water of life!

"You know, you are the first man I have met whose kisses make me sit up and open my eyes."


"Yes. Usually they have the opposite effect."

With you, alcohol will not be of any help; the water of life may have the right effect. You may open your eyes and sit up. And one thing more is good about it: you can be broke and still you can enjoy it. No allowance is needed, so Laxmi need not worry about it. It gives you total self-dependence. 

One Saturday night George ended up at a party in an unfamiliar apartment building. He got very drunk and somehow found his way home in the wee hours. When he woke up the next afternoon with a terrible hangover, he realized that he had left his jacket, tie, shirt and shoes at the party.

With much difficulty he found the apartment building, but he had no idea which apartment he had been in. The only thing he remembered about it was a magnificent gold toilet. So he knocked at the first apartment. The door was opened by a man with a hangover.

"Hello," said George. "Did you have a party here last night?"

"We sure did!" groaned the man.

"And do you have a gold toilet?"

"A gold toilet? No, we sure don't."

So George had to go to the next door, and so on for three floors. Everyone was recovering from a party, but no one knew anything about a gold toilet. By the time he got to the last apartment, George was beginning to think he had imagined the gold toilet. The door was opened by a man with a hangover.

"Uh, hello," said George. "Did you have a party here last night?"

"We sure had a party here!" groaned the man.

"And do you by any chance have a gold toilet?"

There was a long silence.

Finally the man shouted back over his shoulder,

"Hey, Harry -- here is the guy who shit in your tuba!"

So, Shraddan, the allowance can be allowed... but what about other people's tubas? You will create trouble. If you listen to my advice, forget the whole idea. It is good that you are broke. This is called a blessing in disguise. If you were not broke you would have gone a la Gurdjieff, and that would have led you into more trouble.

Gurdjieff certainly forced people to drink, but only the people who were against alcohol. He used to make toasts every night for all the kinds of idiots in the world. He had twenty-six categories of idiots. I don't know to which category you would belong, but you must belong to some category. Unless you are awakened you are bound to belong to some category or other.

An idiot is a person who is trying to find joy where joy does not exist at all, who is trying to search for something which he has never lost in the first place. The enlightened person is one who has looked into his being before searching for anything anywhere else. It is better to look in your own house. He has looked in and has found it there. Now his search has disappeared.

The person who is interested in alcohol must be living in misery, in a kind of suffering. That's why he wants somehow to forget it all. Alcohol is nothing but a chemical strategy to forget your miseries, anxieties, your problems, to forget yourself.

My whole effort here, Shraddan, is to help you to remember yourself -- and you want to forget yourself. By forgetting yourself you will be creating more and more hell for yourself and for others. Remember, rather, remember yourself.

My methods are different from George Gurdjieff's. I am not in favor of any alcoholic beverages. I am not in favor of any psychedelic drugs either, because they all create illusory worlds for you and they all are distractions. They make you more and more oblivious of your own being, unaware of your own self.

My work is based in awareness. The word 'awareness' is the golden key here, the master key. You have to learn to be more aware. Howsoever painful it is in the beginning, be more aware, because it is by becoming more aware that one day you will become part of the celebration of the whole.

AES DHAMMO SANANTANO -- this is the eternal inexhaustible law.

Enough for today."


Monday, April 1, 2013

Self-sealing, wide mouth Mason

I use this Mason jar to practice urine therapy. This is not an April fools' joke.

The lighting is not ideal, but if you look closely, you can read this on the side:





The (o)Uro-boros, the most famous Alchemical symbol

"Urine therapy is Alchemy; Alchemy is urine therapy."

- Andrew Norton Webber* of

When you practice urine therapy, you become a self-sealing creature - the snake eating its own tail.  The Holy Grail is whatever vessel you use to drink the Water of Life.

Urine therapy is the fastest way to decalcify the pineal gland.  If you aren't open to trying it, I recommend you start by drinking pure steam-distilled water.  I agree with Andrew Norton Webber in that I think it is the distilled water aspect of urine that is responsible for many of the medical/spiritual benefits of urine therapy.  Please click here to read Alexander Graham Bell's perspective on distilled water.  It's worth reading.

I suspect that many Freemasons are knowledgeable of urine therapy or practice urine therapy.  The Hermetic Philosophers, (including the Hermetic Order of the "Golden Dawn") Illuminati, Satanists, Alchemists, whatever you want to call them - practice it as well.  This may sound strange, but I actually think they are all one organization, one secret society, and they hoard their golden secret to themselves.

They know that urine therapy works wonders on many diseases and that it activates one's psychic abilities, but they don't seem to be eager to tell the rest of us that piece of news.

So if you're a Free-Mason, you're probably not "free" to divulge this secret - that is, you're not a wide-mouth Mason.  And on the subjet of urine therapy, your lips may be (Hermetically) sealed.

But since I haven't made any vows of secrecy or pledged my allegiance to a secret society, I intend to break the news of urine therapy to the public however I can!

Apparently my grandfather was a Rosicrucian, but I'm not part of the club so I can spread this secret freely!

Freemasonry isn't free!
(No, there's a hefty fuckin' fee)

CTRL+click below to listen in a new tab!
"Freedom Isn't Free" - Team America, from Team America: World Police (2004)

Freedom isn't free
It costs folks like you and me
And if we don't all chip in
We'll never pay that bill

(Full lyrics available here.)

...if we don't all "chip in"
We'll never pay that bill

Freedom isn't free 
No, there's a hefty fuckin' fee  
And if you don't throw in your BUCK 'o five  
Who will?
(Bucky Bailey, as seen in South Park S16E05: "Butterballs")

 Freedom costs a buck 'o five...

Note:  $1.05 - a buck 'o five - was the value of the component parts of a scrapped human body in 2004 when Stone and Parker released the song in Team America: World Police.  (Source: Rockefeller Foundation, - just kidding)  But years ago, back when the Kids in the Hall shot the sketch "Gavin: Leaking," people were worth 87 cents each, apparently.  That's 87 Canadian cents.

CTRL+click below to watch clip in a new tab!
 "Gavin: Leaking" - The Kids in the Hall

"Yeah, but what if a guy leaked on a school bus full of children who were only worth 87 cents each?"


"I have read that if you were to melt people down and sell their component parts, they'd only be worth 87 cents.  That's gotta be a pretty weird store, though." 


Both Ball and Kerr are owned by the Jarden Corporation.

Jarden Corporation - "Success is in our DNA"

Click here to see a DNA animation of some of the companies owned by Jarden.

One of them is Volkl.


*On Thanksgiving 2012 I listened to a recording of Andrew Norton Webber, in which he said that drinking the distilled waters (especially urine) was the secret of Alchemy.  Most people would hear something like that and ignore it - it would go in one ear and out the other.  But I felt a sense of burden when I heard that claim, because I knew I would have to test it for myself.

That kicked off my investigation into Alchemy.

Fortunately, I told this to my chemistry teacher soon after hearing this claim, and he insisted on driving over to my place immediately and delivering two books on the subject of Alchemy for me to borrow and read:

Alchemy: The Medieval Alchemists and their Royal Art by "Johannes Fabricius"
ISBN 0 261 66545 6


Prelude to Chemistry: An Outline of Alchemy, Its Literature and Relationships by "John Read"
ISBN 1-5649-015-1

I recommend you get your hands on a copy of each of these books before the Internet kill switch and Internet refugee camps as seen in South Park S12E06: "Over Logging".

I will make an effort to scan the many images relevant to the distilled waters and upload them soon.

But in short, Andrew Norton Webber was right.  Practically every page in these Alchemy books has some illustration of or reference to one of the distilled waters: distilled water, precipitation (especially dew), urine, raw milk, and blood.  You can't miss it.