Thursday, July 31, 2014

Altitude intolerance, vaccination, migraine headaches, autism

This is a short summary - it doesn't have to be long to make the point.

The truth is that I have uncovered/chosen to focus on or emphasize something truly important in medicine - the link between altitude intolerance, vaccination and mitochondrial dysfunction!  Migraine patients and autistic children get symptomatic benefit from hyperbaric chambers.  And both groups of patients also have sustained neurological injury due to vaccination.  Both groups of patients have energy impairment of the brain due to the mitochondrial problems they got from the vaccines.  Because I know this you can rest assured that the medical establishment wants me dead!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My eyesight is improving

Since I've been eating a Weston A. Price Foundation diet, and especially since I've been eating lots of whole raw dairy from Jersey cows (very rich in vitamin K2) and eating fermented cod liver oil (rich in vitamins A, D and K2), my eyesight has been getting better.

(I do feel uneasy about buying the cod liver oil from Green Pasture in the wake of Fukushima, but you know what they say: the pasture is always greener in the other hemisphere...I'm debating with myself whether to join Dr. Rima Laibow in Chile or remain in the United States)

I have not been wearing my contact lenses very much at all lately - the prescription is now too strong!

My eyeglasses have a slightly weaker prescription than my contacts - I've been using them more lately and now I think it's time to find another pair that is weaker still!

The physiological reasons for near- or far-sightedness are extremely important!  I believe any malnourished person reading this can improve their vision with food - especially with foods that are rich in vitamin A such as liver and fermented cod liver oil.

Furthermore, I highly recommend this interview with Dr. Mercola and Greg Marsh about the Bates Method.

Greg Marsh says that people with multiple personality disorder find that they need glasses when they are in one personality but they can go without their glasses entirely when in another personality!

I tried the "pinhole" trick that Greg Marsh talked about in the interview - and it worked!  So I know that the Bates Method can work for me.


Monday, July 28, 2014

The Watchtower and The Masons

I don't know whether or not to trust Mr. Springmeier's take on the Jehovah's Witnesses - but I know that his book The Watchtower and The Masons must either be confirmed or refuted.  And that pyramid tomb has got me wondering if he might be right about JW!

PDF available here


FBI Bomb Plot - Springmeier Framed

This is old news.  Fritz Springmeier is author of Bloodlines of the Illuminati.

video available here

"History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes."

- Dr. Peter Glidden


Friday, July 25, 2014

Possible fake names

1.  Major General Albert "Bert" N. Stubblebine III (burnt stubble?)

2.  Dietrich Klinghardt (cling-heart?)

3.  Carmen Finestra (must have been spiritually defenestrated)


Self-defeating words

1.  "blog" or "blogger"

2.  "prep" or "prepper"

3.  "detox"

4.  "paleo"


UV levels 300+% normal

"Unprecedented ozone hole opens up over the Canadian Arctic - the kind of headline you don't see, you have to dig for this.  The Canadian government threatened publicly to fire their scientists if they talked to the media about this ozone hole.  How many of you can feel how hot the sun is?  It's not your imagination.  We started measuring UV because we know the geoengineering destroys the ozone layer - we know that from [inaudible] study.  We started measuring a year and a half ago - we meticulously documented our measurements.  We released it about a year ago.  Our website was taken down in fifteen minutes - it was taken down eight times in the next two days.  We had a lot of flak from academicians, meteorologists who said 'this is impossible, you're wrong.'  But now a week ago we have NASA releasing their headlines.  This is one of them - CBS News from a week ago: "Blazing world record: Strongest UV rays ever measured on Earth."  Why were we so far ahead of them?  How can the system be designed in a manner that virtually does everything possible to hide this kind of data - and how high were these UV ratings?  They weren't ten or twenty or thirty percent higher.  They were 300% higher than what's already considered extreme.  That's about like walking out and being told that tomorrow it's going to be 400 degrees outside.  They measured UV and if any of you are familiar with UV scale, 11 or 12 is considered very extreme.  NASA measured in 2003 UV levels of 43.  43!  Equivalent to the surface of Mars - literally.  Why did it take 11 years for them to release that data - and how much worse is it now?  And why aren't they telling us?  Because they don't want to cause a panic and they certainly don't want any light being shone on the geoengineering that's causing the destruction of the ozone layer.  CFCs that we've been told are the cause are a factor - but they're a very small factor compared to the climate engineering."

- Dane Wigington speaking in "Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California"

Video available here


The National Post article

"‘Unprecedented’ ozone hole opens over Canadian Arctic"


is available here 



and the CBS News article "Blazing world record: Strongest UV rays ever measured on Earth" 


is available here.



Familiarize yourself with Dr. Woodrow Monte's YouTube channel "whilesciencesleeps"

He also has a book by that same name.

For the record, I think Dr. Monte has uncovered a very important cause of autism (aspartame/methanol) - but if he ever denies that vaccinations cause neurological injuries I will disagree with him on that point and recommend the work of Dr. Russell Blaylock. 

Dr. Monte speaks a lot of truth in uncovering the story of methanol poisoning and its link to modern diseases...but it seems to me that he could possibly be a government shill with the purpose of covering up vaccine deaths (like so-called "Sudden Infant Death Syndrome" - SIDS death for short) by uncovering the very important story of methanol toxicity and aspartame toxicity.  If Dr. Monte is such a shill (to me this seems possible though unlikely), then we can still make use of his excellent information regarding methanol toxicity!

Have any of you spoken with Dr. Monte?  Have you asked him if he believes that vaccines can trigger/cause autism or other neurological disorders?  Is he a believer in the England hypothesis (that vaccines are "for the creation of a drone worker class for the globalists")  Does he know about the New World Order and their medical tyranny system that, among other things, uses chemical means to keep both male and female slaves in a state of estrogen dominance through soy formula soy prisons and other means?  Leave a comment below.

2% methanol too dangerous for cleaning fluid, 2.3% methanol allowed in Equal brand artificial sweetener

Hopefully you saw Dr. Mercola's interview with Dr. Monte in the last post.

Dr. Monte also has a book and a YouTube channel called "whilesciencesleeps":

The following slide was taken from his video "How Dangerous is methanol Part 4," available here.