Thursday, July 24, 2014

A criticism of Dr. Joel Wallach

The objective of this article may be criticism, but I still recommend that you familiarize yourself with all of Dr. Wallach's video and audio presentations and books.  You can learn a lot.  Don't throw out the "vanilla."

"Nutritional minerals occur in veins in the crust of the Earth like chocolate in chocolate ripple ice cream."

- Dr. Joel Wallach

"Dr. Wallach is like chocolate ripple ice cream - 99% vanilla, 1 % chocolate." 

- John Hingson

If you're familiar with Dr. Wallach, then you should know he talks a lot about wood ash and its mineral content.  He also talks about the Garden of Eden.  Before we get started with the meat of this issue, the release of the documentary film Back to Eden a few years ago changes the whole game!

If you haven't seen that film, I recommend watching it at


Now, let's get started.

1.  Dr. Wallach's "calcium in dairy is not absorbable" statement

Dr. Wallach loves to tell the story of how he cured his muscle cramps/eye twitching with calcium enriched alfalfa pellets at age 12.  But in my estimation this story eventually reduces his audience to the critical reasoning capacity they had at age 12 and prevents them from ever challenging or improving on his supplementation protocol.

He frequently tells his audiences that you simply cannot get enough calcium from eating foods.

I may not have the words exactly right, so consider this paraphrasing:

"You can drink 50 gallons of milk or eat 25 lbs. of cheese but you're still not going to get enough calcium - all that will happen is you'll be so constipated you'll need a jackhammer to have a bowel movement!"

Dr. Wallach's language here is almost poetic!

But remember the words of Sting!

"Poets priests and politicians
Have words to thank for their positions
Words that scream for your submission
And no-one's jamming their transmission
'cause when their eloquence escapes you
Their logic ties you up and rapes you"

Dr. Wallach may be a poet and priest of the alternative health world - and to me he seems to be a gatekeeper.  After all, he does frequently say, "So I got frustrated enough I went back to school for four years up in Portland Oregon became a naturopathic physician which in Portalnd Oregon is a primary care physician...Gosh, I saw lots of people for hemorrhoids and you know the basic things of life.  You get a great political view of the world doing hemorrhoids.  And this is a political year so you see lots of them." 

I put that veterinary degree on the wall next to the naturopathic degree and new patients would come in and they'd spot that veterinary degree first.

"And if I saw on their intake survey that they were from the farm...I used to keep this full-length obstetrical gloves in my drawer.  That you know, you use to examine mares and cows with, and I'd put that on, kind of wave it in front of their face, they knew exactly what that was, and they'd never turn their back on me.  Many of them would panic and they'd bolt out the door and the nurses would have to go chase them down, but we had a lot of fun."

(by the way, readers, watch out for Satanic farmers and naturopaths - I've met a lot of both of those groups)

Clearly he is not interested in educating his audience in Weston A. Price Foundation nutritional principles or the GAPS nutritional protocol for healing and sealing the gut in people with leaky gut syndrome.

If he were actually trying to educate his audience, he would surely tell them that sauerkraut is the number one anti-scurvy food, instead of selling them digestive enzymes and Tangy Tangerine powdered mineral drink.  If he were trying to make his followers strong, independent, capable individuals surely he would tell them to make their own gelatinous bone broth soup at home, rather than selling them gelatin in a bottle.  Surely he would tell them to consume raw Jersey butter and cream, whole raw milk, raw yogurt and kefir, and raw CHEESE!

Yes, raw cheese is one of the world's most absorbable sources of calcium!

But Dr. Wallach's "25 lbs. of cheese...jackhammer to have a bowel movement" poem didn't confuse me, and I hope it doesn't confuse you!

2.  Dr. Wallach's "trust the FDA" statement

I may not have the quote exactly right, so consider this paraphrasing:

"Believe me, if there was any chance that cell phones were causing brain tumors the FDA would take them off the market immediately."

Had I been in the audience at that presentation, I would have jumped up and shouted,

"REALLY, Dr. Wallach?!!  You mean the same FDA that you've sued seven times in federal court?  You mean the same FDA that for years hounded Dr. Stanislaw Byrzynski for his safe antineoplaston cancer treatment?  You mean to tell me that the same FDA that is infamous for keeping alternative cancer treatments hidden from the general population is looking out for our well-being?  I don't buy it!  You can start out with "believe me" but that doesn't mean I will automatically believe you like the rest of these people.  In The Petkau Effect by Ralph Graeub the author says that there is a resonance in the human head cavity at the 900 MHz frequency - the frequency that cordless phones and smart meters operate at.  Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt who practices in the state of Washington says that he can predict with reasonable accuracy whether a child will be born autistic based upon measuring the levels of electrosmog in the room from sources like the smart meter, cordless phones, cell phone towers and to a lesser extent ordinary cell phones.  The newer smartphones and iPads are more harmful to health than older cell phones.  I saw a video online about smart meters, and the speaker related a story about visiting a Silicon Valley executive who was very sensitive to electrosmog, and who said after being exposed to a cell phone that wasn't turned off, 'it feels like someone is rubbing sandpaper on my brain.'  While it is true that smart meters, cell phone towers and cordless phones represent a greater assault on the body, there is evidence that some individuals are profoundly sensitized to many different forms of electronic pollution, including the pollution coming from cell phones.  Putting one's trust in a corrupt institution like the FDA - an institution that is truly the embodiment of medical tyranny and the dark age of medicine we are under - putting one's trust in the FDA is foolish!"

3.  Dr. Wallach's "vaccines have nothing to do with autism" statement

I sustained neurological injury from the Swine Flu vaccine - and that's why I have migraine headaches every day all day long.  It's not the only reason, but the main reason.

So, to me, the idea that "vaccines have nothing to do with" autism or other neurological disorders is absurd.

I have vaccine injury, altitude intolerance and mitochondrial dysfunction in common with autistic patients.  I also know that hyperbaric chambers provide symptomatic relief for autistic patients and for migraine patients.  This is further evidence of energy impairment of the brain due to mitochondrial dysfunction, triggered by vaccination, being a common cause of migraine headaches and autism.

Vaccines cause a lot of other problems - especially neurological problems (including seizures, narcolepsy and Guillan-Barre) and autoimmune problems.  As far as I can tell, Dr. Russell Blaylock is a good resource on vaccines.  Dr. Wallach is not.

4.  Dr. Peter Glidden's insincerity/contempt for ordinary people

In the video Youngevity: The Hidden Power of Nutrition over Disease Explained 2014, at 45 minutes 42 seconds, available here, Dr. Glidden says,

"Your body is chomping at the bit to fix [heal] itself - throw it a bone!"

and also

"So, look, you're smart - you can pass the driver's license test, you can have a successful Youngevity business."

Might Dr. Glidden's "Throw it a bone" comment betray his real intentions?  Might he be part of the solutions end of Problem-Reaction-Solution?

The comment about his audience being intelligent enough to pass a driver's license test seemed to be a slap in the face to his audience - an insult to their intelligence.

Remember, folks: Dr. Wallach is very famous for saying that he treats his patients "like dogs" but "they get better".   Getting a little better is not enough in my view.  I wouldn't want to just throw my patients a bone and leave them uneducated!  Teach them not to be dogs! 

(obviously, God is the only one who can rescue from "the power of the dog") (Psalm 22:20)

I for one believe that there has never been a generation of Americans sicker or more mentally retarded than the present generation.  So, I'm not trying to make a case for Americans being intelligent people.  I'm just telling you that I think Dr. Glidden was laughing to himself as he made that comment - that his comments reflect his real attitude about his listeners.

The DMV (the office that issues driver's licenses) has become a symbol of government incompetence and ineptitude.  Many who trust our government cite the DMV as an example of incompetence, claiming that no organized malice could ever befall us.  For them I recommend learning about the Information Awareness Office (the logo was removed after Congress was outraged in 2003).

Don't believe that off-handed comments are meaningful?

Dr. Glidden discourages his patients from becoming investigators - he wants you to keep believing in authority figures.

At (45:22) Dr. Glidden says,

"Do not think that you have to memorize all of Dr. Wallach's books and all of my CDs and my book - you don't have to do that.  You just need to know how to read and look at the product catalog and use a little bit of common sense."

Attitudes like that could lead to Americans being driven to concentration camps by their own "smart"cars.

This is truly the opposite of what I recommend.  I don't know if you should use Youngevity products. But I do recommend you spend as much time as you need to learn all of Dr. Wallach's information - a lot of it is very very good.

Become your own investigator!  Become your own expert!  Become your own authority figure!

Dr. Peter Glidden also appears to have nutritional KNOWLEDGE that he is hiding from the population.

In one of his videos he says, almost poetically,

"You wouldn't give your kid arsenic.
You wouldn't give your kid bugs.
You wouldn't give your kid milk that had gone sour.
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."

Some of this is in direct conflict with nutritional wisdom that Dr. Wallach has already imparted.

 Dr. Wallach has been telling us for years that arsenic is an essential trace mineral and is especially effective for the acute promyelocytic form of leukemia.  So, actually, Dr. Glidden, there's some chance I would give my kid arsenic - perhaps a highly-absorbable colloidal or chelated plant-derived "arsenic sauce." (see article "The Grinch song")

In his presentations, Dr. Wallach often talks about one of the longest-lived individuals on record, telling use about her diet:

"Locusts, pumpkin seeds, tortoise meat, dried fruit wild herbs and a cup of coffee!"

I wouldn't force my kid to eat bugs but I would have them know that insects are extremely nutritious and full of DHA (like egg yolks from farm eggs/pastured eggs)...

As for "milk that had gone sour" you must all be aware that Bulgaria is the birthplace of yogurt, the type of fermented (soured) milk that most Americans are familiar with.

I wouldn't give my kid Strauss Family Creamery (SSS family creamery) yogurt or Nancy's yogurt because they are pasteurized AND contain powdered milk, a source of oxidized cholesterol.

But I would give them yogurt made from raw milk.

The entire Weston A Price Foundation is full of materials that talk about the benefits of fermented raw dairy products such as yogurt, kefir and other ferments.  Sally Fallon's video presentation Raw Milk Safety shows that raw milk is safer than pasteurized milk and safer than raw spinach.  Remember that Dr. Glidden's abominable above quote about arsenic, bugs, and sour milk would not be something he could get away with in a nation of sauerkraut and Kosher dill makers, a nation of raw milk drinkers, a nation of Weston A. Price Foundation- and GAPS Diet-literate individuals.  If you leave pasteurized milk out at room temperature, it putrefies.  If you leave raw milk at room temperature, it sours and never goes bad.

Here are a couple of quotations from Nourishing Traditions that I think might put Dr. Glidden in his place:

"Metchnikoff attributed the relatively long life span and freedom from disease of Bulgarian peasants to their consumption of sour milk containing a lactic acid bacillus...However, his assumption took no account of a far better explanation.  Dairy products form a large proportion of the diet in certain countries.  Before the era of pasteurization, dairy products were utilized in the raw condition, since their palatability does not improve by heat-treatment, as is the case with many food materials.  When a large share of the caloric requirement was supplied by raw milk, raw butter and raw cheese, not only did the organism receive a daily quota of enzymes, but the enzyme content of the tissues was not so heavily drawn upon as in hose countries where the preponderance of the diet consisted of heat-treated foods.  Therefore, the Bulgarian peasants, many of whom Metchnikoff found to live to the century mark in their mountainous abode, might be expected to have a long life span because their enzyme reserve is more slowly used up during the course of living."
- Edward Howell, MD, Food Enzymes for Health and Longevity

"Old Par, [an English peasant] who lived to the age of 152 years and 9 months, existed and even thrived on a diet of "subrancid cheese and milk in every form, coarse and hard bread and small drink, generally sour whey," as William Harvey wrote...."On this sorry fare, but living in his home, did this poor man attain to such length of days." - Terrence McLaughlin, A Diet of Tripe

Raw liquid whey has been used for centuries as a medical treatment - but Dr. Glidden truly doesn't want you to know that - he wants you to buy expensive powdered whey supplements.

And maybe he works for the same spider that frightened Miss Muffet away.

Here is another great quotation that I pilfered from Nourishing Traditions.

"Using cheese whey as a beverage in human nutrition, especially for therapeutic purposes, can be traced back to the ancient Greeks.  Hippocrates, in 460 BC, prescribed whey for an assortment of human ailments.  In the Middle Ages, whey was recommended by many doctors for varied diseases; and by the mid 19th century, whey cures reached a high point with the establishment of over 400 whey houses in Western Europe.  As late as the 1940s, dyspepsia, uremia, arthritis, gout, liver diseases, anemia and even tuberculosis were treated with the ingestion of up to 1500 grams of whey per day."
- W. G. Holsinger, Whey Beverages: A Review

Importantly, Dr. Glidden never, EVER, not EVER EVEN ONCE mentions raw milk in all of his discussions unless a caller presses him about it!  Then he gives this seemingly pre-recorded response "If I were king of the world, I would have all milk be raw milk...." and then he goes into some false safety numbers acting like raw milk is not the safest food in the world.  (and, my dear readers, raw milk is the safest food in the world, maybe you should watch Raw Milk Safety (80 mins on YouTube) by Sally Fallon to remind yourselves of that truth).  Dr. Wallach is the same way.  Never, ever does he breathe a word about raw milk unless a caller on his radio show presses him about it.

5.  I have a nagging feeling that it might be a bad idea to drink the "Jones Kool-Aid"

I don't know any person who uses Tangy Tangerine that did not learn about it from the Alex Jones show!  I think the Mark Dice video that says not to drink the Jones Kool-Aid neglects to address the nutritional wisdom of a lot of what Dr. Wallach talks about - especially type II diabetes being a chromium and vanadium deficiency.  Yet there is something that seems true about his idea not to drink the Jones Kool-Aid.  Alex has let me down many times before - it would not be surprising to me if there were sterilants or other contaminants in Tangy Tangerine.  

After all, Dr. Glidden says that people who have severe gluten intolerance need to use the Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 instead of the original Tangy Tangerine formula.  I think it may be an assault on gut integrity. 

"Raising the bar, Beyond Tangy Tangerine packs a powerful punch!"

Since I do pay very much attention to the first letters of words, I see in the above statement: "BTT, PPP!"

To my thinking "BTT, PPP!" looks an awful lot like Bt toxin plus the number of the Devil.  Bt toxin is designed to punch holes in the guts of insects.  (I don't care if the first letter of an alliteration starts with S or F anymore - I firmly believe all alliterations are the Devil speaking through your mouth to distract people that have no attention span and cause them to check out and entirely forget what you were talking about.  I do realize that most of you are very paranoia-impoverished and will not understand my comment 'all alliterations are evil,' perhaps, until years later.)

Please read the following quote from 1972 by Eugene Rabinowitch:

"The only animals whose disappearance might threaten the viability of humans on Earth are the bacteria which normally inhabit our bodies.  As for the others, no convincing evidence exists that humans could not survive as the only animal species on Earth.  If economic procedures could be developed for the synthesis of food from inorganic materials - and this will be possible sooner or later - humans may even become independent of the plants on which they are currently dependent for food."

- Eugene Rabinowitch, former editor-in-chief of The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, 1972
Follow this line of thought with me: A supplement company Hell-bent on destroying your gut integrity might conceivably lace their products with Bt toxin, gluten or other hole-punching substances in order that their customers might be indebted for life.  Truly, what lifelong customer is more profitable than the one who cannot absorb his nutrients?  
I can't prove that Tangy Tangerine punches holes in your gut!  However, it is a significant concern of mine!  

6.  Dr. Wallach's statement on MSG

 video available below:

"Dr. Joel Wallach - Arthritis & Joint Replacement"
uploaded by YouTube channel "Become90ForLife"

partway through a response to a lady about migraine headaches, starting at (15:08) in the video, Dr Wallach says: (note that only the offending quoatations have been included here)

"MSG can be involved [with migraine headache sufferers] - it's like 0.0000001% of the population of Americans are sensitive to MSG, but it's so painful, so uncomfortable, uh, for the people who do have this problem from MSG they spend their entire life trying to get everybody else on Earth off of MSG.  It's a very small part of population but they're very passionate because it's so uncomfortable for them.  They just need to go on with their life and stay away from MSG."  

- Dr. Joel Wallach

Clearly this statement from Dr. Joel Wallach in favor of MSG is incorrect in its numerical value - a larger percentage of individuals are sensitive to MSG.  Why would someone like Dr. Joel Wallach do everything in his power to marginalize people who suffer from migraine headaches and people who are sensitive to this dangerous additive in the food supply?  An appropriate summary of Dr. Wallach's message about MSG would be this: MSG is harmless; don't listen to the anti-MSG people because their numbers are small and they are just 'too sensitive' (in other words, he is calling us all pussies because of an unavoidable, painful physiological response).  Perhaps Dr. Wallach is not aware, or more likely, does not want his followers to be aware of the fact that even those who have no obvious reaction to eating MSG are still inflicting neurological damage upon themselves.  Perhaps Dr. Wallach is not aware, or does not want his followers to be aware of the fact that heads in the food industry have sworn to get MSG into the food supply no matter what, and the fact that they promised to Dr. Russell Blaylock in Chicago that if he kept telling people about the dangers of MSG that they would simply get it into the food supply by other names.  That is in fact what they have done.  Many other names are being used on food labels today in order to hide MSG from wary consumers looking to avoid this dangerous neurotoxic additive.

Food regulations today allow MSG to go unlabeled if the additive is less than 99% pure MSG.  That is, 98% pure MSG can be labeled otherwise.  

Here is a short list of other names for MSG (I believe Dr. Blaylock has a more complete one):

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
Hydrolyzed Protein
Hydrolyzed Plant Protein
Plant Protein Extract
Sodium Caseinate
Calcium Caseinate
Yeast Extract
Textured Protein (Including TVP)
Autolyzed Yeast
Hydrolyzed Oat Flour

I heard on Alex Jones that in China there are "secret government gardens" and officials who obsess about avoiding MSG and other dangerous substances in the mainstream food supply that they know are just for the masses.

I don't know if that is true (Alex isn't always great on primary sources, and I think he's a CIA agent), but I feel he might be correct about that stuff about secret Chines government gardens, and I am much more inclined to believe Dr Russell Blaylock's perspective in Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills - that MSG causes neurological damage over a period of years and decades in those folks who don't get a headache from eating it right away. 

Dr. Wallach's diabolical argument is that it is just "those exceedingly rare, fringe, overly-sensitive migraine people" who try to get the rest of the population off of monosodium glutamate.

My argument begins with the fact that Dr Russell Blaylock is the strongest opponent of MSG and he is not even a migraine sufferer.  Look to his work and you will see that it is far stronger than Dr. Wallach's downplaying tactics.
I argue that only the weak-minded will fall prey to Dr. Wallach's downplaying of the importance of the danger of monosodium glutamate and all of the other names it now goes by on food labels.
MSG consumption will harm all of the population, not only those who get a headache from it.

It is my personal belief that artificial fragrances are excitotoxins (years from now the scientific research will back me up), and that by the same mechanism Dr. Blaylock outlines for many other disease processes (immunoexcitotoxicity), I believe they cause neurological damage to all members of the population that inhale them - not only those who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity.  I do not have any scientific evidence to back up this claim but I am sure that in time there will be studies done or old studies rediscovered that confirm this suspicion of mine. 
By this logic we should look to those who get headaches from being exposed to MSG, a headache from being exposed to cologne or perfume, or just walking by a dryer vent - we should look to those people as canaries in the coalmine warning us that we are actually poisoning ourselves and each other with dangerous chemical fragrances.
Dogs and horses get sick from fluoride poisoning faster than humans (see documentary Poisoned Horses).  Does this mean that we should marginalize them and talk about how dogs and horses only make up 0.0000001% of the pet population? that we should talk about how they are being oversensitive when the bones of their legs actually bend from crippling skeletal fluorosis? that we should talk about tea-addicted crippling skeletal fluorosis victims in China who are bent over with fluorosis need to just go on with their life and stop being activists?  No!  MSG causes damage over a lifetime.  Those individuals in our society who are sensitive to MSG to the point that it causes severe head pain (it's more than a little discomfort, Dr. Wallach) - those individuals should be respected, revered and listened to carefully, not marginalized, shunned, or ignored.  Dr. Wallach himself has used the analogy of the canary in the coalmine in a lot of his would be unwise if those Welsh miners had brought the canary down only to ignore it when it died from toxic gas.  Dr. Wallach also has used the analogy of the "check engine light" on the dashboard of a car many times in his presentations...he tells you repeatedly that it is unwise to ignore these types of warning signals from the body.  Well, Dr. Wallach contradicts himself when he gives you phony statistics about how rare MSG sensitivity is (it is far more common than he tell his followers) because he is telling you to not ignore the check engine light on an individual level but to ignore the check engine light on a collective scale.  I recommend listening when others warn you about dangerous food additives.  Again, the book Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills by Dr. Russell Blaylock is the best resource I can recommend on the subject of the dangers of MSG and related substances.  MSG is one subject where I recommend taking the side of Dr. Blaylock instead of the side of Dr. Wallach.

7.  Wallach-recommended egg condiments: "Ketchup, salsa, or whatever flips your switch"

Dr. Wallach very often recommends these canned tomato products (ketchup, salsa) for flavoring eggs, to help his patients eat more eggs.  I am so very much in favor of people eating large amounts of egg yolks (as long as the rest of their diet i.e. butter can stabilize the fragile polyunsaturated fatty acids), and I also believe that the Chinese had a truly great idea about combining tomatoes and eggs...tomatoes and eggs are very delicious together, so this is not a condemnation of all tomato-containing foods.  Sun-dried tomatoes should be okay for soups and more...canned tomatoes can be made safe by simmering for three hours with an open lid in earthen cookware (no nickel), and personally I believe that fresh raw tomatoes can be eaten safely if an alcoholic beverage is consumed with that BLT (or just with raw tomatoes on their own).  And there is an Italian recipe for lactofermented ketchup so just use that method for preservation instead of canning your home-grown tomatoes. 

Yet, an extremely important health discovery is the methanol research of Dr. Woodrow Monte.  Ketchup, salsa, aspartame, smoked foods, overripe and rotting fruit - they can give you multiple sclerosis!  I even recommend a drink (an alcoholic beverage) every time you eat fresh tomatoes, because Dr. Monte says that two large raw tomatoes have as much methanol as a can of diet soda.  I feel that a can of diet soda is enough to cause permanent neurological injury.  It certainly would be for me, in my present, severely vaccine-injured condition.  I know that very few of you have any paranoia at all (and for that I am sorry, for you).  But personally, I doubt very much that Dr. Wallach's wording "whatever flips your switch" is coincidental.  Truly, one of the people I met who had multiple sclerosis was absolutely insane, literally demonically possessed and feeding on the dreams of other human beings (one might call him a dream-demon), reveling in his depression (he said he liked being depressed) and did not want to heal from multiple sclerosis even though that can be done (with the GAPS diet).  I also noticed that this individual was a New World Order socialist change agent, and though I haven't had a lot of experience with people who have multiple sclerosis, just my knowing that one person made me realize: Wow, this guy is absolutely nuts!  Maybe other people with multiple sclerosis are also completely psychotic.

(Note: any time I use the word "psychotic" it is not meant to buy any credibility for the worse-than-worthless psychiatric establishment.  I don't believe in their standard protocol "knock 'em up, lock 'em up, shock 'em up, drug 'em up".)

I've also met other psychotic people who were socialists, even if they were not very good at promoting their loosely-held belief system.

Anyway, readers, I think it is certainly possible that Dr. Wallach's recommendation to use "ketchup, salsa or whatever flips your switch" is just based on ignorance of the methanol research of Dr. Woodrow Monte.  For who among us doesn't know about the health benefits of lycopene from cooked tomato foods?

And how can Dr. Wallach be expected to promote his life's work on tour of the nation while also researching everything else that other health pioneers are doing now?  Maybe that explains why he hasn't improved his eyesight by getting plenteous retinol from taking traditionally fermented cod liver oil - he's likely just unaware of the singularly good work of Sally Fallon and the Weston A. Price Foundation.

"Even a blind hog gets an acorn sometimes." - Dr. Joel Wallach

(I'm alluding to a study that is often referenced by Sally that study, eyesight was restored in pigs that were born blind with a petrified optic nerve by giving them vitamin A.)

But it must be said that "whatever flips your switch" in my view seems to be more poetic language from Dr. Wallach...



After I've told you all that I think Youngevity products could be contaminated, it could be surprising to learn that I still intend to try the products.  It's just that, if I had a pregnant wife right now I wouldn't test the products on her first.  (though I certainly believe that pregnant women need more nutrition than just about anyone and if Youngevity products aren't contaminated they may be just what is needed) I've heard the liquid plant-derived minerals don't taste good but I feel like my body wants to try them.  Youngevity has a very extensive expensive line of supplements but I will try just the plant derived minerals at roughly 20 dollars per month.  I usually drink a half a gallon of gelatinous broth every day, so I don't think I require the Gluco-gel supplement!

Anyone who has concerns or comments to add to this page is welcome!

Do you have a gut feeling about Youngevity products, Dr. Joel Wallach or Dr. Peter Glidden?  Do you have firm information or just some idea of your own that could add to this list of concerns?   Comment below.



Anonymous said...

Interesting article and good read, although the apparent contradiction by Dr Glidden regarding arsenic might not be, because there are different kinds of arsenic. Inorganic arsenic is approximately 500 times more toxic than organic arsenic. Personally I do think Dr Glidden is a genuine guy, but that's just me. I'll be submitting a very indepth article in a month or two regarding the alleged toxicity of Youngevity products, going over most of the elements in their products to see how toxic they are. So far their products have passed with flying colours apart from one element that I am having trouble with: aluminum hydroxide. There are peer-reviewed papers on this element showing potentially negative effects (albeit very small) when injested in significant amounts (i.e. 59 mg per day). The negative effects are insignificant (only a very small reduction in cytotoxic T-Cells) but there is nothing to suggest it could not become progressively worse over many years.

Khalil said...

Stop hating and try the minerals.. I guarantee youll try the BTT in no time. Regardless of how much fun you poked at dr wallach and dr glidden, the sh!t works. Actually. Enjoy it and I am excited for you!!

Probyn said...

I appreciate your well thought out comments. I believe in Dr. Wallach and Dr. Glidden but realize that none are infallable

Anonymous said...

1. The people being destroyed for lack of knowledge is from the Bible. I hope God didn't offend you as bad as Dr. WAllah or Dr Glidden. I have been on my own health quest for over a decade using both Dr. Wallach, chiropractors, herbalists, nutritionist, etc. Everyone has their own opinions based on their studies. I have realised that there are numerous ways that your body can heal. I for one can not ingest any dairy with casein protein, so raw or not my body reacts. I don't use the protein powder due to that..but I also don't throw Dr wallach under a bus. I have been to his lectures. I know he travels lecturing over 300 days a year to help people. I know that when I was sick and weak that I needed a pill, drink, etc. That was easily accessible to my weak body. I have three kids and could barely get out of bed, so forgive me and others that don't have time or energy to make bone broth etc. I am highly educated and knew the benefits of raw milk, bone broth, etc. I for one needed his products and an easy to follow protocol when I was physically and mentally exhausted. Maybe try helping people instead of criticizing those who are. I became introduced to youngevity last year and have found it to be extremely beneficial. This prideful post disgusted me. How much time and research went in to distroYing someone that could have been used to help someone. I came here looking for info, but I leave disgusted.