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Alternative strategies for cancer

This is pasted from an email I recently sent to a family member.

I can't confirm the validity of all of these treatments - I can just tell you what I've investigated so far and what sounds promising.  I believe that our government has dozens or hundreds of alternative cancer treatments locked away in filing cabinets.  And I can tell you that when it comes to your health, that means you are on your own!  Remember that 80% of oncologists won't take their own chemotherapy. 

Mike Adams says "last I checked there were 17 alternative cancer cures out there" - maybe his website is a good resource for that - I obviously don't have 17 cures listed here.  But I've only been doing this (alternative health from the perspective of a conspiracy theorist) for three years.


 Most people who call themselves "cancer survivors" should actually re-brand themselves "chemo survivors."  And I see a trend towards government-sanctioned chemical lobotomy (AKA "chemo brain") being seen as a "normal and acceptable consequence" of "conventional" treatment, whether the victims of this government-sanctioned chemical lobotomy are children or adults.  And all of this suffering, severe vomiting and nausea, and hair loss is unnecessary because better cures are available and are being covered up/hidden/withheld by our loving government.  (I call them the love-gov)  As Dr. Joel Wallach says, "there's no law requiring doctors to cure you when cures are available and so they don't."

Surgery remains the ONLY "conventional" cancer treatment with any semblance of legitimacy, but that is no excuse - it is barbaric and primitive and years from now will be looked upon as we see leeches today.

1.  "Cancer - The Forbidden Cures" - a documentary which talks about Essiac, the Hoxsey Cancer Cure, Dr. Gerson, candida overgrowth and the use of sodium bicarbonate, the use of mistletoe against tumors, and much more:

Every drug wishes it could be an herb (and every herb wishes it could be good nutrition)!

2.  Chaga and reishi mushrooms are extremely powerful and are recommended by Dr. Joel Wallach and many others (such as the Asians) in the treatment of cancers.  Gathering one's own chaga (medicine) in the woods is also a very good experience.  I've also heard that shiitake, miitake and cordiceps have immune-stimulating properties.

3.  The combination of alpha lipoic acid, low-dose naltrexone, selenium and milk thistle is being used at the Integrative Medical Center of New Mexico and was mentioned on this podcast with Chris Kresser:

Note that naltrexone is an anti-addiction drug not "approved" for use on cancer and physicians have gotten into trouble for using it on cancer patients.

4.  "How to Protect Yourself Against Cancer With Food" - Weston A. Price Foundation

I recommend the Weston A. Price Foundation for general nutrition information because it's the best I've seen so far!

5.  This next WAPF article has a section called "WHY CANCER PATIENTS NEED MORE FAT" which I think is an important point.

Follow this link to read the section "WHY CANCER PATIENTS NEED MORE FAT":

Fat is my main fuel - I eat a very high-fat diet.  Remember, protein is NOT a fuel:

"The quickest way to deplete your body of vitamin A is to eat a high-protein, low-fat diet."
"The darling of the modern dietician is the boneless, skinless chicken breast."

- Sally Fallon

Primitive peoples never ate lean meat because they knew it would make them sick.  Americans have been vaccinated so hard they have lost this instinct and many other instincts.  Anyone who tells you to "just eat more protein" knows absolutely nothing about nutrition.
Most people eat their muscle meat out of balance with the rest of the animal.  In America, the supermarkets are full of nothing but muscle meat.  People generally do not make their own broth,  or eat the meat with the fat as it should be, or eat organ meats such as liver which provide the vitamin A necessary to actually digest protein.  Also real unprocessed sea salt like Celtic Salt, Redmond Real Salt or Himalayan Salt are pretty good - a far cry from the disgusting, counterfeit, processed crack-cocaine version of salt that we call "table salt" or "iodized table salt."  If your salt is white, not gray, off-white or slightly pink, it is probably refined.  As Dr. Joel Wallach (veterinarian, naturopath) says, "What is the first thing that any good farmer puts out for his cows?  A salt block.  And there's nobody standing out there on the farm telling the cow she's limited to one lick per day, is there?  I refuse to believe my human patients are dumber than a cow.  Go ahead and salt your food to taste."

6.  Real Milk Finder:

Raw butter, raw cream, raw cheese and whole raw milk are some of the most powerful health foods on the Earth (and have anticancer activity).  Whatever state you may live in, the Real Milk Finder may be a useful tool.

Whether you do any strength training or not, raw milk will cause you to gain muscle because that form of raw animal protein is the easiest to assimilate on the planet (better than a steak).  If you want to boost your body's levels of glutathione, the master antioxidant, you don't have to buy n-acetyl cysteine at a vitamin/mineral store.  Two of the most powerful ways to boost glutathione are with my favorite liquid animal medicines: raw milk and gelatinous bone broth.  Yes, eating soup every morning and raw milk in the evening have changed my life more than almost any other nutritional intervention, and I recommend that everyone try it for themselves.

7.  "Raw Milk Safety" - Sally Fallon

An 80 minute video presentation, in 8 parts.  If you don't yet know about the safety of raw milk over pasteurized milk, please watch all 8 parts!

8.  Scurvy is bad, real pickles and real sauerkraut are good.  Most Americans have sub-clinical scurvy because they eat ZERO lactofermented vegetables.  Captain Cook had sauerkraut on his voyage for three years, and Christopher Columbus designated Amerigo Vespucci the pickle-man on his ship, the man who was responsible for making sure the crew had enough pickles to go around to keep everyone safe from the ravages of scurvy, and the man who gave America its name.  In that light, it is safe to say that there is no food more "Ameri"-can than Kosher dills, and that American "culture" has been destroyed.  Cucumbers have very little vitamin C.  How can it be possible that they kept Columbus' crew safe?  Culturing vegetables multiplies the bioavailability of vitamin C.  Fermentation and canning are OPPOSITE preservation strategies.  Fermentation preserves food by allowing beneficial bacteria to proliferate.  Canning preserves food by killing EVERYTHING, and risks botulism. Remember: because of the lactobacilli, lactofermented vegetables and raw dairy are inherently safer foods than raw spinach from Cal-Organic.  Vinegar-packed (canned) pickles and pasteurized sauerkraut in a can are enzymeless, flavorless, and nutritionally worthless.

A quote by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, creator of the GAPS diet, from Dr. Mercola's website (

"...according to Dr. McBride, the amount of bioavailable vitamin C in sauerkraut is 20 times higher than in the same helping of fresh cabbage!

    “This is because in the fresh cabbage, vitamin C is bound in the cellulose structure and various other molecules, and our digestive system is just not able to cleave it off and absorb it. Lots of it goes undigested and come out right out of you. So despite the fact that cabbage may be very rich in vitamin C, a lot of it you will not be able to absorb. But if you fermented that cabbage and made sauerkraut, all the vitamin C becomes bioavailable,” she explains.

9.  Fluoride.  Fluoride poisons (inactivates) 62 enzymes, increases arthritis, increases coronary artery calcification, accumulates in soft tissues like the coronary arteries and the pineal gland, lowers thyroid function and IQ, destroys connective tissue (a great example is the fluorinated antibiotic Cipro which cause tendon rupture in many people), and much more.

Decades ago, researchers Burke and Yiamouyannis found that the cancer death rate is 10% higher in every city that fluoridation is enacted in.  This has been known for a very, very long time.

I recommend staying away from fluoridated water at all costs, and I do not use fluoridated toothpaste and I recommend that everyone stop using it.  I do not believe that there is a benefit to swallowing fluoride OR using it topically.

If you're interested in how to cure tooth decay, this video can get you started:

Many shorter interviews with Ramiel Nagel are available on YouTube, and his book is also a good resource.

For anyone who has been exposed to a lot of fluoride - most of the population - I think boron could be a good strategy for removing some of the fluoride from the body and reducing the toxic effects of what cannot be removed.

Boron was dumped by planes on Chernobyl.  And it is a natural antidote to fluoride poisoning.  The Chinese used boron supplementation on some of their crippling skeletal fluorosis patients.  It's supposed to be good for the teeth, also.

I don't know if boron has any anti-cancer activity, but I know it is good for reducing pathogenic overgrowth of yeast such as candida (which many people believe is a cause of cancer) and for stabilizing both male and female hormones.  It might be worth a try!

10.  Large doses of coconut oil.  According to Sally Fallon, president of WAPF, large amounts of coconut oil can be useful for cancer.  I think this has to do with stimulating the production of ketone bodies.

11.  Avoid vaccines.

Vaccines have a high risk of causing severe neurological complications, arthritis and even of inducing cancer.  I was injured by the 2009 Swine Flu vaccine and that is why I have migraine headaches every day, all day long.  Please learn from my mistakes.

The polio vaccine, which vaccine proponents will credit with saving the lives of millions, actually killed way more people than it ever saved.  The polio vaccine was contaminated with the cancer-causing virus SV-40.  All of those TV commercials you see about mesothelioma related to asbestos exposure are only telling part of the story.  None of those people who got mesothelioma would have gotten it if they had not been carrying the virus SV-40.  Asbestos only induces cancer if the person who is exposed is also carrying SV-40.  SV-40 is passed on from parents to their children, so it is not necessary for a person to have been vaccinated to have the virus.  Tens of millions of Americans have already died from soft-tissue cancers induced by SV-40, and hundred of millions of Americans are carrying the virus.

While it is beyond the scope of this email newsletter to go into great depth about the dangers of vaccines, perhaps this CBS 60 Minutes documentary from 1979 about the 1976 Swine Flu vaccine will open your mind:

part 1:
part 2:

(cancer recommendations, continued)

excellent article about the trace mineral boron (this link should have been included earlier, in #9 on the list) - "The Borax Conspiracy - How the Arthritis Cure Has Been Stopped":

(cancer recommendations, continued)

12.  Burzynski, the movie and the doctor

13.  I have not read these books but if I had cancer they might be on my list:

Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients
- Dr. Russell Blaylock

Cancer, Step Outside The Box
- Ty Bollinger

Knockout: Doctors Curing Cancer
- Suzanne Somers

I don't think Ty Bollinger or Suzanne Somers are really of the very highest caliber but Dr. Blaylock is very good.  I'll send more resources along as I find them.

14.  Carnivora (Venus fly trap) for cancer:

Carnivora was popularized by Ronald Reagan.  Or maybe you didn't hear about that!

I'd really like to learn how to grow the Venus fly trap plant myself instead of buying it from!


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