Thursday, July 24, 2014

Does God want me to reduce my cannabis use, or even quit?

Many times in the last week I have felt that the Creator may have raised the "debt ceiling" for me - I have felt that he wants me to have the chance to keep my integrity.

As my diet has improved to a strong healthy WAPF diet, very close to the GAPS diet, I have started to feel more sensitive to marijuana and also have felt very strange - like something was trying to fly up my rear end.

This is perhaps the reason why they call it "blowing smoke up your ass."  Maybe it's why people use expressions like, "What crawled up his ass and died?"

My point is that I think marijuana use may have more dangerous side effects than I realized.

We all know that cannabis use depletes magnesium.

We all know that nobody has ever died using marijuana.

But has anyone every suffered another type of death using marijuana - a spiritual death/demonic possession?

Truly in my opinion the death of the ego that I hoped for when I thought I wanted to be a Buddhist is not different from possession.  As an example, I do believe that Chris Kresser is possessed, and that, in my opinion, is very likely the reason why he often speaks of "the paralysis of analysis."  (analysis = anal-lysis = anus breaking) That said, it is obvious to me that even though I have migraines every day these sort of people probably have suffered a lot more.

And I also think the songs, Puff the Magic Dragon and One Toke Over the Line may have to do with this very subject.  Also Lookin' Out My Back Door is another relevant one.  Maybe if you take a ride on the flying spoon, a flying somthing-else takes a ride on you!  Now go read the lyrics!

Also the lyrics to Walking on the Moon could be relevant.

I'll be back soon with Bible verses that I think may point to reducing marijuana use or quitting it.

- John


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