Friday, July 25, 2014

Familiarize yourself with Dr. Woodrow Monte's YouTube channel "whilesciencesleeps"

He also has a book by that same name.

For the record, I think Dr. Monte has uncovered a very important cause of autism (aspartame/methanol) - but if he ever denies that vaccinations cause neurological injuries I will disagree with him on that point and recommend the work of Dr. Russell Blaylock. 

Dr. Monte speaks a lot of truth in uncovering the story of methanol poisoning and its link to modern diseases...but it seems to me that he could possibly be a government shill with the purpose of covering up vaccine deaths (like so-called "Sudden Infant Death Syndrome" - SIDS death for short) by uncovering the very important story of methanol toxicity and aspartame toxicity.  If Dr. Monte is such a shill (to me this seems possible though unlikely), then we can still make use of his excellent information regarding methanol toxicity!

Have any of you spoken with Dr. Monte?  Have you asked him if he believes that vaccines can trigger/cause autism or other neurological disorders?  Is he a believer in the England hypothesis (that vaccines are "for the creation of a drone worker class for the globalists")  Does he know about the New World Order and their medical tyranny system that, among other things, uses chemical means to keep both male and female slaves in a state of estrogen dominance through soy formula soy prisons and other means?  Leave a comment below.

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