Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My eyesight is improving

Since I've been eating a Weston A. Price Foundation diet, and especially since I've been eating lots of whole raw dairy from Jersey cows (very rich in vitamin K2) and eating fermented cod liver oil (rich in vitamins A, D and K2), my eyesight has been getting better.

(I do feel uneasy about buying the cod liver oil from Green Pasture in the wake of Fukushima, but you know what they say: the pasture is always greener in the other hemisphere...I'm debating with myself whether to join Dr. Rima Laibow in Chile or remain in the United States)

I have not been wearing my contact lenses very much at all lately - the prescription is now too strong!

My eyeglasses have a slightly weaker prescription than my contacts - I've been using them more lately and now I think it's time to find another pair that is weaker still!

The physiological reasons for near- or far-sightedness are extremely important!  I believe any malnourished person reading this can improve their vision with food - especially with foods that are rich in vitamin A such as liver and fermented cod liver oil.

Furthermore, I highly recommend this interview with Dr. Mercola and Greg Marsh about the Bates Method.


Greg Marsh says that people with multiple personality disorder find that they need glasses when they are in one personality but they can go without their glasses entirely when in another personality!

I tried the "pinhole" trick that Greg Marsh talked about in the interview - and it worked!  So I know that the Bates Method can work for me.


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Doris Gibbs said...

It’s good to hear that your eyesight is improving, by eating healthy. We really need to go back to the natural way on how to take care of our health. Poor eyesight brings so many disturbances, so I'm glad that you found a remedy that works real well for you. Both eating healthy food and consulting your ophthalmologist are the best ways to improve and take care of your eyesight. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you!

Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes