Thursday, July 24, 2014

The government wants to take over my body, face and voice and use me as controlled opposition like they did with Alex Jones

I believe that Alex Jones is being used by the CIA - I believe he has a CIA mind control handler and I believe that's why he said, "knowing you work for a bunch of psychotic killers" in this video:

Because I have come out with a lot of very useful information there are people who trust me!  That makes me a person they would like to use as a shell to mislead large numbers of people.  I believe I still have my integrity, but I write this message to warn any and all readers that I anticipate an attack on my free will!  Such an attack may never come, but I still make this warning.

My own father, I believe, is possessed.

My grandfather, I believe, was a victim of the MK Ultra program.


One of my ancestors invented the needle-less that I'm a Russell Blaylock supporter and have come out in public announcing that I sustained neurological injury from the Swine Flu Vaccine I can tell you that it was really, all along, a needless syringe and that vaccinations today are, as Christine England says in the England Hypothesis, "for the creation of a drone worker class for the globalists."


Technology has advanced since the days of MK Ultra - now we have to worry about remote electronic torture/electronic harassment/insertion of thoughts or voices at a distance - these days Targeted Individuals (TIs) are common.

On that subject I recommend the book Project Soul Catcher by Robert Duncan.

It is no longer necessary to attach electrodes to a person to shock them.

I suspect that Alex Jones, in addition to having a CIA mind control handler, also is a targeted individual.  He is the definition of a shock jock - and I don't want to be the next one.  I thought I did, but I don't think Alex is free.
In Napoleon Dynamite, the character Napoleon attached a "time machine" to his body and turned on the electricity, and said, "it kills - my pack!"  Another perfect example of the "shock jock" concept.  Rest assured, people, gangs and government agencies can do that to individuals at a distance.


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