Friday, July 25, 2014

UV levels 300+% normal

"Unprecedented ozone hole opens up over the Canadian Arctic - the kind of headline you don't see, you have to dig for this.  The Canadian government threatened publicly to fire their scientists if they talked to the media about this ozone hole.  How many of you can feel how hot the sun is?  It's not your imagination.  We started measuring UV because we know the geoengineering destroys the ozone layer - we know that from [inaudible] study.  We started measuring a year and a half ago - we meticulously documented our measurements.  We released it about a year ago.  Our website was taken down in fifteen minutes - it was taken down eight times in the next two days.  We had a lot of flak from academicians, meteorologists who said 'this is impossible, you're wrong.'  But now a week ago we have NASA releasing their headlines.  This is one of them - CBS News from a week ago: "Blazing world record: Strongest UV rays ever measured on Earth."  Why were we so far ahead of them?  How can the system be designed in a manner that virtually does everything possible to hide this kind of data - and how high were these UV ratings?  They weren't ten or twenty or thirty percent higher.  They were 300% higher than what's already considered extreme.  That's about like walking out and being told that tomorrow it's going to be 400 degrees outside.  They measured UV and if any of you are familiar with UV scale, 11 or 12 is considered very extreme.  NASA measured in 2003 UV levels of 43.  43!  Equivalent to the surface of Mars - literally.  Why did it take 11 years for them to release that data - and how much worse is it now?  And why aren't they telling us?  Because they don't want to cause a panic and they certainly don't want any light being shone on the geoengineering that's causing the destruction of the ozone layer.  CFCs that we've been told are the cause are a factor - but they're a very small factor compared to the climate engineering."

- Dane Wigington speaking in "Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California"

Video available here


The National Post article

"‘Unprecedented’ ozone hole opens over Canadian Arctic"


is available here 



and the CBS News article "Blazing world record: Strongest UV rays ever measured on Earth" 


is available here.



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