Saturday, November 1, 2014

A theory with Holes in it

 After you read this article, please don't trust me just because I have revealed some truths here.  I mean that literally.  I don't trust me, so you shouldn't either.  Humans are fallible.  To the best of my knowledge I am not possessed.  Yet how could I know for sure?  And to the best of my knowledge, my father is possessed.  I hope you, as the reader, are worried about that possibility (demonic possession) when you read this website or any other website, especially in the alternative health community because the dark side has some of their people planted there.  (Chris Kresser is a good example of this - he looks like a nice, compassionate Ancestral Health person on the outside, but he is an anti-conspiracy theorist, pro-NPR socialist)

These ideas are meant to help you start your own investigation.  Be your own investigator.  Thank you.


The tale of Stanley Yelnats is one that many of us know - many of us were forced to read Holes by some schoolteacher.  And now I know why - Holes is a book that is designed to make the vicious authoritarian public school brainwashing system look tame by comparison.  The juvenile hall setting that is portrayed in the book is anything but soft on its prisoners.  Another function is to hide a great secret of the universe - Back to Eden gardening.  The secret of Back to Eden gardening is hidden in many other Illuminati-produced propaganda works, such as the movie Idiocracy by Mike Judge and the television show Arrested Development.  ("Paradise Gardens", "I could see marinating a chicken in that")

The term "God's Thumb" was used to refer to a setting in the book Holes because of the manner in which plants were growing in the area - without cultivation.

The onions on God's Thumb were sweet enough and juicy enough to be used for their water content and save the protagonist from dehydration!  Not even Walla Walla sweet onions, if grown in tilled soil, will be sweet enough for this purpose.

When I read the book I wondered to myself, "How can those guys stand to eat onions for the water?  I couldn't survive doing that - I would probably die."

But now that I know about Back to Eden gardening the answer is simple.

The term God's Thumb is both a name for the place that Stanley saw from a distance and a term for what happens when you start Back to Eden gardening.  God's thumb is a green thumb, and when you stand back and let God do all the work, produce is not bitter.

And all of that stuff about Stanley carrying a pig?

Well, take it from one swine flu vaccine victim: I can't go to high altitude anymore or else my head hurts even worse.  I do have altitude intolerance caused by the swine flu vaccine - that is one of its weighty results.  Many autistic kids also have mitochondrial dysfunction and altitude intolerance caused by vaccination.

"What about the peaches, Calm Canary?!" you shout.

Well, those are for eating holes in your brain.  Yes, from my paranoid perspective the author highlighted the shelf life of canned peaches in order to trick and rob and fool and damage the reader!  Yes, the author has probably sworn an oath with the Devil to insert all kinds of socialist ideas into the book and to throw in something about food preservation by canning in order to give them all multiple sclerosis from the methanol content!  HAHAHA!  

Well, maybe that isn't what the author of Holes really did.  But I cannot discount the possibility that Holes  is a propaganda work even on a nutritional level.  For a good list of methanol containing foods, click here.


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