Sunday, November 30, 2014

Self-criticism of marijuana article

Hello, readers.

In one of my recent articles I talked about marijuana and the Bible.  You can read it here.

Since I released that hastily-written article, I have felt unsettled.  The magnitude of my own stupidity is more obvious to me with each passing day.  My knowledge of the Bible is actually very small - I should not have published that article without greater consideration and time for weighing.  I should have also included something about "marijuana can easily become an idol" or "I'm still not completely sure if all marijuana use is idolatry/passing seed through the fire to Moloch."  Maybe I should have made a comment about how, used in the wrong way, marijuana can be like "Bohemian Grove for poor people"/Cremation of Care.  It seems to me that I wrote about marijuana in a way that could be described as "sugarcoating," or Biblically as "whitewashing."

I strongly feel that God is profaned by my name being attached to his name, and certainly by my name being attached to this website.  I have been so unnecessarily long-winded and I have been lazy in article construction.  As much as I like to think of myself as a good person or a benefit to humanity, I feel unsettled because I know God is very angry about unrealized potential!

After publishing that article about marijuana and the Bible, there were some Bible passages that jumped out at me, as I read them for the first time.

So here they are:

Ezekiel chapter 13,
Ezekiel 16:59-63,
Ezekiel chapter 19-29, and
Ezekiel chapters 36-39

may be very relevant to the marijuana discussion.

I have no doubt that I will come back later, maybe to delete this entire website and renounce it as I did my MockPod (after watching Back to Eden and hearing Galatians 6:7-9), or maybe to include more Bible verses about marijuana - if I ever come to an agreement with myself about that.  Thank you for reading.


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