Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thoughts about Morgellons syndrome

Hello, readers.

I was exposed to something in a pile of snow in an Oregon Wilderness area about one year ago.

There is a furrow that has grown on the top of my foot.  It has been there a long time now, since just a few weeks after the exposure.

I also can feel and see that fibers have grown into the bottoms of my feet.  I also have found them on my arms.  With the exception of the very obvious foot furrow, apparently the site of the original exposure, these fibers are just under the skin.

I have found some foods that appear to cause a die-off reaction in whatever these creatures are:

beet kvass or other lactofermented beets (I once felt like there was a hot wire under my palm after drinking beet kvass - this was a die-off reaction)
pumpkin seeds (I steam them and eat with butter and sea salt)
garlic, also Kosher dill pickles (lactofermented)
coconut oil?  (especially unheated/virgin coconut oil?)
essential oil of oregano?  (this one has been recommended to me for Morgellons syndrome)

It is my personal belief that these little creatures grow a network of electrical connections in the human body.  I feel that this could easily be used for mind control purposes, such as "a teleprompter for life".  How can a subject resist if they cannot prevent the government from shocking them?  I feel that if I did nothing to make these organisms retreat I would end up with "canned heat in my heels" courtesy of the government, doing the Napoleon Dynamite dance all over again.  I have definitely felt a lot of electrical sensations in my body after the Morgellons exposure.  Speaking of that, please read the lyrics to Canned Heat by Jamiroquai.  It is anti-Christianity, and not in any subtle way.

There are more fibers in my body now than before and there is a greater danger of them causing me a problem now - they have grown extensively as I have not been attentive in very regularly eating from the list of foods above (except the Kosher dill pickles).

As hot as that wire-like filament or fiber was beneath the surface of my skin (it left a red line on the surface of the skin days later from inflammation) I would guess that there are countless people who have been falsely diagnosed with psychiatric or mental disorders because of Morgellons syndrome.

I feel that the technology of the secret aerosol operations that causes humans to develop this problem may be related to or used along with other technologies such as those that are used for mind control purposes and for electronic harassment that is done by gangs and government agencies.

You may also be interested in this YouTube video "Traditional Anti-Parasite Herbs and Foods":

The herbs and foods listed in the video are:

black walnut hulls
cayenne pepper
fennel seeds
licorice root
olive leaf
pumpkin seed
turmeric root


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