Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dr. Wallach recommends swallowing pill camera to avoid puncture and death from colonoscopic exams

Listen here:

I also recommend that people should get over their testing anxiety.  95% of the time, Americans are doing too much "scientific" lab work, testing, scanning, screening and examinatons.  I'm not the only one who feels this way.  Dr. Doug McGuff, an emergency room physician who wrote the book Body by Science and improved on the SuperSlow method of resistance training, agrees that much of the testing Americans subject themselves to is unnecessary.  Sally Fallon, president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, one of the most important true (living) food authorities, says that cholesterol testing is "a complete waste of time and money" and that she has "never been tested."  I think this is a good example for us to follow since cholesterol shouldn't really be considered high until it is around 1000.  300 is not high cholesterol.  350 is not high cholesterol.  500 is not high cholesterol.  Perhaps 1000 is high cholesterol.  Of course if you think you're at high risk for heart disease there are other tests you could get that might not be totally worthless.  C-reactive protein (CRP) testing is fine, and one example of a test that wouldn't be completely worthless.

Thanks for reading.

Coconut oil uncertainty

Hello, readers.  Trying to wear three different nutritional blackbelts at the same time is not easy.  I certainly do not feel that this website is ready for children.  Because I will soon I will have an article on the subject of amyloidosis, and because of the coconut oil issue, I have been thinking a lot lately about coconut oil and olive oil.

Dr. Joel Wallach says that he doesn't recommend coconut oil because it killed all the cystic fibrosis kids back in the 70s when their pediatricians wanted to put weight on them with coconut oil.

Here I ask: what happened with that coconut oil?  Was is processed in some unusual way?  Was it very, very old?

Right before the death of oil chemist Mary Enig (author of Know Your Fats) I started feeling like it would be important to get her, Sally Fallon and Dr. Joel Wallach in a three-way interview together so they could talk about coconut oil.  Well,  it looks like I waited too long.

One thing Dr. Wallach never talks about is olive oil fraud.  The Weston A. Price Foundation is really one of the only reasons I know about olive oil fraud.  He should be warning his patients about olive oil fraud; instead he just tells them "don't eat any oils of any kind" - a disempowering recommendation.  I'm glad that Wallach's student Dr. Peter Glidden has highlighted the Sardinian variable aspect of olive oil (and widespread Mediterranean comtempt for its use, including the term "greaser") and its weight-gain properties compared with highly saturated fats.  I just wish Glidden and Wallach would tell their patients why they have made a blanket recommendation to completely avoid all oils.  I say: educate the public enough that they are ready for lipid biochemistry - don't just tell them "oils are banned" without enough explanation.  The Weston A. Price Foundation shopping guide recommends some olive oils that should be genuine and adulterant-free (most "extra virgin" olive oil and other forms of olive oil at the grocery store has been "cut" with deodorized vegetable oils and is certifiably a free radical bomb).  I recommend using olive oil sparingly, yet how could it be possible to make homemade mayonnaise without olive oil, or egg yolks?  Store-bought mayonnaise is deadly!  But that doesn't mean you should exclude homemade WAPF-compliant mayonnaise from your cooking.  Add a little onion powder and you have healthy, homemade ranch dressing.

So do you need to grow and press your own olives and coconuts at home in order to get fresh enough oil?  I don't know, readers.  But I still believe it would be a good idea to get Sally Fallon and Joel Wallach together for an interview.  They do agree on so very much, and we all know Dr. Wallach needs some retinol (true vitamin A, the animal form of vitamin A, NOT beta carotene) for his giant eyeglasses!

Dr. Wallach's interview below (at around 24 minutes) includes a discussion of the death of the cystic fibrosis kids (on coconut oil) in the 1970s.  It's the most detailed discussion that I have found from Dr. Wallach on coconut oil.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dr. Wallach's recommendations for scoliosis

Between about 13:00 and 20:00 in the following audio recording, Dr. Wallach helps a caller asking about scoliosis.

(this is from the Dead Doctors Don't Lie radio show, 12/2/2014)

Dr. Wallach recommends a gluten-free diet (no wheat barley rye or oats) plus 1 healthy bone and joint pack, 2 selenium twice a day, 2 Imortalium twice a day to help promote stem cells, and recommends using an inversion table/inversion board for the health of the spine, working up to 10 mins vertical time 2 or 2 times per day over the course of 4-6 months.

Personally, I would also recommend that they learn everything about the Weston A. Price Foundation and the GAPS diet, and to use their nutritional principles including traditionally fermented cod liver oil, lots of butter, whole raw dairy like raw milk cream and butter (or at least some the grass-fed raw butter oil from Green Pasture to harden the teeth), lots of gelatinous broth and egg yolks (you don't need to buy gelatin supplements like Gluco-gel if you make your own broth).  I also recommend avoiding all fluoride toothpaste!  If you want to promote good dental health, teach these scoliosis victims about the book Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel - have them read that book or watch his presentations.  Don't forget to eat plenty of lactofermented vegetables!  Kosher dill pickles, sauerkraut and kim chi are excellent foods for enhancing digestion and supercharging mineral absorption.

Note: Dr. Wallach recommend avoiding all rods in scoliosis surgery because that would "doom them for the rest of their adult life".  He said to wait 4-6 months before doing a surgery.  I recommend waiting a lot longer, you see, Dr. Wallach is a little myopic here.  It took me 4 years to actually start taking the fermented cod liver oil, after someone had recommended it to me.  And my joints are thanking me, my eyesight is improving.  I think Dr. Wallach could get a lighter prescription on his glasses if he took the cod liver oil, and I know that he should be recommending it (along with raw butter) for scoliosis victims.

Dr. Weston Price said it is possible to starve for minerals that are abundant in the foods eaten without an adequate quantity of the fat-soluble activators.  Dr. Wallach should be helping his patients maximize their absorption of minerals with WAPF nutritional principles and the GAPS diet, and should be warning his patients about the dangers of fluoride.


Monday, February 16, 2015

Don't you know what cologne is for, losers?

Hi there, "readers," you "hapless pack of unimaginative turds":

(thanks to The Kids in the Hall for your above perfected insult)

For those of you that don't have a sense of smell, I'll need to hold you by the hand and explain it like you're a baby, because you're not even as good as a dog!  In the previous article, I explained to you that live in the United States that you are not lucky, elite or privileged because you have braces!
(by the way, all of you, pathetic or not, should learn about the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund and the Homeschool Legal Defense Fund)

Some among you have said,  "I have two X chromosomes, I can get away with anything.  I can be a hard-vaccinated schoolteacher or nurse and not be a pussy like this effeminate male, John.  He's just a pussy, that's all.  It's all in his head and he must be imagining the migraine headaches into being."

Some among you have said, "He says he figured out the reason for his illness.  I will ignore.  Ignorance will be my strength.  My power is in my prestigious degree and my superior, non-wimpy X chromosomes."

Some among you have said, "Oh, I'm better and I can inhale the trick candles and chow down on the wax that splatters the vegetable oil birthday cake.  I don't care about omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids in the vegetable oil death frosting causing psychotic reactions in the people at the birthday party, I have no paranoia.  My strength is in my infinite naivety and I will ignore John's pansy warnings forever.  He must have a bad attitude or must have psyched himself into believing he was "allergic.""

There are those among you that have said, "Oh, people who think they have a bad vaccine reaction like John should be put down, because I trust eugenics, socialized medicine and Obamacare will eliminate the undesirables over time.  Everyone should be vaccinated as hard as possible and anyone who doesn't respond well should be euthanized and/or sterilized.  Migraine headaches - that must be genetic, so therefore in my wisdom I declare that John should not reproduce.  And if my disobedient boobs develop capitalistic tendencies instead of leaning towards socialism, then, like Hollywood genetic fatalist Angelina Jolie I'll cut them off!"

Well, you might think you can get away with vaccinating yourself half to death and pretending you aren't injured.  Why don't you get your glutathione levels tested, and then test mine, you fool?  Do you think that might be interesting?

Or are you going to be a domineering bitch of a woman forever, eternally pretending that you have the upper ground because you can suffer a Swine Flu vaccine without the daily migraines that I have?

You, too, are vaccine-injured.  You're mentally retarded, you arrogant Western student!  Did you think you could get away with porking, goating, cocking your own arm with a meningicoccal vaccine?  You're not as smart or as "first world" as you thought you were.  Dyslexia, a vaccine injury and the result of the look-see method of reading-schooling, is really just such a small thing compared to your learning disabilities.  In your infinite unwisdom, your complete lack of paranoia, will you then say "I have no flaw"?  Will you condemn me for wanting my colors to be a little brighter (literally) when I vaporize marijuana, you who are blind to evil?  I would rather be color blind, in prison, in pain, starving and twenty - no, make it thirty - pounds lighter than be evil-blind as you are!

There are those among you that have said, "Ignore him.  Let's do some Portland Subaru compassionate Buddhist negativity cleansing and forget that "negative Nancy!""

(Truly you know you're on the right track when everyone says, that will never work, John, out of one corner of their mouth then secretly adopts your information.)  You dead-souled gang of shadow-skulkers!

There are those among you that have said, "I am too holy.  I will never consult with you."

Yet Hezekiah consulted with Isaiah.  And you are too holy!  GUTS-PUKE!

For this reason, I will never be your friend, even if you and I should have something to commiserate about.

You have even said, "I will ignore the research of Dr. Russell Blaylock that shows a 7-14 fold increase in autism and schizophrenia for vaccinated pregnant women" (the same is true for women that have other immune disruption such as a virus like the flu during pregnancy).  You said, "I will follow the broad road that leads to destruction and ignore all of John's warnings because he must be too sensitive/a pansy."

For this reason I will never respect you and I regard you as untrustworthy and your opinions as worthless.

Now, as for colognes, they are easy to explain.  I believe that it will be very well-proven that colognes are excitotoxins.  I wonder what Dr. Russell Blaylock would say about my idea, that colognes are "excitotoxins: the smell that kills."

"Kills?" you pitiful, reflexive skeptics might say.

Yes, kills.  I believe firmly that it is only a matter of time before studies are done, or already completed studies are found, that show colognes killing monkeys due to inducing seizures.

Here's what it boils down to:

Colognes are all about sadism - people get away with whatever they can.  They are all about Jesus-repellent.  Colognes are all about demons (demon-possessed individuals wear cologne, duh!!!).  And they are all about opening the blood-brain barrier.  Laundry detergents are no different, even some that are labelled "hypo-allergenic".   "Hypo-allergenic" on the label just means that it can slip below the radar for a while, for some people, before it causes painful reactions for individuals with multiple chemical sensitivity. 

I've had enough pigstickers, flying pigs and pork shoulders (just one) to know exactly what happened to me, and in the off-chance that someone that is not totally worthless reads this website, just maybe the worthwhile information can reach worthwhile individuals.

There is a reason why that horrible death-lady from your "church" wears so much perfume.  She is trying to keep Jesus at bay/away with any means necessary.  And Muslims who pray to Satan five times per day (thinking they're praying to Allah), very many of them, if you haven't noticed, drench themselves in chemicals even more than nose-less old stinking American death-ladies from church.

Demon-possessed individuals are the people who usually wear the most cologne.  These cockroaches don't get overtly sick from the chemical poison they breathe all day, but it hurts their brain in subtle ways even if they live in denial of this objective fact.  At my school, a kid called The DragonMaster actually annointed me with cologne one day because he knew that I am sensitive to artificial fragrances.   He also was a kicker.  He'd kick me in the shins with his steel-toed boots while walking by in the hallway.  Both are examples of minor sadistic behavior that he felt he could get away with. 

These cologne- and perfume-spraying losers also want to be remembered, that is, they are attention whores.  They aren't very interesting people, so they resort to chemical weapons for creating a strong memory.  In fact, smells are the longest-lasting memories (but most of you losers probably didn't know that, and can't smell.)

And I know that there are those among you who can't take an insult, and you have said,  "Aha, aha!  He spouts great rudeness!  Now we will declare him a racist and slander him in the mainstream media!"

But you will not be successful in that effort!

Yes, even these pathetic Americans, who will believe anything, will not be so gulled into thinking that I am a racist or some other reviled thing of your invention.  Any they will laugh at you if you tell them I'm a "racist against people that can't smell" or an anosmia discriminator or something foolish like that.  So why don't you just try and slander me, coward!  Bring it on!  Come at me, bitch! 

Yes, I am discriminating.  I have a discerning and discriminating mind.

Why so angry, John? you might ask.

I've had seemingly-sincere people, people who act like they are honest, write to me, "I don't agree with what you wrote in your Dr. Joel Wallach article, I wrote a response to your Dr. Joel Wallach article" only for them to never produce such a response.  These are people that I know are well-accepted in public as being "moral" "genuine" "caring" or whatever!  

I've had the same people tell me, "Oh, you wrote on your website that the Amish don't have autism or asthma but I heard they have a lot of genetic disorders."  (the implication of that quote is that something I wrote must be incorrect, yet of course their own sentence is a contradiction)  Well, fools, autism is not a genetic disorder, and neither is asthma - they are both vaccine-injury.  Certainly, the Amish are known to suffer from so-called "genetic disorders" and I do believe that there is a conspiracy to make them sick, yes.  These disorders are distinct from austism, asthma or other problems.

I will not reveal names but there are people you foolishly trust who are waiting in the shadows, hoping desperately that I "mess up" somehow.  These individuals will pounce on me if I make even the slightest factual error, and pretend that something like that invalidates my whole argument.  Like my father, they would prefer that I live, am seen and am treated as an invalid or otherwise less-than-valid.  Like my father, they would rather see me crippled (literally and honestly, my father is one that wants me to be mechanically crippled (as in my legs not working) beyond the daily migraines I have now).

I'm calling you fools (you are) and pathetic (you are SO pathetic) because I know I am in the crosshairs, and I'm tired of people gunning for me.

The controllers want to make an example out of me.  They pathologize every normal human emotion so that their social engineering goals move forward.  Knowing that I am being gunned for, that in itself is surely one of their "disorders," because they are selectively breeding the trait of paranoia out of Americas, that's for sure.  If none of you care to have any emotions whatsoever, if you want me to be the lone voice, and the only one who risks anything, well, I guess that is your choice, cowards.  I snap my teeth at you, I bite my thumb and I do flip you the only bird you deserve [bird].  You are dishonorable and dishonored.  But you, too, have a responsibility for stretching the limit of what is considered normal and acceptable.  If you abdicate that responsibility in favor of "only ever be nice, all the time" I will puke in your face!  It makes it easier for me to get picked off, you worthless losers, when you give me zero support!  Don't you know the love-gov wants to imprison me before my time?  Don't you know there are scores of professional false witnesses waiting for the opportunity to slander me?  The more you say, "You are no big deal, I shall ignore" the easier it would be for the Army Human Hibernation Experiment to go forward as planned.  I doubt the validity of your souls.  Don't you know that you are the idiots of the Brawndo nation, and I am the frozen, normal-thinking man who can cure "the dust bowl, acne and car sickness?"

Or do you not care, you vile reflexive skeptics?  Do you not know that I am, single-handedly - alone and without help or a movie-reviewing partner - the anomalous, singular, legendary movie reviewer Eggbert and Raper?  I puke you!  I puke you!

Another time, we'll have to talk about what artificial fragrances are actually made of.


- John

"Look at you, you human crapholders!  Wrinkled faces wolfin' down wrinkled croolers.  Sittin' there, waitin' for the doughnuts to turn day-old!  You're losers!  Losers!  Go home, go home to your hot plates and your dying cats!  You're all hamsters on a treadmill, running, using oxygen, giving back nothing! If I were you I would-"

"Hey, hey, hey!  You'd better stop, before you say something you regret."

"Okay, yeah, you're right."