Thursday, February 19, 2015

Coconut oil uncertainty

Hello, readers.  Trying to wear three different nutritional blackbelts at the same time is not easy.  I certainly do not feel that this website is ready for children.  Because I will soon I will have an article on the subject of amyloidosis, and because of the coconut oil issue, I have been thinking a lot lately about coconut oil and olive oil.

Dr. Joel Wallach says that he doesn't recommend coconut oil because it killed all the cystic fibrosis kids back in the 70s when their pediatricians wanted to put weight on them with coconut oil.

Here I ask: what happened with that coconut oil?  Was is processed in some unusual way?  Was it very, very old?

Right before the death of oil chemist Mary Enig (author of Know Your Fats) I started feeling like it would be important to get her, Sally Fallon and Dr. Joel Wallach in a three-way interview together so they could talk about coconut oil.  Well,  it looks like I waited too long.

One thing Dr. Wallach never talks about is olive oil fraud.  The Weston A. Price Foundation is really one of the only reasons I know about olive oil fraud.  He should be warning his patients about olive oil fraud; instead he just tells them "don't eat any oils of any kind" - a disempowering recommendation.  I'm glad that Wallach's student Dr. Peter Glidden has highlighted the Sardinian variable aspect of olive oil (and widespread Mediterranean comtempt for its use, including the term "greaser") and its weight-gain properties compared with highly saturated fats.  I just wish Glidden and Wallach would tell their patients why they have made a blanket recommendation to completely avoid all oils.  I say: educate the public enough that they are ready for lipid biochemistry - don't just tell them "oils are banned" without enough explanation.  The Weston A. Price Foundation shopping guide recommends some olive oils that should be genuine and adulterant-free (most "extra virgin" olive oil and other forms of olive oil at the grocery store has been "cut" with deodorized vegetable oils and is certifiably a free radical bomb).  I recommend using olive oil sparingly, yet how could it be possible to make homemade mayonnaise without olive oil, or egg yolks?  Store-bought mayonnaise is deadly!  But that doesn't mean you should exclude homemade WAPF-compliant mayonnaise from your cooking.  Add a little onion powder and you have healthy, homemade ranch dressing.

So do you need to grow and press your own olives and coconuts at home in order to get fresh enough oil?  I don't know, readers.  But I still believe it would be a good idea to get Sally Fallon and Joel Wallach together for an interview.  They do agree on so very much, and we all know Dr. Wallach needs some retinol (true vitamin A, the animal form of vitamin A, NOT beta carotene) for his giant eyeglasses!

Dr. Wallach's interview below (at around 24 minutes) includes a discussion of the death of the cystic fibrosis kids (on coconut oil) in the 1970s.  It's the most detailed discussion that I have found from Dr. Wallach on coconut oil.


BountifulHealth said...

Whoa any more answers on the COCONUT OIL?? I think if you muscle test it and it smells good it should be good?! Costco's smells very nice!! and tastes good. Some taste horrid?!! RANCID!! we also fresh grate coconuts and sometimes even those taste horrid.

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